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Ancient Sentences

"Ancient" refers to something very old, often from a time long past in history. e.g., The museum displayed artifacts from an ancient civilization.

How to use Ancient in a sentence

Ancient Sentences

He studied ancient history at the university.
This ancient book is filled with wisdom.
My grandmother taught me an ancient recipe.
The ancient ruins were an exciting place to explore.
The ancient trees in the forest have witnessed many events.
The ancient scroll contained hidden messages.
The ancient artifact was found during the excavation.
The ancient coin was valuable.
The ancient civilization vanished without a trace.
We learned about ancient Rome in our history class.
The ancient temple was a popular tourist attraction.
Ancient Egyptians built the pyramids.
The ancient manuscript held many secrets.
The ancient building was restored to its original state.
The ancient language is no longer spoken.
The ancient bridge has been standing for centuries.
The ancient jewelry was made of gold and precious stones.
The ancient monument is a symbol of our heritage.
The ancient painting was discovered in the cave.
The village has an ancient tradition of storytelling.
He used an ancient tool to fix the door.
The ancient theater was used for plays and music.
The ancient law is still enforced in the town.
The ancient pottery was displayed in the museum.
She read a story about an ancient warrior.
He owns an ancient map of the world.
The ancient statue was carved out of stone.
We explored the ancient caves by the sea.
The ancient sundial was used to tell time.
The ancient fortress stood at the top of the hill.
The ancient shipwreck was discovered at the bottom of the sea.
The ancient weapon was used in battles.
The ancient text was written in a lost language.
The ancient method of farming is still effective.
The ancient plant has medicinal properties.
The ancient tree bore fruit every year.
The ancient legend was told around the campfire.
The city is known for its ancient architecture.
We visited the ancient wall of the castle.
The ancient tomb was found in the desert.
The ancient sword was found on the battlefield.
The ancient ritual is still performed today.
The ancient custom is passed down through generations.
He studied the ancient art of calligraphy.
The ancient animal was extinct millions of years ago.
The ancient city was buried under the sand.
The ancient record contains stories of kings and queens.
The ancient dress was made of silk.
The ancient road led to the old kingdom.
The ancient relic was stolen from the museum.

Ancient Definitions

Historic Time: Ancient refers to a period long past, often before the Middle Ages.
Ancient Rome was a powerful civilization.
Classic Art: Ancient can describe art, techniques, or styles that have influenced generations.
Ancient Greek sculptures are iconic.
Scriptural Context: In religion, ancient texts are foundational to beliefs.
The ancient scriptures are revered.
Aged: Describes something that is very old, often in a state of decay.
An ancient tree stood in the field.
Traditional Knowledge: Ancient wisdom refers to knowledge passed down through generations.
Ancient remedies are still used today.
Legal Use: In law, an ancient document can be evidence that is very old but still relevant.
The ancient land deed proved ownership.

Ancient Idioms & Phrases

Ancient history

Something from the distant past that is not relevant anymore.
My feud with him is ancient history; we have made up since then.

Ancient of days

Referring to God or a godlike figure, highlighting their eternal existence.
In his prayers, he spoke to the ancient days, asking for guidance and protection.

Ancient and honorable

Referring to something old and respected.
The university is an ancient and honorable institution with a history dating back hundreds of years.

As ancient as the hills

Extremely old
The city's cathedral is as ancient as the hills; it's been standing for over a thousand years.

As ancient as the sun

Something very old, having existed for a very long time.
The old oak tree in our backyard is as ancient as the sun.

The ancient ways

Traditional or old-fashioned methods or customs.
Despite new technology, some people still prefer the ancient ways.

Wise as an ancient owl

Very wise, typically due to age or experience.
My grandmother, wise as an ancient owl, always has the best advice.

An ancient mariner

An old sailor, often used metaphorically to describe someone with a lot of experience.
With many years on the force, Detective Smith was considered an ancient mariner among his colleagues.

Ancient arts

Referring to traditional or old-fashioned skills or crafts.
My grandfather taught me the ancient arts of woodworking and leather crafting.

Ancient wisdom

The knowledge that has been passed down through generations.
Ancient wisdom is often more practical and insightful than contemporary thought.

Ancient as time itself

Extremely old or ancient.
The mountain range is ancient as time itself, having been formed millions of years ago.

An ancient flame

A long-held passion or desire.
His love for music was an ancient flame ignited in his early childhood.

Ancient secrets

Knowledge from the past that is little-known or understood.
Archaeologists strive to uncover the ancient secrets hidden within ruins and artifacts.

Ancient paths

Long-established ways of doing things are typically used metaphorically.
Following the ancient paths laid out by her ancestors, she kept the family tradition alive.

The weight of the ancient world

The influence or impact of the past on the present.
Even in the modern city, one can feel the weight of the ancient world.

An ancient voice

An old or long-established perspective or opinion.
The village elder was respected for his ancient voice, offering wise counsel based on years of experience.

Ancient grudge

A dispute or conflict that has existed for a very long time.
The two families held an ancient grudge spanning generations.

Ancient rites

Old or traditional ceremonies.
The tribe follows ancient rites, which are sacred and deeply meaningful to them.

In this ancient and storied land

Referring to a place with a rich and long history.
In this ancient and storied land, every stone and river has a tale to tell.

Guardians of the ancient order

Those who protect or uphold old traditions or ways of doing things.
The monks saw themselves as the guardians of the ancient order, maintaining rituals and teachings that had been passed down for centuries.

Common Curiosities

Which vowel is used before Ancient?

This depends on the context. There is no specific rule for a vowel to precede "Ancient." For example, in "an ancient civilization," "an" is used because "ancient" begins with a vowel sound.

What part of speech is Ancient?

"Ancient" is an adjective.

What is the root word of Ancient?

The root word of "Ancient" is the Latin word "ante," which means "before."

What is the opposite of Ancient?

The opposite of "Ancient" could be "modern" or "new."

Is Ancient a noun or adjective?

"Ancient" is primarily used as an adjective.

Why is it called Ancient?

The term "Ancient" originates from the Latin word "antiquus," which means old or former. It is used to refer to something that belongs to the very distant past.

How do we divide Ancient into syllables?

"Ancient" can be divided into syllables like this: An-cient.

Which determiner is used with Ancient?

The determiner used with "Ancient" depends on the context. Both "the" and "an" can be used before it.

Is Ancient an abstract noun?

No, "Ancient" is not an abstract noun. It is an adjective.

What is the verb form of Ancient?

There isn't a standard verb form of "Ancient." However, in some contexts, antiquate can be used as a verb with a similar meaning.

What is another term for Ancient?

Another term for "Ancient" could be "archaic" or "antiquated."

How many syllables are in Ancient?

There are two syllables in "Ancient."

What is the pronunciation of Ancient?

The word "Ancient" is pronounced as /ˈeɪnʃənt/.

Is Ancient an adverb?

No, "Ancient" is not an adverb.

Is Ancient a vowel or consonant?

"Ancient" is a word, not a single letter, so it's not classified as a vowel or consonant.

Is Ancient a countable noun?

"Ancient" is not a noun, it is an adjective. Therefore, it cannot be countable or uncountable.

Is Ancient term a metaphor?

No, "Ancient" is not a metaphor; it is an adjective that describes something as belonging to the very distant past.

Is Ancient a negative or positive word?

"Ancient" is neutral. It is neither negative nor positive and depends on the context in which it is used.

Is Ancient a collective noun?

No, "Ancient" is not a collective noun.

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