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Ripe Sentences

"Ripe" refers to a state of readiness or maturity, often used to describe fruits at their optimal state for consumption. e.g., The ripe mango was sweet, fragrant, and perfect for dessert-making.

How to use Ripe in a sentence

Ripe Sentences

The papaya was ripe, its flesh soft and sweet to the taste.
His cheeks were as red and round as a ripe apple.
The cherries are most delicious when ripe and freshly picked.
My grandmother always knows when an avocado is ripe by giving it a gentle squeeze.
The farmer said the tomatoes would be ripe enough to pick in a few more days.
He was disappointed when he cut open the avocado and found it still needed to be ripe.
He could tell by the vibrant color that the apple was ripe.
The cantaloupe is ripe when it emits a sweet aroma and has a slightly soft rind.
The bananas were ripe and ready to be made into a loaf of banana bread.
She picked a ripe raspberry from the bush and popped it into her mouth.
The blueberries are ripe and ready for picking when they are a deep blue.
The jackfruit is ripe when its skin yields to slight pressure and it smells sweet.
The banana was ripe, perfect for eating right away or making banana bread.
The peach was so ripe that juice dripped down my chin when I bit into it.
The oranges are ripe when they have a bright, uniform color.
The plum was so ripe it practically fell from the tree into her hand.
The kiwi still needs to be ripe; it's too hard to squeeze.
You can tell a pineapple is ripe when it has a sweet smell at the base.
The persimmon isn't ripe yet; it still has a sharp, astringent taste.
The pineapple wasn't ripe yet; its skin was still too green.
The kiwi was ripe and sweet, perfect for my morning smoothie.
The coconut was ripe, ready to be cracked open.
The orange wasn't ripe yet; it still had slightly green skin.
I bit into the ripe pear, savoring its sweet and juicy flavor.
The smell of ripe peaches filled the air at the farmers' market.
The pears are ripe when their skin changes from hard and shiny to soft and dull.
The nectarine wasn't ripe yet; it had a slightly bitter taste.
The peach was ripe, with a sweet, succulent flesh beneath its fuzzy skin.
The guava is ripe when it gives off a sweet aroma and yields gentle pressure.
The lychee was ripe, sweet, and juicy, ready to be eaten.
The pomegranate was ripe, its arils sweet and juicy.
It's hard to beat the taste of a ripe strawberry freshly picked from the plant.
She cut open the watermelon to find it was perfectly ripe and delicious.
The lemon wasn't ripe yet, so it tasted sour and uninviting.
The apricots were ripe, filling the air with a sweet, tangy aroma.
The fig was ripe and sweet, perfect for a summer snack.
The tomato is ripe when bright red and slightly soft to the touch.
The blackberries were ripe and sweet, ready to be picked.
The passionfruit was ripe and ready to be turned into juice.
The grapefruit is ripe when it feels heavy for its size.
The tangerine was ripe and full of juice, perfect for a snack.
The mandarin was ripe and ready to be peeled and enjoyed.
The lime wasn't ripe yet; it still had green skin.
The mango wasn't ripe yet; its skin was still green and hard.
The cherimoya was ripe, ready to be cut open and enjoyed.
The custard apple was ripe and ready to be eaten.
The durian was ripe, its smell intense and distinct.
The apple wasn't ripe yet; it had a hard texture and sour taste.

Ripe Definitions

Aged and Weathered: Ripe can refer to something aged to perfection.
The wine was ripe and had a rich flavor.
Optimal Time: Ripe signifies the right moment for something to occur.
The time was ripe for change.
Skilled and Ready: Ripe can mean someone is fully prepared or developed.
He is ripe for the leadership role.
Mature Fruit: Ripe refers to fruit that has matured and is ready to eat.
The apple was ripe and juicy.
Overripe: Ripe can mean too mature, edging toward spoilage.
The banana had become too ripe and mushy.
In Technology: Ripe can signify a technology that has reached maturity.
The software is now ripe for mainstream adoption.

Ripe Idioms & Phrases

Ripe for the Picking

Refers to something that's ready to be taken or exploited.
The abandoned factory was ripe for the picking of urban explorers.

