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Wheeze Sentences

A wheeze is a high-pitched, continuous sound made during breathing, typically due to constriction or inflammation in the airways. e.g., She heard a wheeze every time he exhaled.

How to use Wheeze in a sentence

Wheeze Sentences

Every time he laughed, it ended with a wheeze.
You shouldn't ignore that wheeze; you might need a doctor.
His asthma causes him to wheeze when it's cold.
I could hear a slight wheeze in her breath after the run.
As he climbed the stairs, his wheeze became more pronounced.
The cat seemed to wheeze with every breath it took.
After his bout with pneumonia, he had a persistent wheeze.
The old machine started with a familiar wheeze.
The wheeze in his lungs worried his mother.
I heard him wheeze from across the room.
When the pollen count is high, she starts to wheeze.
The doctor was concerned about the wheeze in her breathing.
Her wheeze cleared up after taking medication.
The cold air made her wheeze and cough.
His wheeze was a clear sign he'd smoked for years.
The old car gave a wheeze before it started.
His wheeze worsened during the night.
His wheeze is a result of his allergies.
That old radio would wheeze before it played music.
The dog has a slight wheeze due to its age.
If you hear a wheeze, it might be asthma.
He gave a chuckle, followed by a wheeze.
The broken accordion could only wheeze out a tune.
She tried not to wheeze while talking.
He tends to wheeze more in the winter.
The wind made the door wheeze eerily.
His wheeze seemed to improve after the treatment.
His wheeze was noticeably absent after using the inhaler.
The cold made him wheeze uncontrollably.
She was out of breath and began to wheeze.
After the long run, all he could do was wheeze.
He seemed to wheeze more at night than during the day.
If you wheeze, you might need to adjust your activities.
The scarecrow's wheeze made him seem more lifelike.
Her wheeze made me concerned about her health.
The musician's wheeze was evident during the performance.
She tried to suppress her wheeze.
She used her inhaler when she started to wheeze.
You should see a doctor if you continue to wheeze like that.
The dusty attic made me wheeze and sneeze.
If you wheeze frequently, you should see a specialist.
She began to wheeze after the hike.
The old organ would wheeze every time someone tried to play it.
The machine gave a final wheeze before stopping.
I could hear his wheeze even from the other room.
The doctor checked for any signs of a wheeze in her lungs.
His wheeze got worse with exertion.
The old vacuum cleaner would wheeze before picking up dirt.
You might wheeze if exposed to certain allergens.
The wheeze in his chest sounded painful.

Wheeze Definitions

A wheeze can be a breathy sound, typically indicating a medical or respiratory condition.
After the long hike, she had a noticeable wheeze.
A wheeze is an audible sign of difficulty in the passage of air through the bronchial tubes.
The doctor could hear a distinct wheeze during the examination.
Wheeze also signifies a humorous or clever trick, scheme, or joke.
His latest money-making wheeze was truly ingenious.
Wheeze can be the sound emitted by something functioning inefficiently or old machinery.
The old car started with a characteristic wheeze.
A wheeze is a high-pitched breathing sound often due to an obstruction in the respiratory system.
He developed a wheeze after the intense workout.
Wheeze refers to a raspy, whistling noise during exhalation, commonly linked to asthma or bronchitis.
The sudden change in weather caused him to wheeze.

Wheeze Idioms & Phrases

Old wheeze

A tired joke or clichéd idea.
That joke is such an old wheeze; everyone's heard it.

Running on a wheeze

To continue despite difficulties, especially with regard to machinery.
That old lawnmower is running on a wheeze but still works.

Pull a wheeze

To come up with a clever or devious plan.
He's always trying to pull a wheeze to avoid doing his chores.

Wheeze and sneeze

A phrase referring to multiple minor ailments.
Every winter, I get the usual wheeze and sneeze.

Let out a wheeze

To laugh or react loudly.
The joke made him let out a wheeze of laughter.

Blow a wheeze

To ruin a surprise or secret.
He accidentally blew the wheeze about the surprise party.

Last wheeze

The final effort before giving up.
He gave one last wheeze before collapsing from exhaustion.

Catch a wheeze

To contract a minor illness or cold.
I think I caught a wheeze from my coworker.

New wheeze in town

A new scheme or fad that everyone is talking about.
Have you heard about the new wheeze in town? Everyone is trying it.

All wheeze and no action

All talk and no concrete action or results.
He promises a lot, but he's all wheeze and no action.

