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Conductive Sentences

Conductive refers to the ability of a material to allow the passage of heat or electricity through it. e.g., Copper is used in wires because it is highly conductive.

How to use Conductive in a sentence

Conductive Sentences

The metal rod is conductive and can transfer electricity.
He discovered that the solution was electrically conductive.
They used conductive materials in the science experiment.
The conductive properties of the material were tested.
Silver is one of the most conductive metals.
The floor mat was made from conductive rubber.
Graphite is conductive and used in pencils.
The conductive fabric was used in smart clothing.
Certain types of glass can be conductive.
They used a conductive adhesive in the device.
They were looking for a thermally conductive compound.
The conductive plate distributed heat evenly.
The conductive wire connected the electrical circuit.
Her research focused on conductive polymers.
The conductive foam was used for packaging electronics.
The touch screen relies on conductive technology.
The conductive ink enabled printed electronics.
The conductive ceramic was crucial in the design.
He used a conductive sensor in his project.
The conductive coating prevented corrosion.
The conductive pathway was integral to the circuit.
Their gloves had conductive fingertips for touch screens.
Water can be conductive when it contains salts.
The conductive gel improved the ultrasound image quality.
Copper pipes are conductive and used in plumbing.
A conductive layer was added to the solar panel.
The conductive paint created an electrical pathway.
The conductive alloy had specific applications.
They used a conductive sealant for the joints.
The conductive film covered the electronic display.
The conductive nature of the material was crucial.
She wore socks with conductive fibers.
The conductive mat grounded the electrical equipment.
The conductive surface responded to touch.
He measured the conductive resistance of the wire.
The conductive pads were attached to the machine.
Her project involved conductive nanoparticles.
The conductive bridge connected the two electrodes.
Certain plastics can be made conductive with additives.
The conductive properties of silicon are well-known.
He wrapped the wires with conductive tape.
The conductive thread was woven into the fabric.
Her bracelet was made of conductive metal beads.
The conductive mesh shielded the equipment.
She tested the conductive properties of different metals.
The conductive layer protected the spacecraft.
He applied a conductive grease to the connection.
He checked the conductive properties with a meter.
The conductive strip completed the circuit.
The experiment required a highly conductive solution.

Conductive Definitions

Able to transfer energy in the form of heat or electricity.
The conductive material helped dissipate heat in the device.
Permitting a flow of electrons or heat.
The conductive properties of the metal were key to its use.
Having the property of transmitting heat, electricity, or sound.
Gold is a highly conductive metal often used in electronics.
Capable of conducting electricity or heat efficiently.
The conductive copper wires were essential for the electrical circuit.
Having a high conductivity; easily allowing the passage of current or heat.
Aluminum is conductive and used in various applications.
Material that allows easy transmission of heat or electricity.
The conductive ceramic plate was used in the heating element.

Conductive Idioms & Phrases

Conductive to Learning

Providing an environment or conditions that are favorable for learning.
The peaceful and well-equipped library was highly conductive to learning.

Conductive to Growth

Providing conditions that favor or promote growth and development.
The fertile soil and ample rainfall were conductive to the growth of the crops.

Conductive Atmosphere

An environment that supports or enhances a particular activity or process.
The team's open communication policy created a conductive atmosphere for innovation.

Conductive Relationships

Relationships that promote or facilitate positive outcomes or progress.
Mentorship is often a conductive relationship for personal and professional development.

Conductive to Health

Beneficial or promoting good health.
Regular exercise and a balanced diet are conductive to maintaining good health.

Conductive Environment

A setting or situation that encourages or facilitates a particular action or state.
The supportive community provided a conductive environment for the artist's creativity.

Conductive Learning Environment

An environment that greatly facilitates and enhances the process of learning.
Interactive and engaging teaching methods create a conductive learning environment.

Conductive to Success

Creating or providing conditions that increase the likelihood of success.
Hard work and perseverance are conductive to success in any field.

Conductive to Change

Favorable or supportive of change or transformation.
Open dialogue and flexibility are conductive to change within an organization.

