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Bereft Sentences

"Bereft" means deprived of or lacking something, especially a non-material asset. e.g., After the storm, the village was bereft of electricity.

How to use Bereft in a sentence

Bereft Sentences

The garden was bereft of color in winter.
He looked bereft after losing his pet.
He felt bereft without his childhood friends.
The landscape was bereft of trees.
She was bereft of hope after the news.
The town was bereft of visitors in autumn.
Her eyes were bereft of any joy.
The family was bereft of happiness after the incident.
The room was bereft of any decoration.
The play was bereft of any real emotion.
The budget was bereft of funds for arts.
He felt bereft of energy after the race.
The movie was bereft of any real plot.
The bookshelf was bereft of books.
The team was bereft of a good leader.
The meal was bereft of flavor.
She was bereft of words during the speech.
The field was bereft of crops after the drought.
The cupboard was bereft of food.
The conversation was bereft of any real substance.
Her expression was bereft of warmth.
The forest was bereft of wildlife.
He was bereft of ideas for his project.
The beach was bereft of sunbathers in winter.
The night sky was bereft of stars.
The party was bereft of laughter.
He was bereft of any sense of direction.
The show was bereft of creativity.
The document was bereft of important details.
The concert was bereft of enthusiasm.
The child felt bereft when his toy broke.
The museum was bereft of its usual crowd.
The once-lively streets were now bereft of life.
After the move, she felt bereft of companionship.
His life was bereft of adventure.
Her heart felt bereft when he left.
The letter was bereft of any good news.
The school was bereft of students during summer.
The story was bereft of a happy ending.
The team was bereft of its star player.
The town was bereft of its former charm.
The house was bereft of furniture.
The menu was bereft of vegetarian options.
The garden was bereft of bees this year.
The sky was bereft of clouds today.
The meeting was bereft of productive discussion.
The tree was bereft of leaves in fall.
The poem was bereft of rhyme.
The city was bereft of tourists during the lockdown.
The team was bereft of a clear strategy.

Bereft Definitions

Bereft refers to a state of being without something needed, wanted, or expected.
The landscape was bereft of greenery during the drought.
Bereft signifies lacking or being devoid of a particular quality or attribute.
His voice was bereft of emotion during the speech.
Bereft indicates a condition of being left without something previously possessed.
The park was bereft of visitors on the rainy day.
Bereft means being deprived of or missing something, especially a non-tangible asset.
She felt bereft of comfort after moving to the new city.
Bereft describes a feeling of emptiness caused by loss or absence.
After the loss, the team was bereft of morale.
Bereft is used to express the absence of a usual or necessary item.
The kitchen was bereft of any cooking utensils.

Bereft Idioms & Phrases

Bereft of Bliss

Lacking in joy or happiness.
After the news of her pet's passing, she felt completely bereft of bliss.

Bereft of Balance

Lacking stability or equilibrium in life or a situation.
The sudden changes left him feeling bereft of balance in his daily routine.

Bereft of Breath

Overwhelmed or astonished to the point of being speechless.
The stunning view from the mountaintop left them bereft of breath.

Bereft of Bearing

Lacking direction or a clear understanding of one's position.
Lost in the unfamiliar city, she was bereft of bearing and unsure where to go.

Bereft of Bravery

Lacking courage or confidence.
Faced with the daunting challenge, he felt bereft of bravery.

Bereft of Brilliance

Lacking intelligence, wit, or creativity.
The uninspired performance was bereft of brilliance.

Bereft of Bounty

Experiencing a lack of generosity or abundance.
The holiday season felt bereft of bounty during the economic downturn.

Garden Bereft of Color

A situation or place that lacks vibrancy or diversity.
The abandoned park was like a garden bereft of color, no longer the lively place it once was.

Bereft of Brotherhood

Lacking a sense of camaraderie or fellowship.
Despite being in a crowd, he felt bereft of brotherhood and companionship.

Bereft of Beauty

Lacking aesthetic appeal or attractiveness.
The dilapidated building was bereft of beauty, a stark contrast to its former glory.

