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Sagacious Sentences

Sagacious describes someone who has keen mental discernment and shows good judgment. e.g., The sagacious leader made decisions that benefited the entire community.

How to use Sagacious in a sentence

Sagacious Sentences

Her sagacious insights helped the team avoid potential pitfalls.
He was known for his sagacious advice on financial matters.
He wrote a sagacious analysis of the current economic conditions.
The sagacious investor knew exactly when to buy and sell stocks.
It was a sagacious move to consult experts before proceeding.
They followed her because she was sagacious and trustworthy.
His sagacious remarks during meetings often preempted lengthy discussions.
The sagacious judge was respected for her fair rulings.
The sagacious old owl became a symbol of wisdom.
The company's sagacious strategy led to its market dominance.
She made a sagacious choice to save money for future needs.
The sagacious leader's policies helped improve the city.
The sagacious counsel prevented the firm from making a costly mistake.
The sagacious diplomat resolved the conflict with ease.
A sagacious teacher can make a huge difference in students' lives.
They credited their success to the sagacious guidance of their mentor.
His sagacious nature made him a favorite among his peers.
She displayed a sagacious understanding of international law.
A sagacious reader can glean much from a complex text.
The sagacious decision to invest in renewable energy paid off.
A sagacious person often thinks ahead of others.
The sagacious planning of the event ensured its success.
The sagacious politician avoided the traps set by his opponents.
She had a sagacious approach to solving complex problems.
The sagacious student excelled in all her subjects.
A sagacious investor is mindful of market trends.
The sagacious chief tactfully navigated through corporate politics.
His sagacious words often echoed in the halls long after he spoke.
She handled the negotiations in a sagacious manner.
The sagacious article provided readers with insightful analysis.
His sagacious leadership style was admired by many.
A sagacious approach to personal finance is essential for long-term success.
Her sagacious predictions about technology trends were always accurate.
Her sagacious decision-making process was studied in business schools.
The sagacious handling of the emergency prevented further chaos.
He was a sagacious negotiator who always got the best deals.
His sagacious demeanor belied his youthful age.
The novel's protagonist was a sagacious and cunning strategist.
He offered a sagacious critique that was hard to dispute.
A sagacious manager knows how to motivate their team effectively.
The sagacious approach to the crisis averted disaster.
Her sagacious use of resources saved the company thousands.
He was sagacious enough to recognize the scam quickly.
The sagacious coach led the team to many victories.
He made a sagacious choice in pursuing a career in renewable energy.
The sagacious editing of the film contributed to its success.
A sagacious ruler prioritizes the welfare of their people.
The sagacious professor was revered by both colleagues and students.
She was considered sagacious in her environmental advocacy.
His sagacious advice on career development was highly sought after.

Sagacious Definitions

Showing keen mental discernment and good judgment.
The sagacious choice of words in the debate left his opponents speechless.
Having or showing acute mental discernment and practical sense.
Her sagacious handling of the budget crisis saved the company.
Capable of making good decisions based on insight and knowledge.
He was sagacious in selecting the right time to launch the product.
Possessing foresight and sound judgment in practical matters.
The sagacious investor avoided trends and focused on long-term gains.
Wise, shrewd, and perceptive, especially in practical affairs.
The sagacious businessman knew exactly when to expand his company.

Sagacious Idioms & Phrases

Sagacious insight

Profound and perceptive understanding or knowledge.
Her sagacious insight into customer behavior helped tailor effective marketing strategies.

Sagacious leader

A leader who demonstrates wisdom and keen judgment.
The company thrived under the guidance of a sagacious leader.

Sagacious decision

A decision made with great wisdom and understanding.
Choosing to diversify his investments was a sagacious decision.

Sagacious judgment

The ability to make wise decisions.
His sagacious judgment during crises earned him respect.

Sagacious move

An action taken with wisdom and foresight.
It was a sagacious move to secure patents early in the development process.

Sagacious analysis

A keen and wise evaluation of information.
The consultant provided a sagacious analysis of the financial data.

Sagacious mind

A mind characterized by wise decisions and insights.
His sagacious mind was crucial in navigating the complex legal landscape.

Sagacious management

Wise and effective administration or supervision.
The project succeeded due to sagacious management.

