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Patient Sentences

A patient is a person receiving medical treatment or care. e.g., The doctor checked the patient's vital signs.

How to use Patient in a sentence

Patient Sentences

The patient discussed his symptoms with the doctor.
She was patient with her younger brother.
The patient is waiting in room three.
The nurse asked the patient to lie down.
The patient thanked the nurse for her help.
I need to be more patient when teaching.
Being patient will help you in many situations.
The patient was released from the hospital yesterday.
It's hard to be patient when you're excited.
The doctor reviewed the patient's test results.
The teacher was patient with the struggling student.
The doctor assured the patient he would be okay.
The patient was referred to a specialist.
Being patient is a virtue.
My mom taught me to be patient.
Please be patient while the system loads.
The patient shared his health concerns.
The nurse comforted the anxious patient.
Waiting in line requires a lot of patient endurance.
It's not easy being patient all the time.
We need to be patient while they fix the problem.
I admire your patient attitude.
She's patient, even when under pressure.
Learning a new skill requires you to be patient.
The patient has an appointment next week.
The patient was in good spirits today.
The doctor gave the patient some medicine.
The patient needed surgery immediately.
He is always patient with his pets.
She is patient, even in the most trying times.
Practice makes perfect, so be patient.
The doctor listened to the patient's heart.
The patient's family was waiting outside.
The doctor advised the patient to rest.
The patient's condition is improving.
The patient was worried about the surgery.
You should be more patient with yourself.
I'm learning to be more patient every day.
You must be patient when baking bread.
The doctor asked the patient to breathe deeply.
The patient's recovery was remarkable.
The patient was given a clean bill of health.
We need to be patient with the process.
Her patient demeanor is admirable.
You must be patient to see results.
The young boy was surprisingly patient.
The patient was transferred to another department.
I'm trying to be patient, but it's hard.
The patient needs to stay overnight for observation.
The doctor updated the patient on the procedure.

Patient Definitions

A patient is an individual who seeks advice or consultation.
The therapist's patient talked about his fears.
Someone who is patient shows calm endurance through pain or suffering.
He was patient during the long wait.
A patient can refer to a person residing in a hospital or medical facility.
The patient in room 204 needs assistance.
A patient is a person under medical care or treatment.
The patient was admitted last night.
Being patient means having the ability to wait without annoyance or agitation.
She was patient even when the train was late.
Being patient signifies showing self-restraint and not being hasty.
He remained patient, not making a decision too quickly.

Patient Idioms & Phrases

The patient hand writes no mistakes

Those who take their time and are patient tend to make fewer errors.
Even though it took her longer to finish, her work was flawless. Truly, the patient hand writes no mistakes.

Losing one's patient thread

Beginning to become impatient or lose one's temper.
After waiting for hours, he started to lose his patient thread.

Patient ears hear all

Being patient and listening carefully allows one to understand and learn more.
By just sitting quietly and observing, she learned their plans. Patient ears hear all.

As patient as a monk

Extremely patient and calm, even in trying situations.
Even with all the kids yelling and running around, Mary remained as patient as a monk.

With a patient mind, nothing is impossible

By being patient and persistent, one can achieve anything.
He managed to master the difficult task with a patient mind.

A patient heart knows no sorrow

Those who are patient endure fewer troubles and heartaches.
Despite the challenges, he remained content. A patient heart knows no sorrow.

Common Curiosities

What is the pronunciation of Patient?

Patient is pronounced as /ˈpeɪʃənt/.

Which vowel is used before Patient?

The vowel "a" is used in the word "Patient."

What is the verb form of Patient?

There isn't a direct verb form for "patient." However, "to be patient" or "to wait patiently" conveys the action associated with it.

What part of speech is Patient?

"Patient" can be both a noun and an adjective.

What is another term for Patient?

Another term for a "Patient" (noun) is "inmate" (in a hospital context) or "sufferer." As an adjective, "forbearing" or "tolerant."

What is the root word of Patient?

The root word of "Patient" is derived from the Latin "patientia" meaning "endurance" or "suffering."

How many syllables are in Patient?

"Patient" has two syllables.

What is the opposite of Patient?

The opposite of "patient" (adjective) is "impatient."

Why is it called Patient?

The term "patient" is derived from the Latin "patiens" meaning "suffering" or "enduring," referencing someone undergoing treatment or showing endurance.

Which preposition is used with Patient?

Prepositions like "of," "with," "for," and "in" can be used with "Patient."

Which article is used with Patient?

Both definite ("the") and indefinite ("a" or "an") articles can be used with "Patient."

Is Patient an adverb?

No, "Patient" is not an adverb.

Is Patient a negative or positive word?

"Patient" is generally a neutral word, but can have a positive connotation when referring to a quality of character.

What is the singular form of Patient?

The singular form is "Patient."

What is the plural form of Patient?

The plural form is "Patients."

Is Patient a countable noun?

Yes, "Patient" is a countable noun. For example, "There were three patients in the room."

Is the Patient term a metaphor?

"Patient" itself is not a metaphor, but can be used metaphorically, as in "She was a patient rock amidst the chaos."

Is the word Patient imperative?

No, "Patient" is not imperative.

How do we divide Patient into syllables?

"Patient" is divided as Pa-tient.

Which determiner is used with Patient?

Determiners like "the," "a," "an," or "this" can be used with "Patient."

How is Patient used in a sentence?

As an adjective: "She was patient while waiting for her turn." As a noun: "The patient was admitted to the hospital."

Is Patient a noun or adjective?

"Patient" can be both a noun and an adjective.

Is Patient a vowel or consonant?

"Patient" is a word that starts with a consonant.

Is the word Patient a gerund?

No, "Patient" is not a gerund.

What is a stressed syllable in Patient?

The first syllable "Pa-" is stressed in "Patient."

Which conjunction is used with Patient?

Any conjunction, like "and," "but," or "or," can be used with "Patient" based on the sentence structure.

Is Patient an abstract noun?

"Patient" as a noun (referring to a person receiving medical care) is not abstract. However, the adjective form, indicating a quality of endurance, could be considered abstract.

Is Patient a collective noun?

No, "Patient" is not a collective noun.

Is the word “Patient” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

"Patient" can be used as a direct object, as in "The doctor saw the patient." It's less common as an indirect object, but possible in certain structures.

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