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Produced Sentences

"Produced" is a past tense verb, meaning something was created, manufactured, or brought into existence. e.g., The factory produced a hundred cars last week.

How to use Produced in a sentence

Produced Sentences

The rain produced a rainbow.
The plant produced oxygen.
The farmers produced a bountiful crop this year.
The band produced a new album.
The factory produced new smartphones.
The scientist produced an innovative solution.
The chef produced an exquisite dish.
The flowers produced a pleasant scent.
The company produced a profit this quarter.
The clouds produced rain.
The author produced a series of books.
The sun produced a warm glow.
The windmill produced electricity.
The chicken produced an egg.
The meeting produced a helpful solution.
The bee produced honey.
The storm produced heavy snowfall.
The coffee machine produced a hot cup of coffee.
The machine produced a constant noise.
The research produced valuable findings.
The computer produced an error message.
The volcano produced lava.
The television produced colorful images.
The process produced clean water.
The garden produced a variety of vegetables.
The baker produced a delicious cake.
The car engine produced a loud noise.
The tree produced delicious apples.
The team produced an unexpected victory.
The project produced beneficial results.
The camera produced high-quality images.
The experiment produced exciting data.
The designer produced a fashionable dress.
The efforts produced significant changes.
The lesson produced understanding among the students.
The device produced a bright light.
The athlete produced a record-breaking performance.
The director produced a remarkable movie.
The writer produced a bestselling novel.
The artist produced a masterpiece.
The workers produced a sturdy bridge.
The magician produced a rabbit from his hat.
The school produced top students.
The concert produced a lot of excitement.
The speakers produced clear sounds.
The engine produced smoke.
The play produced laughter from the audience.
The computer produced an accurate result.
The stove produced a comforting heat.
The report produced vital information.

Produced Definitions

Manufactured: Produced refers to something made in large quantities.
The factory produced car parts.
Theater and Film: Produced can refer to overseeing a performance or movie.
She produced a critically acclaimed film.
Created: Produced can mean brought into existence through effort or skill.
She produced a beautiful painting.
Harvested: Produced refers to crops or natural resources obtained.
The farm produced organic vegetables.
Initiated: Produced can mean instigating an action or result.
His comment produced an awkward silence.
Derived: Produced can mean formed as a product or result.
The experiment produced useful data.

Produced Idioms & Phrases

Produced a rabbit from a hat

To achieve an unexpected or seemingly impossible outcome.
Despite the challenges, the team produced a rabbit from a hat and finished the project ahead of schedule.

A golden goose produced

A valuable discovery or profitable venture has been found.
Their new business idea turned out to be a golden goose produced.

Well-produced work

High-quality, carefully made output.
The company is known for its well-produced work.

Produced a tear

To make someone emotionally moved to the point of crying.
The moving speech about his struggles produced a tear in everyone's eyes.

Produced in spades

To create or provide something abundantly.
The farm produced fruits in spades this summer, enough for the whole town.

Mass-produced mindset

Having common or generic thoughts and ideas, lacking originality.
His opinions always seemed to have a mass-produced mindset, like he was repeating what he heard on the news.

Produced out of thin air

Something appeared as if from nowhere, unexpectedly.
The solution to the problem seemed to be produced out of thin air.

Freshly produced

Something new or just recently created.
The bakery just freshly produced these pastries, and they are still warm.

Produced with flair

Created or performed with style and confidence.
Her presentation was not only informative but also produced with flair.

Produced in the clutch

To come through when it's critically essential or under pressure.
Everyone doubted her abilities, but she produced in the clutch and won the debate.

No stone unproduced

Every possible effort has been made to achieve something.
In his quest to find a cure, the scientist left no stone unproduced.

Mystery produced

Something puzzling or confusing has emerged.
The sudden disappearance of the painting was a mystery produced.

Behind-the-scenes produced

Done or happening privately or out of public view.
The merger was largely a behind-the-scenes produced deal.

Harvest produced

The yield or output from an effort.
The harvest produced from their hard work was a profitable business.

Produced on demand

Created or provided as soon as it is requested.
The restaurant prides itself on its dishes, which are produced on demand.


Custom made or specifically designed for a certain purpose or person.
The dress was tailor-produced for her.

Produced under duress

Done or created under pressure or under challenging circumstances.
His best works were often produced under duress.

Artificially produced

Made or created through artificial means or processes.
Despite being artificially produced, the gemstone looked remarkably real.

Produced in the nick of time

Produced just in time to prevent something undesirable from happening.
The antidote was produced in the nick of time, saving the patient's life.

Gains produced

The advantages or profits that result from an effort.
The gains produced from their investment were significant.

Common Curiosities

What is the pronunciation of Produced?

The pronunciation of "Produced" is /prəˈdjuːst/.

What is the verb form of Produced?

The verb form of "Produced" is "Produce."

What is the root word of Produced?

The root word of "Produced" is "Produce."

What part of speech is Produced?

"Produced" is a past tense verb.

Which determiner is used with Produced?

The determiner "the" is often used with "Produced."

What is the opposite of Produced?

The opposite of "Produced" could be "consumed."

How do we divide Produced into syllables?

"Pro-duced" is divided into syllables.

What is a stressed syllable in Produced?

The stressed syllable in "Produced" is the first syllable, "Pro."

Why is it called Produced?

It's called "Produced" because it refers to something that has been created or manufactured.

Which vowel is used before Produced?

The vowel "u" is used before "Produced."

What is another term for Produced?

Another term for "Produced" is "manufactured."

How many syllables are in Produced?

"Produced" has two syllables.

Is Produced a noun or adjective?

"Produced" is neither a noun nor an adjective; it's a verb.

Is Produced a collective noun?

No, "Produced" is not a collective noun.

Is Produced a countable noun?

No, "Produced" is not a noun. It's a verb.

Is Produced a negative or positive word?

"Produced" is a neutral word without inherent positive or negative connotations.

Is Produced an adverb?

No, "Produced" is not an adverb. It's a verb.

Is Produced an abstract noun?

No, "Produced" is not an abstract noun. It's a verb.

Is Produced a vowel or consonant?

"Produced" starts with a consonant, "P."

Is the Produced term a metaphor?

No, the term "Produced" is not a metaphor. It's a verb indicating the creation or manufacture of something.

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