Sagacious advice

Wise and insightful guidance.
The mentor's sagacious advice often led young entrepreneurs to success.

Sagacious foresight

The ability to predict what will happen or be needed in the future with wisdom.
His sagacious foresight had prepared the company for the economic downturn.

Sagacious words

Words that are wise and show deep understanding.
The speaker's sagacious words resonated with the audience.

Sagacious understanding

A deep and wise comprehension of complex issues.
She displayed a sagacious understanding of the legal arguments.

Sagacious strategy

A plan of action developed through shrewd and wise insight.
Their sagacious strategy in the market competition allowed them to excel.

Sagacious leadership

Leadership characterized by foresight and discernment.
Under her sagacious leadership, the nonprofit expanded its impact.

Sagacious perspective

A viewpoint informed by wise understanding and judgment.
His sagacious perspective on political affairs made him a respected analyst.

Sagacious governance

Wise and prudent management, especially in politics or business.
The city benefited from years of sagacious governance.

Sagacious investment

A wise and well-thought-out financial commitment.
His sagacious investment in tech startups yielded high returns.

Sagacious choice

A choice made with profound wisdom and good judgment.
Opting to continue his education was a sagacious choice.

Sagacious approach

Handling a situation with wisdom and prudence.
Her sagacious approach to conflict resolution prevented further issues.

Sagacious planning

Careful and wise preparation for future needs.
Sagacious planning made the event a success.

Common Curiosities

How many syllables are in sagacious?

There are three syllables in sagacious.

How do we divide sagacious into syllables?

Sagacious is divided into syllables as follows: sa-ga-cious.

Why is it called sagacious?

Sagacious comes from the Latin "sagax," meaning "wise," which reflects the quality of keen discernment and sound judgment associated with sagacity.

How is sagacious used in a sentence?

Sagacious is used to describe someone's wise and insightful decision-making, e.g., Her sagacious approach to investment has yielded great benefits.

What is the verb form of sagacious?

There is no verb form of sagacious; it is an adjective.

What is the singular form of sagacious?

The singular form of sagacious is "sagacious."

What is a stressed syllable in sagacious?

The stressed syllable in sagacious is the second syllable, "ga."

What is another term for sagacious?

Another term for sagacious is "wise."

What is the pronunciation of sagacious?

Sagacious is pronounced as /səˈgeɪʃəs/.

What is the root word of sagacious?

The root word of sagacious is the Latin "sagax," which means "wise" or "keen."

Is sagacious a noun or adjective?

Sagacious is an adjective.

Is sagacious an adverb?

No, sagacious is not an adverb.

Is sagacious a vowel or consonant?

The word "sagacious" starts with a consonant.

Which vowel is used before sagacious?

Typically, the indefinite article "a" is used before sagacious because it starts with a consonant sound.

What is the opposite of sagacious?

The opposite of sagacious is "foolish" or "unwise."

Is sagacious an abstract noun?

No, sagacious is not a noun; it is an adjective.

Is sagacious a negative or positive word?

Sagacious is a positive word; it connotes wisdom and good judgment.

Is the sagacious term a metaphor?

Sagacious can be used metaphorically to emphasize the depth of wisdom or insight.

Is the word sagacious imperative?

No, sagacious is not an imperative form; it is an adjective.

Which determiner is used with sagacious?

Determiners such as "a" or "the" can be used with sagacious, depending on the context.

Which conjunction is used with sagacious?

Conjunctions like "and" or "but" can be used with sagacious, depending on the context of the sentence.

What is the plural form of sagacious?

The plural form of sagacious does not apply as "sagacious" is an adjective and does not change in plural contexts.

Is sagacious a countable noun?

Sagacious is not a noun; it is an adjective and does not have a countable form.

Is sagacious a collective noun?

No, sagacious is not a collective noun; it is an adjective.

Is the word “sagacious” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

Sagacious cannot be a direct or indirect object as it is an adjective.

Which preposition is used with sagacious?

Common prepositions used with sagacious include "in" and "with," as in "sagacious in his judgments" or "sagacious with his words."

What part of speech is sagacious?

Sagacious is an adjective.

Is the word sagacious Gerund?

No, sagacious is not a gerund; it is an adjective.

Which article is used with sagacious?

The definite article "the" or the indefinite article "a" can be used with sagacious, depending on the context and usage.

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