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Impartial Sentences

Impartial means not favoring one side over another; unbiased. e.g., The judge was praised for her impartial handling of the controversial case.

How to use Impartial in a sentence

Impartial Sentences

It's important to be impartial when you are a referee.
Impartial advice is crucial when making big decisions.
The committee made an impartial decision.
As a journalist, her reporting is always impartial.
They sought an impartial opinion from an expert.
His impartial attitude earned him respect from both parties.
An impartial observer monitored the election process.
He strives to remain impartial during debates.
The mediator has to be impartial to be effective.
Being impartial helps in resolving conflicts.
She provided an impartial analysis of the situation.
It's rare to find an impartial review online.
The review was conducted by an impartial panel.
Impartial leadership can unite diverse teams.
Staying impartial can be tough in family matters.
An impartial jury is a cornerstone of the legal system.
It's challenging to stay impartial in heated arguments.
It's vital for the moderator to remain impartial.
The council prides itself on being impartial.
Impartial experts were called to evaluate the evidence.
An impartial witness testified at the trial.
The goal of the study is to gather impartial data.
She was selected for her impartial perspective.
He writes with an impartial tone.
Maintaining an impartial viewpoint is essential in his role.
The documentary aims to present an impartial view.
Impartial research is the foundation of good science.
They thanked him for his impartial advice.
An impartial algorithm was used to select participants.
Impartial feedback is very helpful for improvement.
The report is expected to be impartial and comprehensive.
Finding an impartial mediator can be challenging.
They called upon an impartial auditor for the financial review.
The book provides an impartial account of history.
His impartial approach to criticism is always appreciated.
Teachers must always try to be impartial.
To judge fairly, one must remain impartial.
The umpire’s impartial judgment kept the game fair.
Their impartial approach resolved the dispute.
Impartial advice often comes from outside the conflict.
The guidebook is written in an impartial style.
Being impartial is not the same as being indifferent.
The audience appreciated her impartial critique.
She listened to both sides with an impartial ear.
The committee operates in an impartial manner.
It is essential for judges to be impartial.
His impartial demeanor keeps discussions calm.
The supervisor was praised for her impartial handling of complaints.
An impartial assessment determined the project’s success.

Impartial Definitions

Free from favoritism or bias.
She's known for her impartial judgment.
Not influenced by personal feelings.
Impartial advice often comes from someone not involved.
Fair and just, without prejudice.
An impartial trial is vital for justice.
Objective, not supporting any side.
The news should always be impartial.
Treating all rivals or disputants equally.
The competition requires an impartial judge.

Impartial Idioms & Phrases

Impartial judgment

A decision made without bias.
The leader's impartial judgment helped resolve the conflict.

Impartial observer

Someone who watches or comments on an event without taking sides.
An impartial observer was hired to report on the election fairness.

Impartial advice

Guidance that is not influenced by personal feelings or affiliations.
It's best to seek impartial advice when making a significant decision.

Impartial analysis

An examination or study that does not favor any side.
The scientist provided an impartial analysis of the environmental impact.

Impartial panel

A group of judges or experts with no prejudices in the matter they are deciding.
An impartial panel will determine the winner of the contest.

Impartial approach

Handling a situation fairly, without bias.
The mediator used an impartial approach to address all complaints.

Impartial demeanor

A manner that is neutral and not influenced by personal feelings.
Her impartial demeanor during negotiations kept both parties calm.

Impartial witness

A witness who does not favor any party involved in a dispute.
The court relied on testimony from an impartial witness.

Impartial jury

A jury that is unbiased and fair.
An impartial jury is essential for a fair trial.

Impartial review

An evaluation or critique that is fair and not biased.
The committee conducted an impartial review of all applications.

Impartial assessment

An evaluation that is unbiased and based solely on the facts.
The impartial assessment confirmed the project's success.

Impartial stance

A position or opinion that is neutral and not biased towards any side.
The organization took an impartial stance in the debate.

Impartial criteria

Standards or rules that do not favor one side over another.
The awards are based on impartial criteria.

Impartial referee

A referee who does not favor any team or player.
An impartial referee is critical for a fair game.

Impartial tone

Speaking or writing in a way that does not show bias.
He responded to the criticism with an impartial tone.

Impartial leadership

Leading without favoring any group or individual.
His impartial leadership fostered a sense of unity within the team.

Impartial decision-making

Making choices based purely on the facts, without personal bias.
Impartial decision-making is crucial in corporate governance.

Impartial perspective

A viewpoint that is unbiased and balanced.
His book offers an impartial perspective on the political issues.

Impartial mediation

Facilitating a discussion or negotiation fairly, without favoring any side.
Impartial mediation helped them reach a satisfactory agreement.

Impartial reporting

Journalism that is unbiased and balanced.
Impartial reporting is essential for informed citizenship.

Common Curiosities

What is a stressed syllable in impartial?

The stressed syllable in impartial is the second one, "par."

How many syllables are in impartial?

Impartial has three syllables.

How do we divide impartial into syllables?

Impartial is divided into syllables like this: im-par-tial.

What is the pronunciation of impartial?

Impartial is pronounced as /ɪmˈpɑːrʃəl/.

Why is it called impartial?

Impartial is called so because it derives from the Latin 'in-' meaning "not" and 'partialis' meaning "of a part," referring to not being partial to any side.

What is the root word of impartial?

The root word of impartial is "partial," meaning a part or biased.

What part of speech is impartial?

Impartial is an adjective.

What is the singular form of impartial?

Impartial does not change form; it is used the same way in singular contexts.

How is impartial used in a sentence?

Impartial is used as an adjective to describe someone or something that does not favor one side over another.

What is the verb form of impartial?

Impartial does not have a verb form; it is only used as an adjective.

Is impartial a noun or adjective?

Impartial is an adjective.

What is the plural form of impartial?

Impartial does not have a plural form.

What is the opposite of impartial?

The opposite of impartial is biased or partial.

Is the impartial term a metaphor?

No, the term impartial is not used as a metaphor; it is a descriptive adjective.

What is another term for impartial?

Another term for impartial is unbiased.

Is impartial an adverb?

No, impartial is not an adverb.

Is impartial an abstract noun?

No, impartial is not a noun; it is an adjective.

Is the word impartial imperative?

No, impartial cannot be imperative as it is an adjective, not a verb.

Is the word “impartial” a direct object or an indirect object?

Impartial cannot be a direct or indirect object as it is an adjective.

Which determiner is used with impartial?

Determiners like "an" or "the" can be used with impartial, depending on the context.

Which vowel is used before impartial?

Typically, "an" is used before impartial because it starts with a vowel sound.

Which article is used with impartial?

The indefinite article "an" is used with impartial.

Is impartial a negative or positive word?

Impartial is typically a positive word as it conveys fairness and lack of bias.

Is impartial a vowel or consonant?

Impartial starts with a vowel sound.

Is impartial a countable noun?

Impartial is not a noun; it is an adjective and thus not countable.

Is the word impartial a gerund?

No, impartial is not a gerund; it is an adjective.

Which preposition is used with impartial?

Prepositions like "towards" or "in" can be used with impartial, e.g., impartial towards all parties.

Which conjunction is used with impartial?

Conjunctions like "and" or "but" can be used when connecting phrases involving the adjective impartial.

Is impartial a collective noun?

No, impartial is not a noun and therefore cannot be a collective noun.

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