Wheeze your way out

To avoid a situation using cunning or cleverness.
He managed to wheeze his way out of that tight spot.

Wheeze into action

To start something, especially with difficulty or slowly.
The old computer took a minute to wheeze into action.

Put on the wheeze

To act in a deceptive or cunning manner.
I think he's just putting on the wheeze to get what he wants.

Give someone the wheeze

To inform someone of a joke or secret.
Let me give you the wheeze about what happened yesterday.

Clear the wheeze

To clarify or make something more understandable.
I didn't understand the plan until he helped clear the wheeze.

Wheeze the juice

To take advantage of a situation or resource.
He's just trying to wheeze the juice without doing any work.

Full of wheeze

Filled with tricks, schemes, or clever ideas.
Her new book is full of wheeze and intrigue.

Turn on the wheeze

To start using charm or wit to gain an advantage.
He can turn on the wheeze when he wants something.

Wheeze to a stop

To slow down and eventually stop, especially of machinery.
The train began to wheeze to a stop at the station.

Without a wheeze

Without any problems or interruptions.
The event went on without a wheeze.

Common Curiosities

Which vowel is used before wheeze?

The vowel "e" is used before wheeze.

What part of speech is wheeze?

"Wheeze" can be both a noun (a particular sound of breathing) and a verb (to breathe with a wheezing sound).

What is the root word of wheeze?

The root word of wheeze is "wheeze" itself; its etymology traces back to Old Norse hvæsa meaning "to hiss."

How many syllables are in wheeze?

There is one syllable in "wheeze."

Why is it called wheeze?

It is called "wheeze" because of the high-pitched, continuous sound associated with certain breathing patterns; its origin is imitative of the sound.

What is another term for wheeze?

Another term for wheeze can be "rasp."

Which determiner is used with wheeze?

Determiners like "a," "the," and "an" can be used with "wheeze," depending on context.

What is the second form of wheeze?

The second form of wheeze is "wheezed."

What is the verb form of wheeze?

The verb form of wheeze is "wheeze."

What is the pronunciation of wheeze?

The pronunciation of wheeze is /wiːz/.

What is the opposite of wheeze?

The opposite of wheeze could be "clear breathing."

Is wheeze a noun or adjective?

"Wheeze" is primarily a noun, but it can also function as a verb.

How do we divide wheeze into syllables?

Wheeze is one syllable and cannot be divided.

What is a stressed syllable in wheeze?

The entire word "wheeze" is stressed as it is one syllable.

Which preposition is used with wheeze?

Various prepositions can be used with wheeze, such as "with a wheeze," "of a wheeze," or "to wheeze."

Is wheeze an adverb?

No, "wheeze" is not an adverb.

Is wheeze an abstract noun?

No, "wheeze" is a concrete noun as it refers to a specific sound.

Is the wheeze term a metaphor?

In its primary definition related to breathing, "wheeze" is not a metaphor. However, it can be used metaphorically in other contexts, such as referring to a clever trick or scheme.

What is the first form of wheeze?

The first form of wheeze is "wheeze."

How is wheeze used in a sentence?

Wheeze can be used in a sentence as, "She started to wheeze after running a mile."

Which conjunction is used with wheeze?

Any conjunction can be used with "wheeze" depending on the sentence structure, such as "and," "but," or "or."

What is the singular form of wheeze?

The singular form of wheeze is "wheeze."

What is the plural form of wheeze?

The plural form of wheeze is "wheezes."

Is wheeze a vowel or consonant?

"Wheeze" is a word, not a single letter, so it contains both vowels and consonants.

Is wheeze a collective noun?

No, "wheeze" is not a collective noun.

Is the word wheeze is imperative?

No, "wheeze" is not an imperative verb.

Is the word wheeze is Gerund?

The gerund form of "wheeze" is "wheezing."

What is the third form of wheeze?

The third form of wheeze is "wheezed."

Which article is used with wheeze?

Both "a" and "the" can be used with "wheeze" based on the context.

Is wheeze a negative or positive word?

"Wheeze" is generally neutral, but can be perceived as negative in medical contexts.

Is wheeze a countable noun?

Yes, "wheeze" can be a countable noun. For example, "He had multiple wheezes in his breathing."

Is the word “wheeze” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

"Wheeze" can function as a direct object in a sentence, depending on its usage. For example, "I heard a wheeze." Here, "wheeze" is the direct object.

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