Conductive to Harmony

Creating a state or environment that fosters harmony and cooperation.
Effective communication is conductive to harmony in personal relationships.

Conductive to Discussion

Encouraging or facilitating open discussion or dialogue.
A non-judgmental attitude is conductive to productive discussion in meetings.

Conductive Thought Process

A way of thinking that leads to productive results or conclusions.
His analytical and conductive thought process made him an excellent problem solver.

Conductive to Progress

Contributing to forward movement or advancement in a particular area.
Openness to new technologies is conductive to progress in scientific research.

Conductive Working Conditions

Workplace conditions that promote productivity and employee well-being.
The company strives to provide conductive working conditions for its staff.

Conductive to Innovation

Supporting or encouraging innovative ideas or methods.
A culture of open-mindedness and risk-taking is conductive to innovation.

Conductive to Peace

Promoting or creating conditions that foster peace and calm.
Trust and mutual respect are conductive to peace in international relations.

Conductive to Creativity

Providing an environment or elements that stimulate creative thinking or expression.
Freedom and a diverse culture are highly conductive to creativity.

Conductive to Collaboration

Encouraging or facilitating cooperative work or joint efforts.
Shared goals and mutual respect are conductive to successful collaboration.

Conductive Social Climate

A social atmosphere that encourages positive interactions and relationships.
Inclusivity and tolerance create a conductive social climate in diverse communities.

Conductive to Efficiency

Making processes or activities more efficient.
Streamlined procedures and clear guidelines are conductive to efficiency in the workplace.

Common Curiosities

What is the root word of conductive?

The root word of "conductive" is "conduct."

Which vowel is used before conductive?

The vowel used before "conductive" depends on the context and the preceding word in a sentence.

What is the verb form of conductive?

The verb form related to "conductive" is "conduct."

What part of speech is conductive?

Conductive is an adjective.

What is another term for conductive?

Another term for "conductive" is "transmitting" or "carrying."

What is the opposite of conductive?

The opposite of "conductive" is "non-conductive" or "insulating."

How many syllables are in conductive?

There are three syllables in "conductive."

What is a stressed syllable in conductive?

The first syllable "con-" is the stressed syllable in "conductive."

Why is it called conductive?

It is called conductive because it refers to the ability to conduct or transmit heat, electricity, or sound.

How do we divide conductive into syllables?

Conductive is divided into syllables as: con-duc-tive.

What is the pronunciation of conductive?

Conductive is pronounced as /kənˈdʌk.tɪv/.

Which determiner is used with conductive?

Determiners like "the," "a," "this," or "that" can be used with "conductive."

Which preposition is used with conductive?

Prepositions like "to" or "of" can be used with "conductive," depending on the context.

Is conductive an abstract noun?

No, "conductive" is an adjective, not a noun.

Is conductive a vowel or consonant?

The word "conductive" consists of both vowels and consonants.

Is conductive a collective noun?

No, "conductive" is not a collective noun.

Which conjunction is used with conductive?

Conjunctions like "and," "but," or "or" can be used with "conductive."

Is conductive a noun or adjective?

Conductive is an adjective.

Is conductive an adverb?

No, "conductive" is not an adverb.

Is conductive a negative or positive word?

Conductive is neutral; its positivity or negativity depends on the context.

Is the conductive term a metaphor?

"Conductive" can be used metaphorically but is not inherently a metaphor.

Is the word “conductive” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

"Conductive," being an adjective, is neither a direct object nor an indirect object; it describes a noun.

What is the singular form of conductive?

"Conductive" remains the same in both singular and plural contexts.

What is the plural form of conductive?

"Conductive" is used the same way in both singular and plural contexts.

Which article is used with conductive?

Both the definite article "the" and the indefinite article "a" can be used with "conductive."

Is conductive a countable noun?

"Conductive" is not a noun; it's an adjective.

Is the word conductive Gerund?

No, "conductive" is not a gerund.

How is conductive used in a sentence?

Example: "Copper is a highly conductive material."

Is the word conductive is imperative?

No, "conductive" is not imperative; it is an adjective.

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