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Liberty Sentences

Liberty is the condition of freedom from oppressive restrictions imposed by authority on one's behavior or political views. e.g., In prison, he dreamt of liberty every day.

How to use Liberty in a sentence

Liberty Sentences

Liberty is a fundamental human right.
Liberty often demands a high price.
The Statue of Liberty is a symbol of freedom and liberty.
The concept of liberty is central to democratic societies.
Many people around the world cherish liberty.
She valued her liberty above all else.
He fought tirelessly for his liberty.
The Constitution guarantees the liberty of the people.
Liberty requires responsible behavior from everyone.
His paintings are a celebration of individual liberty.
The law was seen as an invasion of personal liberty.
Education is a path to liberty.
With liberty comes the opportunity for change.
The bird, once caged, now tasted liberty.
She had finally won her liberty from oppression.
Liberty was her only desire after years of servitude.
The heroes fought for liberty and justice.
The soldier fell, defending liberty.
His views on liberty were well respected.
Understanding liberty can be complex.
His dream of liberty remained unfulfilled.
He saw liberty as the highest human aspiration.
Liberty, she felt, was the sweetest thing in life.
He dedicated his life to the pursuit of liberty.
She believed in liberty for all, regardless of race or religion.
To some, liberty means the freedom to choose.
The poet wrote extensively about liberty.
They sailed to the New World in search of liberty.
He made a passionate plea for liberty.
His liberty was restored after the trial.
Liberty is not just about rights but also responsibilities.
Liberty becomes meaningful when coupled with respect.
Liberty was at the heart of the debate.
It was a question of liberty or tyranny.
Liberty is sometimes taken for granted.
They debated the limits of liberty in a civilized society.
She argued for liberty in her writings.
Liberty was a central theme in his speech.
Liberty is a key element in this political theory.
The march was a protest for liberty.
She sought liberty from her restrictive culture.
Liberty is essential for creativity and innovation.
The cry for liberty echoed throughout the land.
Liberty was the very essence of his political philosophy.
He sacrificed much for the cause of liberty.
Their quest for liberty was inspiring.
Liberty was his most cherished value.
She risked everything for liberty.
He struggled against those who would deny him liberty.

Liberty Definitions

Civil Rights: Liberty can mean specific freedoms guaranteed by law.
Freedom of speech is a cherished liberty.
Autonomy: Liberty can refer to self-governance and independence.
The liberty to make personal choices is vital.
Physical Movement: Liberty can mean freedom to move or act.
The bird regained its liberty when released.
Freedom: Liberty refers to the state of being free from oppression.
Citizens value their personal liberty.
Permission: Liberty can mean taking the freedom to do something.
He took the liberty of rearranging the furniture.
Philosophical Concept: Liberty in philosophy refers to the condition of human freedom.
Philosophers debate the true meaning of liberty.

Liberty Idioms & Phrases

Liberty's Torch

A symbol or beacon of freedom.
The Statue of Liberty, known as Liberty's torch, has welcomed countless immigrants to America.

Guardian of Liberty

A person or organization that protects freedom.
The Supreme Court serves as the guardian of liberty in the United States.

Liberty's Price

The sacrifice or cost of freedom.
They knew that the struggle and pain they were enduring was liberty's price.

Liberty's Loom

The shaping or crafting of freedom.
The drafting of the new constitution was seen as liberty's loom.

Seeds of Liberty

The origins or beginnings of freedom.
The peaceful protests planted the seeds of liberty in the oppressed nation.

Liberty's Quill

The power of free speech or writing.
With liberty's quill, the journalist revealed the truth to the world.

Cradle of Liberty

The birthplace or origin of freedom.
Boston is often referred to as the cradle of liberty in American history.

In Liberty's Footsteps

Following a path toward freedom.
The rebel leader was walking in liberty's footsteps, guiding his people toward freedom.

Liberty's Voyage

The journey towards freedom.
Escaping from the dictator’s regime, they embarked on liberty's voyage.

Chains of Liberty

The obligations or limitations that come with freedom.
In embracing her new-found freedom, she also accepted the chains of liberty.

Dawn of Liberty

The beginning or emergence of freedom.
The revolution marked the dawn of liberty for the people.

Echoes of Liberty

Reminders or signals of freedom.
His speech was one of the echoes of liberty that resonated with the crowd.

Breadth of Liberty

The extent or degree of freedom one has.
The breadth of liberty in democratic societies often attracts immigrants.

Liberty or Bust

Willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve freedom.
The oppressed nation was firm in its stand: liberty or bust.

Anchor of Liberty

A strong belief or principle that secures one's freedom.
Her unwavering belief in the right to free speech was her anchor of liberty.

Liberty's Child

A person or group that has newly gained freedom.
The freshly independent country was seen as Liberty's child.

Liberty's Wing

A protection or safeguard of freedom.
The Constitution acted as liberty's wing, shielding citizens from tyranny.

Fruits of Liberty

The benefits or rewards that come from being free.
He enjoyed the fruits of liberty, having escaped a lifetime of oppression.

Liberty's Echo

The aftermath or result of gaining freedom.
The creation of a democratic government was liberty's echo in the country.

Colors of Liberty

The symbols or emblems represent freedom.
The waving flag represented the colors of liberty for the newly independent nation.

Common Curiosities

What is the pronunciation of Liberty?

Liberty is pronounced as "lib-er-tee".

How many syllables are in Liberty?

Liberty has three syllables.

What is the verb form of Liberty?

Liberty itself doesn't have a verb form, but related verbs can include liberate or free.

Why is it called Liberty?

It's called Liberty because it derives from the Latin "libertas," which means "freedom" or "condition of a free man."

Which vowel is used before Liberty?

The vowel "i" is used before "Liberty."

How do we divide Liberty into syllables?

"Lib-er-ty" is divided into syllables.

Is Liberty an abstract noun?

Yes, Liberty is an abstract noun that denotes an idea or state, not a physical object.

Is Liberty a negative or positive word?

Liberty is generally considered a positive word, representing freedom and the absence of oppression.

What part of speech is Liberty?

Liberty is a noun.

What is another term for Liberty?

Another term for liberty is freedom.

Is Liberty a vowel or consonant?

"Liberty" starts with a consonant, "L."

Is Liberty a collective noun?

No, "Liberty" is not a collective noun.

What is the opposite of Liberty?

The opposite of liberty is oppression or tyranny.

Is Liberty an adverb?

No, "Liberty" is not an adverb. It's a noun.

What is the root word of Liberty?

The root word of Liberty is the Latin "libertas."

Is Liberty a noun or adjective?

"Liberty" is a noun.

Is Liberty a countable noun?

Yes, "Liberty" is a countable noun.

Is the Liberty term a metaphor?

No, the term "Liberty" is not a metaphor. It's a concept referring to freedom and autonomy.

Which determiner is used with Liberty?

The determiner "the" is often used with "Liberty."

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