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Intervening Sentences

"Intervening" refers to the act of coming between to prevent or modify a result or course of events. e.g., The firefighters were praised for intervening in time to save the historical building from the blaze.

How to use Intervening in a sentence

Intervening Sentences

She didn't realize the need for intervening until it was too late.
The intervening hills made the journey challenging.
He saw the issue and was quick in intervening.
The intervening days between Christmas and New Year are always relaxing.
The bridge is intervening in the flow of the river.
The bushes intervening in the garden gave it a natural border.
The mountain range intervening between the two towns makes communication difficult.
In the intervening months, her health improved dramatically.
Intervening in someone else's affairs can lead to unintended consequences.
The vacation was delightful despite the intervening storm.
During the intervening hours, they managed to solve the puzzle.
He regretted not intervening when he had the chance.
The intervening spaces in the text were filled with illustrations.
The intervening rocks made the hiking trail more adventurous.
The intervening clouds made it hard to see the stars.
The intervening landscape was breathtakingly beautiful.
She was good at intervening before things got out of hand.
A thick forest was intervening between the two villages.
She found joy in the intervening time spent with her family.
He spends the intervening week preparing for his presentation.
She is known for intervening to resolve conflicts in the team.
Intervening at the right time can prevent accidents.
The sunset in the intervening horizon.
He found peace in the intervening silence.
Intervening in disputes requires wisdom and patience.
Intervening to help others can be rewarding.
The intervening curtains added to the room's elegance.
Intervening to help the less fortunate is an act of kindness.
You will find the library using the intervening path between the two buildings.
The program focused on intervening in students' early reading difficulties.
The time intervening their meetings was used to gather more data.
He appreciated his friend's intervening when he was about to make a poor decision.
The intervening wall muffled the sounds from the other room.
The intervening space will be enough for the new furniture.
Many historical events happened in the intervening period.
The intervening fields provided an excellent view of the countryside.
The intervening road led them to the destination.
They spent the intervening night under the stars.
The intervening barriers were removed to enhance collaboration.
Intervening at the onset of the disease can save lives.
The intervening line marks the boundary of the property.
In the intervening hours, the situation got better.
The intervening meadow was home to many wildflowers.
The intervening trees offered a cool shade in the hot sun.
Intervening between fighting siblings can be challenging.
During the intervening years, the city changed dramatically.

Intervening Definitions

Obstructing: Intervening can refer to something that interrupts or blocks.
Intervening hills obscured the view.
Scientific Factor: In research, intervening variables affect outcomes.
Researchers must account for intervening factors.
Mediating: Intervening means acting to resolve conflicts between parties.
The teacher was intervening in a student dispute.
Legal Action: Intervening in law means becoming a party in a lawsuit.
A third party is intervening in the court case.
Sudden Event: Intervening refers to an unexpected occurrence disrupting a process.
An intervening emergency halted the construction.
Time Period: Intervening refers to the time between two events.
During the intervening years, the city changed a lot.

Intervening Idioms & Phrases

Over the intervening mountains

Referring to overcoming large obstacles or challenges.
Over the intervening mountains, she had achieved her goal of climbing Everest.

In the intervening years

Referring to the period between two points in time.
In the intervening years between college and now, she had traveled the world.

Across the intervening distance

Means covering a gap or distance, usually metaphorically.
Across the intervening distance, he could feel her presence.

No intervening space

Meaning there is no gap or space between two objects or points.
There was no intervening space between the buildings; they were built directly next to each other.

Intervening obstacles

Referring to challenges or obstacles that come up unexpectedly.
Despite the intervening obstacles, the team completed the project on time.

Intervening variable

In science and statistics, a variable that influences the relationship between the independent and dependent variables.
The study failed to account for the intervening variable of socioeconomic status.

Beneath the intervening layers

Referring to uncovering or discovering something hidden.
Beneath the intervening layers, they found an ancient artifact.

The intervening whisper of time

Referring to the passing of time, often in a nostalgic or melancholic context.
He could hear the intervening whisper of time as he walked through his childhood home

Within the intervening shadows

Referring to hidden or secretive actions or occurrences.
Within the intervening shadows, a plot was being hatched.

Beyond the intervening horizon

Referring to an unseen or unknown future.
Beyond the intervening horizon, a new opportunity awaited.

The intervening currents

Referring to unexpected changes or shifts in direction.
She navigated the intervening currents of her new job with determination.

The intervening echo

The lingering impact or consequence of a past event or action.
The intervening echo of his words continued to haunt her.

Under the intervening sky

Referring to open-air or outdoors.
They held their wedding under the intervening sky.

Intervening chaos

Refers to unexpected or sudden disorder or confusion.
He managed to stay calm amidst the intervening chaos.

An intervening breath of air

A moment of respite or break in a hectic situation.
The weekend provided an intervening breath of air from his demanding job.

The intervening silk of words

Referring to smooth and convincing communication or rhetoric.
She swayed the audience with the intervening silk of words.

Through the intervening haze

Referring to unclear or confusing situations.
Through the intervening haze of emotions, he tried to understand her reasoning.

Caught in the intervening crossfire

Being unexpectedly caught up in a conflict or disagreement.
He was caught in the intervening crossfire of his parent's divorce.

Within the intervening grasp

Within reach or within the possibility of achieving.
His dreams were within the intervening grasp.

Through the intervening veil of doubt

Overcoming uncertainty or lack of confidence.
Through the intervening veil of doubt, she decided to pursue her passion for art.

Common Curiosities

What is the root word of Intervening?

The root word of "Intervening" is "Intervene."

Which vowel is used before Intervening?

The vowel "e" is used before "Intervening."

What is the pronunciation of Intervening?

The pronunciation of "Intervening" is /ˌɪntərˈviːnɪŋ/.

Why is it called Intervening?

It's called "Intervening" because it refers to the act of coming between or interfering in a situation.

How many syllables are in Intervening?

"Intervening" has four syllables.

What is the verb form of Intervening?

The verb form of "Intervening" is "Intervene."

What part of speech is Intervening?

"Intervening" is a present participle or gerund, functioning as a verb form.

Is Intervening a countable noun?

No, "Intervening" is not a noun. It's a verb form.

What is a stressed syllable in Intervening?

The stressed syllable in "Intervening" is the second syllable, "ter."

What is another term for Intervening?

Another term for "Intervening" is "interfering" or "stepping in."

What is the opposite of Intervening?

The opposite of "Intervening" could be "not getting involved" or "observing."

Is Intervening a negative or positive word?

"Intervening" is neutral in terms of positive or negative connotations. It refers to an action.

Which determiner is used with Intervening?

The determiner "the" is often used with "Intervening."

Is Intervening a noun or adjective?

"Intervening" is a verb form, specifically a present participle or gerund.

Is the Intervening term a metaphor?

No, the term "Intervening" is not a metaphor. It's a verb form describing an action of coming between or interfering.

Is Intervening a vowel or consonant?

"Intervening" starts with a consonant, "I."

How do we divide Intervening into syllables?

"In-ter-ven-ing" is divided into syllables.

Is Intervening an adverb?

No, "Intervening" is not an adverb. It's a verb form.

Is Intervening an abstract noun?

No, "Intervening" is not an abstract noun. It's a verb form.

Is Intervening a collective noun?

No, "Intervening" is not a collective noun.

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