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Bilingual Sentences

"Bilingual" refers to the ability to speak and understand two languages fluently. e.g., Maria is bilingual in English and Spanish, so that she can communicate with people from both countries.

How to use Bilingual in a sentence

Bilingual Sentences

My friend is bilingual, and he can translate the instructions for us.
The bilingual teacher could speak both Japanese and English fluently.
My cousin moved to France and became bilingual after living there for five years.
The school offers a bilingual education program to help students become proficient in two languages.
Being bilingual in a global economy is a valuable skill many employers appreciate.
The bilingual sign at the airport helps tourists understand directions.
To be a diplomat, being bilingual or even multilingual is often a requirement.
Since our city is close to the border, many people here are bilingual.
The bilingual announcement on the train was made in French and English.
Being bilingual enables her to enjoy movies and music from different countries.
Becoming bilingual opens up opportunities to explore and understand different cultures.
Reading books in different languages can help you become bilingual.
The library has a section for bilingual books with text in two languages.
People from both nations applauded the president's bilingual speech.
If you want to become bilingual, regular practice with native speakers can help.
A bilingual upbringing allowed him to switch between languages easily.
The bilingual customer service representative helped me with my inquiry.
His dream is to become bilingual and travel to different countries.
Because she is bilingual, Sara acted as an interpreter during the meeting.
The school encourages bilingual learning by teaching science in both English and Spanish.
Many Canadian citizens are bilingual, speaking both English and French.
She grew up bilingual, speaking both Italian and English at home.
The tour guide was bilingual so that he could communicate with the entire group.
The bilingual magazine contains articles in both Spanish and English.
The bilingual therapist communicates with patients in either of the two languages they speak.
A bilingual secretary answered the phone and greeted me in French.
The bilingual novel helps children learn a second language while reading.
Being bilingual can help you make friends with people from different backgrounds.
A bilingual upbringing often leads to a better understanding of different customs and traditions.
Having bilingual skills is beneficial for international travelers.
The bilingual education program at the school is growing in popularity.
The company prefers hiring bilingual employees to assist international clients.
Growing up in a bilingual household, Tim learned to appreciate his parents' cultures.
The software company created a bilingual version of its app for English and German users.
The new bilingual dictionary will help you with your language studies.
Learning in a bilingual classroom can be a rewarding experience.
Being bilingual in English and Mandarin is an advantage in international business.
My bilingual skills came in handy during my trip to Mexico.
The bilingual program at school encourages students to embrace diversity.
The city offers a bilingual community center with resources in two languages.
Many jobs in the hospital require staff to be bilingual.
The teacher used bilingual flashcards to teach new vocabulary.
The community college offers a bilingual certification for aspiring interpreters.
The airport's bilingual staff ensures that travelers from various countries feel welcome.
They publish a bilingual newsletter every month to reach a broader audience.
The software is bilingual, allowing users to operate it in English or Portuguese.
Her goal is to become bilingual by studying French for two hours daily.
The conference included bilingual workshops to accommodate all attendees.
A bilingual person can often think and dream in both languages.
Being bilingual, she volunteered to translate the documents for the non-profit organization.

Bilingual Definitions

Code-switching: Bilingual people may switch between languages in conversation.
She code-switched while talking, a sign she's bilingual.
Dual Language: Bilingual means proficient in two languages.
She's bilingual in English and Spanish.
Literature: Bilingual books feature text in two languages.
The bilingual book helped her learn French.
Translation: Bilingual individuals often work in translation.
His bilingual skills were useful for document translation.
Education: In a bilingual classroom, two languages are used for instruction.
Bilingual education promotes language diversity.
Cognitive: Being bilingual can offer cognitive advantages.
Bilingual children often excel at multitasking.

Bilingual Idioms & Phrases

Bilingual advantage

Refers to the cognitive benefits that come from being proficient in two languages.
Mary's bilingual advantage helped her excel in her international job, effortlessly switching between languages.

Bilingual household

A household where two languages are spoken.
Growing up in a bilingual household, Tim learned both Italian and English from his parents.

Bilingual education

An educational approach where students are taught in two languages.
In Canada, bilingual education in English and French is quite common.

