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Even More Sentences

"Even more" emphasizes a greater extent or degree. e.g., The project became even more challenging.
Even More

How to use Even More in a sentence

Even More Sentences

She was tired yesterday, but today she's even more exhausted.
He found the second book even more interesting than the first.
I was surprised by the test, but even more by the results.
The view from the top was even more breathtaking.
The music made the scene even more emotional.
I like ice cream, but I love chocolate even more.
The final exam was even more difficult than I expected.
The movie's sequel was even more exciting.
The mystery deepened even more as the story unfolded.
The storm grew even more intense at night.
Her second song was even more popular than her first.
The crowd cheered even more loudly when the team scored again.
The dessert tasted even more delicious with the added toppings.
Their latest design is even more innovative.
It was hot yesterday, but today it feels even more so.
She looks even more beautiful in that dress.
The forest seemed even more magical in the moonlight.
His skills became even more evident in the finals.
He became even more determined after facing the challenges.
I appreciate it even more now that I understand the effort behind it.
The plot becomes even more intriguing in the last chapters.
The trip was fun, but the company made it even more special.
The importance of the discovery was even more significant than anticipated.
The newer model has even more features.
The garden is even more colorful in spring.
The advanced course is even more challenging.
He played even more energetically in the second match.
The museum's main exhibit is even more remarkable.
The newer version is even more user-friendly.
The debate became even more heated after his statement.
The story becomes even more touching towards the end.
The party became even more lively with the music.
He worked even more diligently to meet the deadline.
The second performance was even more captivating.
The night sky looks even more magnificent away from the city lights.
The journey made the destination feel even more rewarding.
The second half of the game was even more thrilling.
The sequel had even more action scenes.
She dances even more gracefully than her teacher.
The painting looks even more impressive in person.
The mountain looks even more majestic during sunrise.
The city becomes even more vibrant during the festival.
The second season was even more unpredictable.
I respect him even more after hearing his story.
The sale made the prices even more affordable.
I liked the first course, but I loved the second one even more.
She sang even more passionately in the encore.
The beach is even more peaceful at dawn.
The newer software updates offer even more tools.
The novel's climax is even more dramatic than its beginning.

Even More Definitions

"Even more" emphasizes an increase in degree or amount.
His success made him even more determined.
"Even more" signifies a comparison highlighting a greater extent.
The second movie was even more entertaining.
"Even more" underscores a progression or enhancement.
With each lesson, he became even more skilled.
"Even more" stresses the added intensity or emphasis on something.
The news made the situation even more urgent.
"Even more" indicates a stronger affirmation of a previous statement.
The cake is sweet, but the icing is even more so.
"Even more" accentuates an unexpected increase or surplus.
The concert was loud, but the cheers were even more so.

Even More Idioms & Phrases

Push even more buttons

To irritate someone to a greater extent.
His remarks pushed even more buttons during the meeting.

Even more so

To a greater degree than before.
He's always been talented, but now, even more so.

Even more in the limelight

Receiving increased attention or focus.
After her award win, she was even more in the limelight.

Add even more fuel to the fire

To exacerbate an already difficult situation.
His comments added even more fuel to the fire.

Make something shine even more

Enhance or emphasize the quality of something.
The fresh paint made the room shine even more.

Throw even more shade

To criticize or express contempt to a greater degree.
The rival teams continued to throw even more shade before the match.

Turn the heat up even more

Increase the intensity or pressure.
The new evidence turned the heat up even more on the suspect.

Tighten the screws even more

Increase the pressure or constraints on someone.
The new regulations tightened the screws even more on businesses.

Dig even more deeply

To explore something more thoroughly.
The detective decided to dig even more deeply into the case.

Raise the stakes even more

Increase the risk or value of a situation.
The final round of the game raised the stakes even more.

Even more than meets the eye

There's more to something than what's immediately obvious.
The artwork is intricate and has even more than meets the eye.

Pour even more salt on the wound

To make someone's pain or humiliation worse.
The negative reviews poured even more salt on the wound.

Hit even more close to home

Affect someone more personally or deeply.
The news about the layoffs hit even more close to home for him.

Put someone even more on the spot

To place someone in a more challenging or awkward position.
The unexpected question put her even more on the spot.

Turn the volume up even more

Increase the loudness or intensity of something.
The band decided to turn the volume up even more for their final song.

Even more at stake

More to be gained or lost in a situation.
With the championship on the line, there was even more at stake.

Even more in the red

Having increased debt or financial loss.
After the failed venture, the company was even more in the red.

Cast an even more critical eye

To examine or judge something more strictly.
The teacher decided to cast an even more critical eye on the essays.

Push the envelope even more

To go beyond the usual or accepted limits even further.
The artist decided to push the envelope even more with her new exhibit.

Even more up in the air

A situation that is even more uncertain or unsettled.
With the new changes, plans were even more up in the air.

Common Curiosities

What is the verb form of even more?

There isn't a verb form of "even more" as it is an adverbial phrase.

What is the pronunciation of even more?

"Even more" is pronounced as /ˈiː.vən mɔːr/.

Why is it called even more?

It's called "even more" to emphasize a greater extent or degree in comparison to a previously stated amount or level.

What part of speech is even more?

"Even more" is an adverbial phrase.

What is another term for even more?

Another term for "even more" is "furthermore" or "additionally."

What is the root word of even more?

The root words are "even" and "more."

Which vowel is used before even more?

The context determines the vowel used before "even more." It could be any vowel, depending on the preceding word.

What is the opposite of even more?

The opposite of "even more" is "even less."

Which determiner is used with even more?

Determiners like "the," "this," "that," "my," "his," "her," etc., can be used before nouns modified by "even more," depending on context.

How is even more used in a sentence?

"Even more" is used to emphasize a greater degree or extent, as in, "The task was even more challenging than we thought."

What is the singular form of even more?

"Even more" doesn't have a singular or plural form; it remains the same.

How many syllables are in even more?

There are three syllables in "even more."

What is a stressed syllable in even more?

The stressed syllables are "ev-" in "even" and "more."

Which conjunction is used with even more?

"Even more" doesn't have a specific conjunction associated with it. It depends on the context of the sentence.

Is the even more term a metaphor?

No, "even more" is not a metaphor.

How do we divide even more into syllables?

"Even more" is divided as e-ven / more.

Which article is used with even more?

Articles "a," "an," or "the" might precede nouns or adjectives modified by "even more."

Is even more an abstract noun?

No, "even more" is not an abstract noun.

Which preposition is used with even more?

Various prepositions can be used with "even more" based on context, like "than," "of," "in," etc.

Is even more an adverb?

Yes, "even more" is an adverbial phrase.

Is even more a vowel or consonant?

"Even more" is a phrase and not a single letter, so it can't be categorized as a vowel or consonant.

Is the word even more is Gerund?

No, "even more" is not a gerund.

Is even more a countable noun?

No, "even more" is not a countable noun.

Is even more a collective noun?

No, "even more" is not a collective noun.

Is the word even more is imperative?

No, "even more" is not imperative.

Is the word “even more” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

"Even more" is neither a direct nor an indirect object; it's an adverbial phrase.

What is the plural form of even more?

"Even more" doesn't have a singular or plural form; it remains the same.

Is even more a noun or adjective?

"Even more" is an adverbial phrase.

Is even more a negative or positive word?

"Even more" is neutral, but the sentiment it conveys depends on context.

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