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Degenerate Sentences

Degenerate means to decline in quality or deteriorate. e.g., The once-thriving city began to degenerate into ruins.

How to use Degenerate in a sentence

Degenerate Sentences

Without practice, his skills started to degenerate.
The fruit will degenerate if left out for too long.
The book club started to degenerate into gossip sessions.
Without sunlight, plants will degenerate.
The situation began to degenerate when they started arguing.
Over time, the building began to degenerate without proper maintenance.
The quality of his writing began to degenerate over the years.
The abandoned house began to degenerate after years of neglect.
His vision began to degenerate as he got older.
If not stored properly, the medicine can degenerate quickly.
The standards of the hotel began to degenerate over time.
The paint will degenerate if exposed to sunlight.
The integrity of the material will degenerate with constant use.
The quality of air will degenerate without trees.
The peaceful protest began to degenerate into chaos.
Lack of use caused the machine to degenerate.
Fresh foods can degenerate faster than processed ones.
Without regular exercise, your muscles may degenerate.
The project began to degenerate without proper leadership.
The garden began to degenerate without water.
The pond began to degenerate due to pollution.
The community's spirit began to degenerate with the bad news.
The reputation of the brand began to degenerate with poor reviews.
The discussion began to degenerate into a shouting match.
If not treated, the disease can cause the body to degenerate.
The riverbank began to degenerate with erosion.
Without funding, the research project will degenerate.
Without innovation, the company's products began to degenerate.
The roads began to degenerate due to heavy traffic.
The fabric will degenerate if washed with harsh chemicals.
The moral values of society should not be allowed to degenerate.
The ecosystem can degenerate with climate change.
The structure will degenerate if not supported well.
Without passion, a relationship can degenerate.
His dedication began to degenerate after repeated disappointments.
The software will degenerate without timely updates.
The team's performance began to degenerate without proper training.
The leather will degenerate if not cared for.
The beauty of the landscape began to degenerate with industrialization.
The city's infrastructure began to degenerate without investment.
His confidence began to degenerate after several failures.
With neglect, the park will degenerate.
The organization started to degenerate without a clear mission.
The battery will degenerate if it's not charged regularly.
The health of the lake began to degenerate from overfishing.
The wood will degenerate in damp conditions.
The forest began to degenerate due to illegal logging.
His interest in the subject began to degenerate.
The taste of the food will degenerate if not consumed soon.
Without motivation, a student's focus can degenerate.

Degenerate Definitions

Degenerate means to deteriorate or decline in quality or condition.
The movie's plot seemed to degenerate rapidly.
Degenerate indicates a decline from a previous state or standard.
The festival began to degenerate into a series of commercial events.
Degenerate can describe something that is corrupt or immoral.
The book depicted a degenerate society.
Degenerate refers to someone who has lost moral, physical, or mental qualities.
Some viewed him as a degenerate for his actions.
Degenerate can mean having lost properties or characteristics that were originally present.
The degenerate form of the gene was unrecognizable.
Degenerate is also used in biology to describe a simpler structure or function.
The fish had degenerate eyes due to living in darkness.

Degenerate Idioms & Phrases

Degenerate under pressure

To lose quality or stability when faced with stress.
The team degenerated under pressure.

Degenerate into a shadow

To become a lesser version of oneself.
He degenerated into a shadow of his former self.

Degenerate into name-calling

To devolve into immature behavior.
The conversation quickly degenerated into name-calling.

Degenerate on the vine

To deteriorate before having a chance to mature.
Many projects degenerate on the vine without proper support.

Degenerate into chaos

To become extremely disordered or confused.
The protest degenerated into chaos.

Degenerate at the seams

To fall apart or come undone.
The plan started to degenerate at the seams.

Degenerate into babble

To start speaking nonsensically.
The speaker degenerated into babble after forgetting his notes.

Degenerate at the drop of a hat

To deteriorate rapidly with little provocation.
The meeting degenerated at the drop of a hat.

Degenerate into a free-for-all

To become chaotic and uncontrolled.
The debate degenerated into a free-for-all.

Degenerate into a slugfest

To devolve into a situation with multiple conflicts or fights.
The match degenerated into a slugfest.

