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Politician Sentences

A "politician" is an individual involved in influencing public policy and decision-making, often holding or seeking a role in government. e.g., As a diligent politician, she focused on addressing the issues that mattered most to her constituents.

How to use Politician in a sentence

Politician Sentences

He's a politician who believes in the power of education.
As a politician, he aimed to inspire younger generations.
The Politician was known for his firm stand against corruption.
The Politician was elected based on his commitment to health care reform.
She's a politician who advocates for affordable housing.
Her dream was to become a politician and change the world.
Despite many obstacles, he remained a committed politician.
The Politician faced backlash for his controversial statements.
The Politician's proposed tax reforms sparked heated debates.
She's a politician dedicated to promoting equality in education.
The Politician made promises that he failed to keep.
As a politician, he faced constant scrutiny from the media.
As a local politician, she worked hard to support small businesses.
The Politician led the campaign for better healthcare facilities.
He became a politician because he wanted to serve the people.
The Politician made it his mission to fight climate change.
The Politician proposed a new law to protect wildlife.
He's not just a businessman, he's also a successful politician.
She's a politician known for her strong stand on human rights.
The Politician was committed to maintaining peace and stability.
He decided to become a politician to impact his community positively.
She's a politician who cares about environmental issues.
As a young politician, he was full of optimism and ideas.
The Politician tried to balance the interests of different groups.
My uncle is a politician who serves on the local council.
As a politician, she often had to make difficult decisions.
The Politician wrote an article discussing his views on foreign policy.
The Politician was known for his eloquent and persuasive speeches.
She was a successful lawyer before she became a politician.
He's a politician with strong beliefs about social justice.
As a politician, she was always mindful of her responsibilities to the public.
Despite his age, he was a respected and experienced politician.
The Politician had to defend his position during the heated debate.
He's a politician who stands up for the rights of older people.
The Politician faced criticism for his handling of the economic crisis.
She's a politician with a focus on improving public transportation.
He became a politician to fight against poverty and inequality.
The Politician struggled to win support for his controversial bill.
She's a politician who emphasizes the importance of community involvement.
As a dedicated politician, he never missed a day at the office.
The Politician made a speech about improving the school system.
The Politician spent the day meeting with voters to understand their concerns.
The Politician worked tirelessly to change the law.
He's a politician with a reputation for honesty.
He's a politician who isn't afraid to voice unpopular opinions.
The Politician's campaign focused on the needs of the working class.
She's a politician who has dedicated her life to public service.
Despite being a young politician, he implemented several significant changes.
The Politician was praised for his speech on social equality.
His career as a politician began at a young age.

Politician Definitions

Policy Maker: Politician refers to someone who influences public policies and decisions.
The politician introduced a new healthcare bill.
Public Office: A politician is a person engaged in politics, often holding an elected position.
The politician was campaigning for reelection.
Public Speaker: Politician can mean a person skilled in public speaking and persuasion.
The politician delivered a compelling speech.
Negotiator: Politician refers to a person skilled in negotiation and compromise.
The politician brokered a peace deal between the parties.
Party Member: Politician can refer to a member of a political party.
She is a politician from the Democratic Party.
Advocate: Politician can mean someone who champions social or political causes.
The politician advocated for environmental conservation.

Politician Idioms & Phrases

Seasoned Politician

A politician with much experience and knowledge in his field.
The seasoned Politician knew how to navigate the complexities of political life.

Young-blood Politician

A young or relatively inexperienced Politician.
The young-blood Politician brought fresh ideas to the table.

Down-to-earth Politician

A politician who is practical, realistic, and direct.
The down-to-earth Politician was loved for his practical solutions.

Backdoor Politician

A politician who prefers secretive or unscrupulous methods.
The backdoor Politician was known for his shady dealings.

Wannabe politician

Someone who aspires to be a politician.
From an early age, he was a wannabe politician, always participating in student council.

Weathered Politician

A politician who has experienced many political battles.
The weathered Politician had seen it all, from victories to failures.

Straight-talking Politician

A politician who speaks plainly and honestly.
The public appreciated the straight-talking Politician's transparency.

Visionary Politician

A politician with clear ideas about what should happen in the future.
The visionary Politician had big plans for the city's future.

Right-wing Politician

A politician who supports traditional or conservative views.
The right-wing Politician was an advocate of free market capitalism.

Hotshot Politician

A politician who is skillful and successful.
He quickly became a hotshot politician, rising through the ranks with ease.

Populist Politician

A politician who appeals to the interests and conceptions of the general population.
The masses admired the populist Politician for his inclusive policies.

Skilled Politician

A politician who is highly experienced and proficient in politics.
He was a skilled politician who navigated even the most complex political landscapes.

Outspoken Politician

A politician who speaks his mind without reservation.
He was known as an outspoken politician, always standing by his principles.

Left-wing Politician

A politician who supports social equality and egalitarianism.
The left-wing Politician worked hard to implement social welfare policies.

Green Politician

A politician who advocates for environmental policies.
As a green politician, she was passionate about conserving our natural resources.

Maverick Politician

A politician who thinks and acts independently.
The maverick Politician was known for breaking party lines.

Career politician

Someone who makes politics their lifelong profession.
He aspired to be a career politician and dedicated his life to public service.

Dirty Politician

A dishonest or corrupt politician.
The public was fed up with the dirty Politician's deceitful practices.

Born Politician

Someone naturally skilled in politics.
He has always been a born politician, even during his school days.

Unconventional Politician

A politician who does things in a non-traditional manner.
The unconventional Politician was known for his creative policy solutions.

Common Curiosities

How many syllables are in Politician?

There are four syllables in "politician." pol-i-ti-cian

What is the verb form of Politician?

There isn't a direct verb form of "politician," but related actions could be "politicize" or "govern."

Is Politician a noun or adjective?

A "politician" is a noun.

Which vowel is used before Politician?

In English, the indefinite article "a" is used before "politician."

What is the opposite of a Politician?

The opposite of a politician could be a "non-politician" or "apolitical person."

Is Politician an abstract noun?

No, Politician is not an abstract noun. It is a concrete noun as it refers to a person who can be perceived through the senses.

What is the root word of Politician?

The root word of a politician is "politic," which comes from the Latin "politics" and the Greek "politics," meaning "of citizens or the state."

Is a Politician a vowel or consonant?

"Politician" is a noun composed of both vowels and consonants.

What is another term for Politician?

Another term for a politician is "lawmaker."

Why is it called Politician?

It is called a politician because it comes from the Greek word ", politics" meaning citizen, and ", politics," meaning of, for, or relating to citizens.

What is the pronunciation of Politician?

A politician is pronounced as /ˌpɒlɪˈtɪʃən/.

Is Politician a collective noun?

No, "politician" is not a collective noun.

What part of speech is Politician?

A politician is a noun.

Is Politician an adverb?

No, the Politician is not an adverb.

Which determiner is used with Politician?

The determiners "a," "an," or "the" can be used with "politician," depending on the context.

Is Politician a countable noun?

Yes, "politician" is a countable noun.

Is Politician a negative or positive word?

The word "politician" is neutral. It can have a positive or negative connotation depending on the context.

Is the Politician's term a metaphor?

No, "politician" is not a metaphor. It is a literal term referring to a person involved in politics.

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