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Pad Sentences

Pad: A cushioned support or flat piece of soft material. e.g., She placed her coffee on the table's pad.

How to use Pad in a sentence

Pad Sentences

My cat loves to scratch her pad by the window.
The dog lay down on its pad in the corner of the room.
The nurse placed a pad under the patient's arm.
Always wear a helmet and knee pads when skateboarding.
The artist sketched a beautiful landscape on his drawing pad.
She writes all her ideas in a small note pad.
His new apartment is a nice bachelor pad.
I always keep a pad by my phone to jot down messages.
Always have a pad ready when painting to avoid spills.
The pad protects the table from scratches and spills.
Make sure to place a pad under the hot dish.
She used a heating pad to soothe her sore muscles.
Her shoes have a special pad to support the arch of her foot.
She placed the vase on a pad to protect the wooden shelf.
Always wear a pad while cycling to protect against falls.
The notepad is perfect for jotting down quick notes.
Place a pad under the laptop for better ventilation.
The launch pad was prepared for the rocket's takeoff.
The lily pad floated gracefully on the pond.
The gymnast practiced her routine on a soft landing pad.
I need a new pad for my eyeglasses.
The pad on the headphone makes it comfortable to wear.
The doctor used a pad to bandage the wound.
I put a pad under the plant pot to catch any excess water.
Always pad the contents of a package to avoid damage.
The goalie wears a thick pad to protect against pucks.
Make sure to replace the brake pad when it wears out.
The pad on my chair makes it more comfortable.
I use a memo pad to remember important tasks.
Make sure to pad the box before shipping fragile items.
She set the hot teapot on a protective pad.
The jeweler placed the ring on a velvet pad.
The baby's crib had a soft pad for extra comfort.
The ink pad is dry; we need a new one.
The dog's pad was injured, so he limped.
The desk pad gives a smooth surface for writing.
The mouse pad helps the mouse move smoothly.
He writes daily entries in his pad.
The pad absorbs any excess ink from the fountain pen.
The mouse glides smoothly because of the quality of the mouse pad.
I dropped my pad and lost all the notes for my meeting.
I have a pad on my desk where I write daily tasks.
Always use a pad when ironing to protect the fabric.
The dancer practiced her moves on a cushioned pad.
Put a pad under the sleeping bag for extra insulation.
I made a note in my pad about tomorrow's meeting.
The pad prevents the dishes from sliding off the tray.
The mechanic checked the brake pad for wear and tear.
He added extra pad to the seat for added comfort.
The tailor attached a shoulder pad to the coat.

Pad Definitions

A number of sheets of paper glued together at one edge.
She tore a page from her writing pad.
A flat piece of soft material used as cushioning.
She sat on the pad in the park.
To add unnecessary or extra content, especially to make something appear longer.
The student padded his essay with irrelevant information.
A starting point for rockets or spacecraft.
The space shuttle was on the launch pad.
A thick protective piece of material worn by athletes.
The hockey player adjusted his shoulder pad.
The soft underside of an animal's foot or paw.
The cat's pad felt soft against her skin.

Pad Idioms & Phrases

Pad the bill

To add false charges or overcharge.
Be careful, some restaurants pad the bill with extra items.

Pad out

To make something seem longer by adding extra, often unnecessary, material.
He tried to pad out his speech with anecdotes.

Lily pad

Floating leaves of water lilies.
Frogs often sit on lily pads in ponds.

On the pad

Accepting bribes.
The corrupt official was on the pad and took money secretly.

Pad down

To walk softly or silently.
I heard her pad down the hallway late at night.

Shoulder pad

Padding used in clothing, especially coats, to enhance the shoulder's shape.
The jacket had large shoulder pads, giving it an 80s vibe.

Pad one's resume

To exaggerate or include false accomplishments on one's CV.
He was accused of padding his resume during the job interview.

Pad someone's pockets

To bribe someone.
The businessman was known to pad officials' pockets for favors.

Pad the roster

To add people to a team or list, often to meet a requirement.
The coach padded the roster with new players for the tournament.

Bachelor pad

A place where a single man lives.
His new apartment downtown is a true bachelor pad.

