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Opinion Sentences

An "opinion" is a personal view, belief, or judgment that one holds about something or someone. e.g., In my opinion, chocolate ice cream is the best flavor.

How to use Opinion in a sentence

Opinion Sentences

My opinion on the matter is based on facts.
Her opinion is based on years of research.
I value your opinion, but I disagree with it.
Her opinion on the new book was that it was a must-read.
She often sought her father's opinion before making big decisions.
The opinion of the teacher was that the students should get more homework.
The doctor's opinion was that the patient needed surgery.
Her opinion was that the book was worth reading.
I respect your opinion, even if it differs from mine.
Despite popular opinion, he believed in the project.
In my professional opinion, the bridge needs immediate repairs.
His opinion on the subject changed after reading the book.
It's just my opinion, but I think she's right.
His opinion on the matter was widely accepted.
The politician's opinion on climate change was controversial.
The opinion of the jury will determine the fate of the accused.
My opinion is that pizza is the perfect food.
Despite your opinion, I believe we should go forward with the plan.
In my personal opinion, the food at the new restaurant is amazing.
The journalist's opinion on the event was insightful.
Your opinion on the project will greatly influence our decision.
The lawyer's opinion was that the defendant was innocent.
His opinion is always respected by his peers.
The critic's opinion of the play was not favorable.
I would like to know your opinion on the subject.
My opinion is that we should continue with our plan.
The expert's opinion on the matter was convincing.
Your opinion is highly valued in our team.
Despite the popular opinion, I prefer cats over dogs.
Her opinion on the movie differed greatly from mine.
I need a second opinion before making this decision.
He expressed his opinion on the matter quite frankly.
Your opinion on the matter is very important to me.
The public opinion on the new policy is divided.
Your opinion matters in this crucial decision.
In his expert opinion, the painting was a forgery.
My opinion differs from yours on this subject.
His opinion was formed based on the information he had.
The student's opinion on the new curriculum was positive.
The coach's opinion was that they needed more practice.
My opinion on the matter is unbiased.
His opinion on the issue was firm.
The teacher's opinion on homework was surprising.
His opinion was that we should try a different approach.
Her opinion on the subject was influenced by her upbringing.
His opinion on the new proposal was negative.
In his opinion, the journey was worth the effort.
Her opinion on the fashion trend was unexpected.
His opinion was formed after years of observation.

Opinion Definitions

Expert View: An expert opinion is a specialized and informed judgment.
The doctor’s opinion was that surgery was necessary.
Legal Interpretation: In law, an opinion is a formal judicial decision.
The judge's opinion clarified the legal issue.
Editorial Content: Opinion pieces express the author's viewpoint on a subject.
The newspaper published an opinion column on climate change.
Public Sentiment: Public opinion refers to the collective beliefs of a group of people.
Public opinion favored the new policy.
Personal Belief: Opinion refers to an individual's personal belief or judgment.
In my opinion, the movie was excellent.
Aesthetic Judgment: Opinion can refer to individual taste in art, music, or fashion.
Art is subjective, and everyone has their own opinion on what is beautiful.

Opinion Idioms & Phrases

A river of opinions

Refers to a situation where there are many diverse views on a specific subject.
The board meeting was like a river of opinions, as every member had a different view on the proposed policy.

An opinion hurricane

Describes a situation where there's a storm of differing views, often leading to heated debates.
The election year turned the political landscape into an opinion hurricane.

In the sea of opinions

Used to describe being in a situation where there are a lot of diverse viewpoints.
As the only scientist at the party, she was in the sea of opinions about climate change.

Wear your opinion on your sleeve

To openly display one's views or beliefs.
She is known to wear her opinion on her sleeve, never hesitating to express her thoughts.

An opinion fortress

Someone who is stubborn and strongly holds their views.
Trying to change his mind is futile; he's an opinion fortress.

Juggling opinions

Trying to consider or balance various viewpoints at the same time.
The committee was juggling opinions to reach a fair decision.

