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Second Sentences

Second refers to the position coming after the first in order, time, or importance. e.g., She finished the race in second place.

How to use Second in a sentence

Second Sentences

Wait a second; I forgot my keys!
She took a second slice of cake.
The second attempt was successful.
The second chapter of the book was thrilling.
The second part of the movie was better than the first.
She glanced at him for a second time.
She hesitated for just a second before answering.
The second floor of the building was quiet.
He arrived a second after her.
On second thought, let's go out to eat.
He was my second choice for the team captain.
The clock ticked every second, echoing in the room.
His second book was a bestseller.
The second act of the play was even more captivating.
They celebrated their second anniversary with a trip.
The second batch of cookies was perfect.
He was second in line for the concert tickets.
He was the second to arrive at the meeting.
The second half of the game was intense.
He gave the plan a second look before approving it.
The teacher asked for a second volunteer.
The second song on the album was her favorite.
For a second, she thought she had lost her phone.
The meeting was scheduled for the second week of March.
On the second day, the weather improved.
She always had a second plan in case the first one failed.
The second season of the show was highly anticipated.
She opted for the second dress after trying on several.
The second presentation of the day was the most interesting.
The second quarter of the year was more profitable.
The second question on the test was the hardest.
He carefully read the contract a second time.
The second serving was just as delicious as the first.
The second cup of coffee woke him up completely.
The second goal of the match was controversial.
She took a second look in the mirror before leaving.
He took a deep breath and dived in for the second time.
She found a second job to support her studies.
The second version of the app included new features.
The second wave of guests arrived shortly after.
He placed second in the local marathon.
He reconsidered his decision for the second time.
She needed a second opinion on her artwork.
The second floor had a better view of the city.
For a brief second, the room went completely silent.
The second group performed better than the first.
He made a second trip to the store for forgotten items.
She received a second chance to prove herself.
He edited the document a second time for errors.
The second part of the project was more challenging.

Second Definitions

An additional item of the same kind.
He asked for a second helping of dessert.
A short moment of time.
Wait a second, I'll be right with you.
The unit of time equal to 1/60th of a minute.
The stopwatch measures time to the nearest second.
Another opportunity or attempt.
She was grateful for a second chance to take the exam.
Immediately following the first in order.
He finished the race in second place, right after the winner.

Second Idioms & Phrases

Second to none

Unsurpassed, the best.
Her dedication to the project is second to none.

Second wind

Renewed energy or strength after feeling tired or defeated.
Just when I thought I was exhausted, I found my second wind.

At the second bite of the cherry

Another opportunity to achieve something.
The grant application process offers no second bite of the cherry.

Second guess

To doubt or criticize decisions and actions, often after the fact.
It's not helpful to second guess every choice I make.

Split second

A very brief moment of time.
I made the decision in a split second.

Second string

Backup or not the first choice.
He was disappointed to be named the second string quarterback.

Second fiddle

To be less important or in a subordinate position.
I'm tired of playing second fiddle to my colleague.

Second nature

Something that becomes automatic or easy through habit.
Driving to work is second nature to me now.

A second lease on life

A chance to live life anew after escaping death or overcoming a difficult situation.
After the surgery, he felt he had a second lease on life.

Wait a second

A request to pause briefly, often to think or for another to catch up.
Wait a second, I need to check the directions.

Second thoughts

Doubts about a decision that has already been made.
I'm having second thoughts about moving abroad.

In second gear

Not performing at one’s best; going easy.
Even in second gear, he outperformed the competition.

Second-hand information

Information that is not directly acquired from the source.
I only know what happened through second-hand information.

On second thought

Changing one's mind after reconsidering.
On second thought, let's take the other route.

Every second counts

Similar to "seconds count," emphasizing the importance of time.
In a timed exam, every second counts.

Give it a second go

To try something again.
I failed the first time, but I'm ready to give it a second go.

By a split second

Winning or losing by a very narrow margin.
She won the race by a split second.

The second time around

When something is done for the second time.
Marriage is better the second time around, he joked.

Seconds count

Every moment is critical, usually in an emergency.
In a rescue operation, seconds count.


Of inferior quality or not the best.
I won't settle for second-rate work from our team.

Common Curiosities

How is second used in a sentence?

After reconsidering, I decided to take the second route suggested.

How do we divide second into syllables?

Second is divided into syllables as sec-ond.

Why is it called second?

"Second" comes from the Latin "secundus," meaning "following" or "next in order," reflecting its role as the position immediately after the first.

What is a stressed syllable in second?

The stressed syllable in "second" is the first syllable, "sec."

What is the verb form of second?

"Second" can function as a verb, meaning to support or endorse another's proposal or suggestion.

What is the pronunciation of second?

Second is pronounced as /ˈsɛkənd/.

What is the first form of second?

The first form of "second" is "second," as in its use to describe order or as a unit of time.

What is the third form of second?

The third form (past participle) of "second" as a verb is also "seconded."

What is the singular form of second?

The singular form of "second" is "second."

How many syllables are in second?

There are two syllables in "second."

What is the opposite of second?

The opposite of "second" in order can be "first" or "last," depending on context.

Is second an adverb?

"Second" can serve as an adverb, as in "second best."

Is second an abstract noun?

"Second" as a unit of time is an abstract noun, but when referring to an object or position, it's more concrete.

What is the root word of second?

The root of "second" is the Latin "secundus," meaning "following" or "next in order."

What part of speech is second?

"Second" can be a noun, adjective, adverb, or verb depending on its use in a sentence.

What is another term for second?

Another term for "second" could be "moment" (as in time) or "runner-up" (in contests).

Is second a negative or positive word?

"Second" is neutral; its connotation depends on the context.

Is second a vowel or consonant?

The word "second" starts with a consonant.

Is the second term a metaphor?

"Second" can be used metaphorically, as in "second wind" for renewed energy.

Which vowel is used before second?

The use of a vowel before "second" depends on the article or adjective preceding it; there's no specific vowel associated.

What is the plural form of second?

The plural form is "seconds."

Is second a noun or adjective?

"Second" can be both a noun (e.g., a unit of time, position in order) and an adjective (e.g., second chance).

Is the word second Gerund?

"Seconding" can be considered a gerund when used as a verb.

Is the word “second” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

"Second" can be used as both a direct object and an indirect object depending on the sentence structure.

Which determiner is used with second?

Determiners such as "a," "the," "every," and "this" can be used with "second."

Is second a countable noun?

Yes, "second" is a countable noun when referring to the unit of time or position.

Is second a collective noun?

No, "second" is not a collective noun.

Is the word second is imperative?

"Second" can be used in the imperative mood when used as a verb, as in "I second the motion."

Which article is used with second?

Both the definite article "the" and the indefinite article "a" can be used with "second" depending on the context.

What is the second form of second?

As a verb, the second (past tense) form of "second" is "seconded."

Which preposition is used with second?

Prepositions like "in," "for," and "to" are commonly used with "second."

Which conjunction is used with second?

Conjunctions such as "and," "but," or "or" can be used with "second" in compound sentences.

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