Elbow pad

Protective covering worn on the elbows.
The skateboarder always wore elbow pads for safety.

Pad the stats

To add extra, often unearned, statistics to make one's performance seem better.
The player was accused of padding the stats during the game.

Knee pad

Protective covering worn on the knees.
She wore knee pads while gardening to protect her joints.

Pad the numbers

To inflate or increase numbers dishonestly.
Some believe the company padded the numbers to appear more profitable.

Pad around

To move quietly and softly, usually barefoot or in soft shoes.
On weekends, he just pads around the house in his slippers.

Pad someone's bank account

To illicitly add money to someone's account.
The deal padded his bank account considerably.

Common Curiosities

What part of speech is Pad?

"Pad" can be both a noun (e.g., a writing pad) and a verb (e.g., to pad a jacket).

What is the root word of Pad?

The root word of "Pad" is "pad" itself. Its etymology traces back to the Middle English term "pad", which means a path or a way.

Which vowel is used before Pad?

No specific vowel precedes the word "Pad" universally. The vowel would depend on the context or the words preceding it in a sentence.

What is the verb form of Pad?

The verb form of "Pad" is "pad" (e.g., to pad a room with insulation).

What is the opposite of Pad?

An exact opposite is context-dependent. For a cushioned support, an opposite might be "hard surface".

How many syllables are in Pad?

Pad has one syllable.

What is the pronunciation of Pad?

Pad is pronounced as /pæd/.

What is another term for Pad?

Another term for "Pad" (cushioned support) could be "cushion" or "mat".

How do we divide Pad into syllables?

Pad cannot be divided as it consists of only one syllable.

What is the plural form of Pad?

The plural form is "pads".

Which preposition is used with Pad?

Various prepositions can be used with "Pad", like "on" (e.g., notes on a pad), "with" (e.g., pad with foam), etc., depending on context.

Why is it called Pad?

The term "pad" likely originated from the Middle English word "pad", referring to a path or a way, and later evolved in meaning to refer to things like the soft foot of an animal or cushioned supports.

What is the first form of Pad?

The first form (base form) of the verb "pad" is "pad".

What is the second form of Pad?

The second form (past tense) of the verb "pad" is "padded".

Is Pad a noun or adjective?

"Pad" is primarily a noun, but it can also be a verb (e.g., to pad something). It is not typically used as an adjective.

Is Pad an abstract noun?

No, "Pad" is a concrete noun as it refers to a tangible object or thing.

Is Pad a vowel or consonant?

"Pad" is a word, not a single letter. However, it contains both vowels and consonants.

Is Pad a collective noun?

No, "Pad" is not a collective noun.

Is the Pad term a metaphor?

No, "Pad" in itself is not a metaphor, though it can be used metaphorically in certain contexts.

What is a stressed syllable in Pad?

The sole syllable in "Pad" is stressed.

What is the singular form of Pad?

The singular form is "pad".

Is Pad an adverb?

No, "Pad" is not an adverb.

Is Pad a negative or positive word?

"Pad" is neutral; it is neither inherently negative nor positive.

Which determiner is used with Pad?

Any determiner can be used with "Pad" depending on the context, e.g., "a", "the", "my", "this", etc.

How is Pad used in a sentence?

"Pad" can be used as: "I wrote a note on my pad."

Which conjunction is used with Pad?

Any conjunction can be used with "Pad" depending on the sentence, such as "and", "or", "but", etc.

Is Pad a countable noun?

Yes, "Pad" is a countable noun (e.g., two pads).

Is the word Pad imperative?

Not in itself, but it can be used in an imperative sentence, e.g., "Pad the box before shipping!"

Is the word Pad a gerund?

No, "Pad" is not a gerund. However, "padding" can be the gerund form of the verb "pad".

Is the word “Pad” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

"Pad" can be used as either a direct or an indirect object depending on the sentence. E.g., "She gave me a pad" (direct object) vs. "She gave the pad to me" (indirect object).

What is the third form of Pad?

The third form (past participle) of the verb "pad" is "padded".

Which article is used with Pad?

Both "a" (e.g., a pad) and "the" (e.g., the pad on the table) can be used with "Pad" depending on context.

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