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Level Sentences

Level refers to a relative position or degree of advancement in a sequence or scale. e.g., The game has multiple difficulty levels.

How to use Level in a sentence

Level Sentences

Keep the shelf level to avoid accidents.
The noise level in the room was too high.
Check the oil level before starting the engine.
She reached a new level in her career.
He has a high level of expertise in mathematics.
The teacher adjusts the lesson to suit the student's level.
The ground must be level for the tent.
The water reached a dangerous level in the river.
You must maintain a certain level of cleanliness.
The battery level is critically low.
The sea level is rising due to global warming.
His level of enthusiasm has decreased lately.
Measure the level of sugar in your diet.
He filled the glass to the level of the brim.
The local level government has its own responsibilities.
They live on the top level of the building.
The level of detail in the painting is amazing.
The class is designed for beginners and intermediate level students.
Her level of commitment is unmatched.
The sauce needs a certain level of spice.
Adjust the volume to a comfortable level.
The level of difficulty varies from person to person.
Adjust the tripod to be level before taking a photo.
The river's water level fluctuates seasonally.
Monitor the pressure level within the tank.
The level of risk is considered moderate.
His honesty is on a whole other level.
They need to bring their work to a higher level.
Adjust your chair to the proper level for comfort.
The thermostat controls the level of heat in the house.
They are working to level the playing field in sports.
His confidence has reached a new level.
The quiz assesses your level of understanding.
The level of secrecy about the project was high.
Keep a level head in stressful situations.
You need to level up your skills to advance.
Check the level of coolant in your car regularly.
He strives to maintain a high level of fitness.
Her energy level seems low today.
The level of precision in this work is impressive.
The discussion elevated to a higher intellectual level.
They are on the same level in the organizational chart.
The teacher's expectations are at a reasonable level.
The floor is level, which prevents tripping.
The level of participation in the event was high.
Check the level of chlorine in the swimming pool.
The level of detail in his explanation was helpful.

Level Definitions

To make flat or even.
They plan to level the old building to make space for a park.
Having no part higher than another; flat.
The table needs to be level to play cards properly.
A device used for establishing horizontal planes.
Use a level to ensure the picture hangs straight.
Unchanging and steady.
His voice remained level even in a heated argument.
A specific stage or degree in a graded scale.
She has reached an advanced level in her piano lessons.

Level Idioms & Phrases

Take it to the next level

To improve or advance something to a higher standard.
He's ready to take his skills to the next level.


Calm and able to think clearly.
In emergencies, it's crucial to remain level-headed.

Level playing field

A situation where everyone has the same opportunities.
The new regulations ensure a level playing field for all companies.

Level with someone

To be honest with someone.
I need to level with you about the challenges we're facing.

Sea level

The average level of the sea's surface.
The city is just 5 meters above sea level.

Level best

One's utmost effort or attempt.
He did his level best to finish on time.

On the level

Honest or truthful.
You can trust her; she's always on the level.

New level

An improved or more advanced stage.
The new software brings our productivity to a new level.


At the surface of the ground; not elevated.
The apartment has a nice ground-level terrace.


Of the highest level, often in an organization.
She held a top-level meeting with executives.


Not very important or on a small scale.
She handles only low-level tasks at work.


Very important or on a large scale.
The high-level talks will determine the future of the treaty.

Level off

To stabilize after rising or falling.
After a sharp increase, sales levels have leveled off.


A place where a road crosses railway tracks at the same level.
The car stopped suddenly at the level-crossing.

Bring to the level

To reduce something to a lower or simpler state.
The demolition team will bring the old factory to the level by next week.


Suitable for beginners or newcomers.
The job is considered entry-level, requiring no prior experience.

Level out

To move towards a steady state after fluctuation.
His grades have leveled out after a shaky start to the year.

Common Curiosities

Why is it called level?

Level comes from the Old French 'nivel,' from Latin 'libella' meaning 'balance, level.'

How is level used in a sentence?

Level is commonly used to describe a flat or even surface, or to denote a stage in a progression.

How many syllables are in level?

Level has two syllables.

What is the verb form of level?

The verb form of level is 'level,' used to describe making a surface flat or even.

What is the second form of level?

The second form of level is also 'level' (same as the base form).

What is the third form of level?

The third form of level is 'leveled' or 'levelled' (past and past participle forms).

What is the pronunciation of level?

Level is pronounced as /ˈlɛv.əl/.

What is another term for level?

Another term for level is 'plane' or 'stage.'

What is a stressed syllable in level?

The first syllable is stressed in the word level.

How do we divide level into syllables?

Level is divided into syllables as lev-el.

What is the root word of level?

The root word of level is 'libella' from Latin, meaning a balance or level.

What part of speech is level?

Level can be a noun, verb, or adjective depending on its use in a sentence.

What is the first form of level?

The first form of level is 'level' (as in the base form).

Is level a noun or adjective?

Level can be both a noun and an adjective.

Is level a collective noun?

No, level is not a collective noun.

Is the word “level” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

Level can be a direct object in sentences where it is the thing being acted upon, e.g., "Check the level."

Which determiner is used with level?

Determiners like 'the', 'a', 'each', or 'every' can be used with level, e.g., "Adjust the level."

What is the plural form of level?

The plural form of level is 'levels.'

Is level an abstract noun?

Level can be an abstract noun when referring to a degree or stage of progression.

Is level a negative or positive word?

Level is neutral; it is neither inherently negative nor positive.

Which vowel is used before level?

Typically, 'a' or 'the' is used before level depending on the context.

Is the level term a metaphor?

Yes, level can be used metaphorically to describe equality or balance in abstract contexts.

Is the word level imperative?

Level can be imperative when used as a command in its verb form, e.g., "Level the surface."

What is the opposite of level?

The opposite of level can be 'uneven,' 'unequal,' or 'inclined,' depending on the context.

Is level an adverb?

No, level is not an adverb.

Is the word level Gerund?

Yes, leveling can be a gerund when used as a noun, e.g., "Leveling the ground takes time."

Which preposition is used with level?

Common prepositions used with level are 'at', 'to', and 'on', e.g., "At the same level."

Which conjunction is used with level?

Conjunctions like 'and' or 'but' can connect clauses involving level, e.g., "High and low levels."

What is the singular form of level?

The singular form of level is 'level.'

Is level a vowel or consonant?

Level starts with a consonant.

Is level a countable noun?

Yes, level is a countable noun when referring to stages or degrees.

Which article is used with level?

Both 'the' and 'a' can be used with level depending on the context, e.g., "The level of detail."

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