The Ripe Age of

Refers to a specific age, often advanced, at which significant events occur.
At the ripe age of 90, he finished his first marathon.

Ripe and Ready

It means something or someone is prepared and ready for action or use.
The students were ripe and ready for the upcoming academic competition.

Ripe with Opportunity

It means full of possibilities or chances.
The new technology sector is ripe with opportunities for young professionals.

In Ripe Time

It refers to something happening at the perfect, most suitable moment.
In ripe time, he finally got the promotion he deserved.

Ripe for Change

It means a situation or person is ready or in need of transformation.
The education system was ripe for change, so the government implemented new policies.

Ripe with Possibility

Refers to situations full of potential or promise.
The unexplored forest was ripe with the possibility of discovering new species.

Ripe as a Peach

It means someone or something is at their prime or peak condition.
The apples in the orchard were as ripe as a peach and ready to be picked.

Ripe to the Core

It means being completely ready, through and through.
The team was ripe to the core for the big championship game.

Ripe for Revolution

Refers to a situation that's ready for a big change or turnaround.
The oppressive regime was ripe for revolution.

Let It Ripen

To allow a situation to develop or mature before making a decision.
Even though he was eager to sell the house, he let it ripen when the market improved.

Ripe Off the Vine

Refers to something fresh, new, or recently developed.
Her ideas for the new business were as ripe off the vine as they could get.

Ripe on the Branch

This phrase refers to something or someone ready to be picked or used.
The new policies were ripe on the branch and waiting for implementation.

Not a Day Past Ripe

Means precisely the right moment, neither too soon nor too late.
The decision to move to the new city was not a day past ripe.

Ripe as a Berry

It's used to describe something or someone at the height of their readiness or maturity.
The project was ripe as a berry and slated to launch next week.

Ripe for the Harvest

Refers to a situation that's ready to yield benefits or results.
After years of hard work, his investment was ripe for the harvest.

Ripe for Trouble

This phrase is used when a situation is likely to cause problems.
The disgruntled employees were ripe for trouble if their demands were not met.

The Ripe End

Refers to the final, often most rewarding or successful, part of a process.
After all their efforts, they were finally at the ripe end of their journey.

Ripe for Exploitation

Refers to something or someone vulnerable to being taken advantage of.
The older man's fortune was ripe for exploitation by the con artist.

Ripe for Discovery

It means something is ready to be found or explored.
The ancient ruins were ripe for discovery by archaeologists.

Common Curiosities

What is the root word of Ripe?

"Ripe" itself is the root word.

How many syllables are in Ripe?

"Ripe" has one syllable.

What is the pronunciation of Ripe?

The pronunciation of "Ripe" is /raɪp/.

Why is it called Ripe?

It's called "Ripe" because it refers to a state of full readiness, often used for describing fruits that are fully developed.

Is Ripe an adverb?

No, "Ripe" is not an adverb. It's an adjective.

What is the verb form of Ripe?

There is no direct verb form of "Ripe." The term itself is an adjective.

Which vowel is used before Ripe?

The vowel "i" is used before "Ripe."

What part of speech is Ripe?

"Ripe" is an adjective.

What is the opposite of Ripe?

The opposite of "Ripe" could be "unripe" or "immature."

How do we divide Ripe into syllables?

"Ripe" is a monosyllabic word.

Is Ripe a negative or positive word?

"Ripe" is generally considered a positive word, as it describes a stage of readiness or full development.

What is a stressed syllable in Ripe?

The only syllable in "Ripe" is stressed.

What is another term for Ripe?

Another term for "Ripe" is "mature" or "ready."

Is the Ripe term a metaphor?

No, the term "Ripe" is not a metaphor. It's a descriptive adjective referring to a state of full readiness.

Is Ripe a noun or adjective?

"Ripe" is an adjective.

Is Ripe an abstract noun?

No, "Ripe" is not an abstract noun. It's an adjective describing a state.

Is Ripe a collective noun?

No, "Ripe" is not a collective noun.

Which determiner is used with Ripe?

The determiner "a" or "an" is often used with "Ripe."

Is Ripe a vowel or consonant?

"Ripe" starts with a consonant, "R."

Is Ripe a countable noun?

No, "Ripe" is not a noun. It's an adjective.

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