Bereft of Belief

Lacking faith or conviction.
The series of failures left him bereft of belief in his own abilities.

Bridge Bereft of Crossing

A situation or opportunity that remains unused or unexplored.
The old man considered his unfulfilled ambitions a bridge bereft of crossing.

Bereft of Bounds

Lacking limitations or restrictions.
His imagination was an open field, bereft of bounds.

Bereft of Brilliance

Lacking intelligence or insight.
The essay was well-structured but bereft of brilliance.

Bereft of Bounty

Lacking abundance or richness.
The poor harvest season left the fields bereft of bounty.

Bereft of Bliss

Devoid of joy, happiness, or contentment.
After her departure, the house felt bereft of bliss.

Bereft of Breath

In a state of shock or surprise to the point of speechlessness.
The unexpected announcement left the audience bereft of breath.

Bereft of Blossoms

Lacking growth or development.
The neglected garden was bereft of blossoms.

Bereft of Bond

Lacking a connection or relationship with someone or something.
After moving to a new city, she felt bereft of bond with her old community.

Bereft of Backbone

Lacking strength, support, or resilience.
The flimsy structure seemed bereft of backbone, swaying in the wind.

Common Curiosities

What is the pronunciation of bereft?

Bereft is pronounced as /bɪˈrɛft/.

What is the verb form of bereft?

Bereft is the past participle form of the verb "bereave."

What is the root word of bereft?

The root word of bereft is "bereave."

Why is it called bereft?

It is called bereft because it describes the state of being deprived of or lacking something, especially a non-material asset.

How do we divide bereft into syllables?

Bereft is divided into syllables as: be-reft.

What part of speech is bereft?

Bereft is an adjective.

What is the opposite of bereft?

The opposite of bereft could be "endowed" or "possessed."

Which vowel is used before bereft?

Typically, the vowel "a" is used before bereft, as in "a bereft individual."

What is another term for bereft?

Another term for bereft is "deprived" or "lacking."

How many syllables are in bereft?

Bereft has two syllables.

Which preposition is used with bereft?

Prepositions like "of" are often used with bereft, as in "bereft of hope."

What is the second form of bereft?

The second form (past tense) of bereft as a verb is "bereaved" or "bereft."

Is bereft an adverb?

No, bereft is not an adverb.

Is bereft a vowel or consonant?

Bereft is a word, not a vowel or consonant. The first letter "b" is a consonant.

Is bereft a collective noun?

No, bereft is not a collective noun.

How is bereft used in a sentence?

Example: "She felt bereft after the loss of her pet."

What is the singular form of bereft?

The singular form is "bereft."

Is bereft a noun or adjective?

Bereft is an adjective.

Is bereft an abstract noun?

No, bereft is an adjective, not a noun.

Is the word bereft Gerund?

No, bereft is not a gerund.

What is a stressed syllable in bereft?

The stressed syllable in bereft is the second one: be-REFT.

What is the third form of bereft?

The third form (past participle) of bereft as a verb is "bereaved" or "bereft."

What is the plural form of bereft?

Bereft is an adjective and does not have a plural form.

Which conjunction is used with bereft?

Conjunctions are not specifically paired with "bereft," but common conjunctions like "and," "but," or "or" can be used in sentences containing the word.

Is bereft a negative or positive word?

Bereft generally has a negative connotation.

Is bereft a countable noun?

Bereft is not a noun; it is an adjective.

Is the word “bereft” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

Being an adjective, bereft does not function as a direct or indirect object in a sentence.

Which determiner is used with bereft?

Determiners like "a," "the," "his," "her," and "their" can be used with bereft.

What is the first form of bereft?

The first form (present tense) of bereft as a verb is "bereave."

Which article is used with bereft?

Both "a" and "the" can be used as articles with bereft, depending on the context.

Is the bereft term a metaphor?

The word "bereft" itself is not a metaphor but can be used metaphorically in some contexts.

Is the word bereft imperative?

No, bereft is not an imperative; it is an adjective.

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