Degenerate into a standoff

To end up in a situation where neither side can proceed or retreat.
The negotiation degenerated into a standoff.

Degenerate without a hitch

To decline smoothly without any obstacles.
The relationship degenerated without a hitch.

Degenerate at the eleventh hour

To decline or fail at the last moment.
Their efforts degenerated at the eleventh hour.

Degenerate into a wild goose chase

To become a futile or fruitless pursuit.
The investigation degenerated into a wild goose chase.

Degenerate on its laurels

To decline after resting on past achievements.
The company degenerated on its laurels.

Degenerate under the weight

To break down because of excessive pressure or burden.
The bridge degenerated under the weight.

Degenerate at first light

To start declining early on.
The campaign degenerated at first light.

Degenerate on a whim

To decline without a clear reason.
The project degenerated on a whim.

Degenerate in the blink of an eye

To deteriorate very quickly.
The weather degenerated in the blink of an eye.

Degenerate into a tug of war

To become a situation where two sides are in a stalemate.
The debate degenerated into a tug of war.

Common Curiosities

What is the verb form of degenerate?

The verb form of degenerate is "degenerate" (e.g., The situation began to degenerate rapidly).

Which vowel is used before degenerate?

It depends on the sentence, but often no vowel is specifically required before "degenerate."

What part of speech is degenerate?

"Degenerate" can be a verb, adjective, or noun depending on its usage.

How many syllables are in degenerate?

There are four syllables in "degenerate."

What is the pronunciation of degenerate?

The pronunciation of degenerate is /dɪˈʤɛnəˌreɪt/ when used as a verb and /dɪˈʤɛnərɪt/ when used as an adjective or noun.

What is the first form of degenerate?

The first form is "degenerate."

What is the root word of degenerate?

The root word of degenerate is "genus," which means kind or type.

How do we divide degenerate into syllables?

Degenerate is divided as de-gen-er-ate.

What is the plural form of degenerate?

The plural form is "degenerates."

What is the opposite of degenerate?

The opposite of degenerate is "improve" or "flourish."

Which conjunction is used with degenerate?

Any conjunction can be used with "degenerate," like "and" or "but," depending on the sentence structure.

Is degenerate a noun or adjective?

"Degenerate" can be both a noun and an adjective.

Is degenerate a negative or positive word?

"Degenerate" typically carries a negative connotation.

What is another term for degenerate?

Another term for degenerate is "deteriorate" or "decline."

Why is it called degenerate?

It's called "degenerate" because it stems from the Latin "degeneratus," meaning "to be inferior to one's ancestors."

What is the second form of degenerate?

The second form is "degenerated."

Is degenerate an adverb?

No, "degenerate" is not an adverb.

Is degenerate a collective noun?

No, "degenerate" is not a collective noun.

What is the singular form of degenerate?

The singular form is "degenerate."

Which article is used with degenerate?

Both "a" and "the" can be used with "degenerate," depending on the context.

Is degenerate an abstract noun?

Yes, when "degenerate" is used as a noun to describe someone with degraded qualities, it can be considered an abstract noun.

What is a stressed syllable in degenerate?

The second syllable, "gen," is the stressed syllable.

Which determiner is used with degenerate?

Determiners like "a," "the," or "this" can be used with "degenerate," depending on the context.

How is degenerate used in a sentence?

"degenerate" can be used as "The quality of the product began to degenerate over time."

Is degenerate a vowel or consonant?

"Degenerate" is a word, not a single letter, so it contains both vowels and consonants.

Is degenerate a countable noun?

When referring to a person, "degenerate" can be countable. E.g., "There are several degenerates in that gang."

Is the word degenerate Gerund?

No, "degenerating" would be the gerund form.

Is the word “degenerate” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

"Degenerate" can be used as a direct object or as an indirect object, depending on the sentence structure.

What is the third form of degenerate?

The third form is "degenerated."

Which preposition is used with degenerate?

"Into" is commonly used with "degenerate" as in "degenerate into."

Is the degenerate term a metaphor?

The term itself isn't a metaphor, but it can be used metaphorically in some contexts.

Is the word degenerate is imperative?

No, "degenerate" is not an imperative verb.

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