Locked in the cellar of opinion

Being unable to change one's mind due to deeply held beliefs.
His traditional upbringing made him locked in the cellar of opinion.

Sowing the seeds of opinion

Sharing one's views with the intent of influencing others.
The talk show host is known for sowing the seeds of opinion among his audience.

Walking on the tightrope of opinions

Trying to navigate through conflicting viewpoints.
As a politician, he is constantly walking on the tightrope of opinions.

At the crossroads of opinions

Being in a situation where one has to choose between different viewpoints.
The recent health crisis put the nation at the crossroads of opinions.

Shaking the tree of opinion

Trying to change the commonly held beliefs or views.
His innovative ideas are shaking the tree of opinion in the industry.

Opinion echoes

Repeated or reinforced beliefs that are shared among a group.
The meeting was filled with opinion echoes, with no room for alternative viewpoints.

Building bridges of opinion

Trying to reconcile differing viewpoints and reach a consensus.
The mediator spent the entire day building bridges of opinion among the disputing parties.

In the shadow of opinions

Being influenced or overshadowed by the views of others.
He was living in the shadow of opinions, finding it hard to express his own beliefs.

The opinion battlefield

A situation where people are arguing fiercely over their views.
Social media platforms have become an opinion battlefield over social issues.

The fountain of opinions

A person who is always ready to share their views, often unsolicited.
He is known as the fountain of opinions in our group, always eager to express his thoughts.

In the forest of opinions

Being surrounded by a multitude of different viewpoints.
The public consultation process was like being in the forest of opinions.

Sailing the sea of opinion

Navigating through many different perspectives or beliefs.
It takes a good leader to be sailing the sea of opinion without getting lost.

Caught in the web of opinions

Being confused or overwhelmed by multiple conflicting viewpoints.
The novice investor found herself caught in the web of opinions about the stock market.

In the garden of opinions

Being in an environment where a variety of ideas and viewpoints are appreciated.
The literature club was a garden of opinions where everyone's interpretation was valued.

Common Curiosities

What is the root word of Opinion?

The root word of "Opinion" is "Opine."

Which vowel is used before Opinion?

The vowel "i" is used before "Opinion."

What part of speech is Opinion?

"Opinion" is a noun.

What is the verb form of Opinion?

There is no direct verb form of "Opinion." The term itself is a noun.

What is the pronunciation of Opinion?

The pronunciation of "Opinion" is /əˈpɪn.jən/ or /oʊˈpɪn.jən/.

How many syllables are in Opinion?

"Opinion" has three syllables.

What is another term for Opinion?

Another term for "Opinion" is "view" or "belief."

Is Opinion a noun or adjective?

"Opinion" is a noun.

Is Opinion a countable noun?

Yes, "Opinion" is a countable noun.

Is Opinion a collective noun?

No, "Opinion" is not a collective noun.

Why is it called Opinion?

It's called "Opinion" because it refers to a person's perspective or belief about something.

How do we divide Opinion into syllables?

"O-pin-ion" is divided into syllables.

What is the opposite of Opinion?

The opposite of "Opinion" could be "fact" or "truth."

Is Opinion an adverb?

No, "Opinion" is not an adverb. It's a noun.

Is Opinion a negative or positive word?

"Opinion" is neutral in terms of positive or negative connotations. It simply signifies a perspective.

Is Opinion a vowel or consonant?

"Opinion" starts with a vowel, "O."

What is a stressed syllable in Opinion?

The stressed syllable in "Opinion" is the second syllable, "pin."

Is Opinion an abstract noun?

Yes, "Opinion" is an abstract noun, as it represents a concept or belief.

Which determiner is used with Opinion?

The determiner "the" is often used with "Opinion."

Is the Opinion term a metaphor?

No, the term "Opinion" is not a metaphor. It's a straightforward noun referring to someone's belief or viewpoint.

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