Bilingual brain

The cognitive structure of someone proficient in two languages, often associated with cognitive benefits.
Studies have shown that a bilingual brain may have better multitasking abilities.

Bilingual workforce

A group of employees that are proficient in two languages.
Our company's bilingual workforce enables us to effectively communicate with clients around the world.

Bilingual proficiency

The ability to speak and understand two languages equally well.
Sarah's bilingual proficiency in Spanish and English helped her in her career as a translator.

Bilingual marketing

A strategy that targets speakers of two different languages.
Bilingual marketing in Miami often involves advertising in both English and Spanish.

Bilingual signage

Signage that displays information in two languages.
In airports, bilingual signage helps travelers from different backgrounds navigate their way.

Bilingual dictionary

A dictionary that provides translations between two different languages.
A bilingual dictionary is a helpful tool for language learners trying to understand new vocabulary.

Bilingual nation

A country that has two official languages.
Canada is a bilingual nation, with English and French as official languages.

Bilingual approach

A method of handling or dealing with matters that involves the use of two languages.
The company's bilingual approach to customer service has increased satisfaction among non-English speaking clients.

Bilingual materials

Educational or informative materials that are available in two languages.
The library offers bilingual materials to assist both English and Spanish readers.

Bilingual skills

The abilities associated with understanding, speaking, reading, and writing in two languages.
Her bilingual skills made her an attractive candidate for the international sales position.

Bilingual therapist

A mental health professional who provides therapy in two languages.
As a bilingual therapist, Dr. Sanchez can assist clients who speak either English or Spanish.

Bilingual support

Assistance provided in two languages.
Our customer service hotline offers bilingual support in English and Mandarin.

Bilingual research

Research conducted in two languages or focusing on bilingual individuals or communities.
Bilingual research can reveal insights into language acquisition and cognitive development.

Bilingual subtitles

Subtitles provided in two languages for a movie or video.
The international film festival featured films with bilingual subtitles to cater to diverse audiences.

Bilingual publication

A publication printed in two languages.
The bilingual publication helps bridge the gap between the two cultural communities in the city.

Bilingual programming

Creating or structuring events, media, or services in two languages.
The community center offers bilingual programming to ensure that all residents can participate regardless of their preferred language.

Bilingual policy

A policy that supports or mandates the use of two languages.
The bilingual policy in certain states requires government documents to be available in both English and Spanish.

Common Curiosities

What is the pronunciation of Bilingual?

The pronunciation of Bilingual is /ˌbɪˈlɪŋ.ɡwəl/.

What is the verb form of Bilingual?

Bilingual does not have a specific verb form, though one might say someone "is bilingual" or "becomes bilingual."

What part of speech is Bilingual?

Bilingual is an adjective.

What is the root word of Bilingual?

The root words of Bilingual are "bi-" meaning two, and "lingual," meaning related to language.

How many syllables are in Bilingual?

Bilingual has four syllables.

Which vowel is used before Bilingual?

The vowel "a" is used before Bilingual.

What is the opposite of Bilingual?

The opposite of Bilingual is monolingual.

How do we divide Bilingual into syllables?

Bilingual is divided into syllables as Bi-lin-gual.

Is a Bilingual an abstract noun?

No, Bilingual is not an abstract noun.

Is a Bilingual a noun or adjective?

Bilingual is an adjective.

What is another term for Bilingual?

Another term for Bilingual is "dual-language."

Why is it called Bilingual?

It is called Bilingual because it refers to the ability to speak or write in two languages fluently.

Is Bilingual a negative or positive word?

Bilingual is generally considered a neutral or positive word.

Is Bilingual a collective noun?

No, Bilingual is not a collective noun.

Is Bilingual term a metaphor?

No, Bilingual is not a metaphor.

Is a Bilingual a countable noun?

No, Bilingual is not a countable noun.

Which determiner is used with Bilingual?

The determiner "a" is used with Bilingual.

Is Bilingual an adverb?

No, Bilingual is not an adverb.

Is the Bilingual a vowel or consonant?

The term "Bilingual" consists of both vowels and consonants.

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