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Export Sentences

Export refers to send goods or services to another country for sale. e.g., They export coffee beans to Europe.

How to use Export in a sentence

Export Sentences

The company decided to export its products to Europe.
The government introduced new policies to boost export trade.
Their primary export is high-quality electronics.
A trade agreement made it easier to export goods.
She managed to export her artwork to several galleries abroad.
They found a new market to export their agricultural products.
He specializes in the export of luxury cars.
The country relies heavily on the export of oil.
The export process requires proper documentation and permits.
Export taxes can significantly affect profit margins.
He’s responsible for managing the export department.
The export market offers tremendous opportunities for businesses.
They decided to export frozen foods due to growing global demand.
Export licenses are necessary for shipping sensitive products.
With better export policies, the nation can attract more investors.
They need to update their export compliance policies.
They aim to increase export sales by 15% this year.
We plan to export our clothing line to Asian markets.
He works as an export manager for a pharmaceutical company.
Export businesses are thriving due to global demand.
The export figures showed significant growth over the year.
Export regulations differ from country to country.
The export sector contributes substantially to the nation’s GDP.
Export credits help companies manage international sales risks.
The export contract needs careful review before signing.
She learned a lot about export strategies during her internship.
The company hired a consultant to improve export logistics.
She focuses on export promotion in her current role.
A strategic export plan is crucial for business expansion.
They want to export their innovative tech solutions globally.
Export subsidies were introduced to support local producers.
They plan to export more sustainable products in the future.
Export competition is fierce due to global market saturation.
She monitors changes in export regulations regularly.
The export market plays a key role in the national economy.
He is responsible for overseeing all export shipments.
The export prices fluctuated due to changes in currency exchange rates.
The export trade fair attracted thousands of buyers.
They will export their latest collection of furniture next month.
Export tariffs were reduced to promote international trade.
New infrastructure projects are essential for efficient export operations.
Rising export costs are challenging for small businesses.
The export report highlighted emerging market trends.
The export quota was increased to stimulate production.
Export restrictions were lifted to encourage economic growth.
He is an expert in export finance and global market trends.
The company will export new models of their popular gadgets.
He has a keen understanding of export documentation requirements.
The export declaration must be accurate and complete.
They established a new branch to handle export operations.

Export Definitions

To send goods or services to another country for sale.
They export wheat to several Asian nations.
Goods or services sent to another country for sale.
Oil is a major export for Saudi Arabia.
The act of sending goods or services abroad for trade.
Export plays a crucial role in the nation's economy.
To transmit or convey ideas or products across borders.
He aims to export his business model globally.
The process of converting and transferring data from one format or system to another.
You can export the data to an Excel file.

Export Idioms & Phrases

Export opportunity

A chance to sell goods or services in foreign countries.
The new trade agreement offers a significant export opportunity.

Export market

The global market where goods or services are sold abroad.
The company is trying to expand its export market in Asia.

Export quota

A government-imposed limit on the amount of goods that can be exported.
The export quota on sugar affects many farmers.

Export credit

A loan to assist exporters in selling their goods overseas.
The bank provides export credit for small businesses.

Export-import balance

The difference between a country's exports and imports.
The government wants to maintain a favorable export-import balance.

Export drive

An effort to increase the sales of goods abroad.
The export drive focuses on emerging markets.

Export quality

Goods meeting international standards suitable for export.
Their products are always of export quality.

Major export

A significant product or service sold abroad.
Tourism is a major export for the island nation.

Export paperwork

Documentation required for exporting goods.
Ensure you complete all the export paperwork before shipping.

Export subsidy

A government grant to promote exports.
The company received an export subsidy for its new product.

Export volume

The quantity of goods exported within a certain timeframe.
The export volume increased significantly after the trade fair.

Export surplus

The excess of exports over imports in trade.
The country enjoys an export surplus in electronics.


Primarily focused on exporting goods and services.
Their export-oriented strategy has helped them grow rapidly.

Export duty

A tax imposed on exported goods.
The government reduced the export duty to encourage trade.

Export license

Official permission to export certain goods or services.
They needed an export license to sell their software abroad.

Export processing

The treatment and preparation of goods for export.
Export processing ensures the fruits remain fresh during shipment.

Export zone

A designated area where export businesses operate with tax incentives.
They established their factory in the export zone to save on taxes.

Export data

Information or statistics regarding exports.
Analyzing export data helps companies identify new markets.

Export price index

A measure of changes in the price of exported goods.
The export price index reflects the competitiveness of a country's products.

Export customs

Procedures followed to clear goods for export.
The company streamlined its export customs process for faster shipments.

Common Curiosities

Why is it called "export"?

It originates from the Latin word exportare, meaning "to carry out."

How many syllables are in "export"?

Two syllables.

What is the root word of "export"?

The root word is the Latin exportare meaning "to carry out."

How do we divide "export" into syllables?


What is the first form of "export"?

Export (present tense)

How is "export" used in a sentence?

They export cars to many countries worldwide.

What is a stressed syllable in "export"?

The first syllable "ex."

What is the pronunciation of "export"?

Pronounced as /ɪkˈspɔːrt/ (verb) or /ˈɛkspɔːrt/ (noun).

What is the singular form of "export"?

Export (as both a noun and a verb)

What is the third form of "export"?

Exported (past participle)

What is the plural form of "export"?


Is "export" an abstract noun?

No, it refers to tangible goods or services.

What part of speech is "export"?

It can be both a noun and a verb.

Is the term "export" a metaphor?

Not inherently, but it can be used metaphorically in context (e.g., "exporting ideas").

Which determiner is used with "export"?

"An" is used before "export" in singular form (e.g., "an export").

What is the verb form of "export"?

The verb form is "export."

What is another term for "export"?

Synonyms include "ship abroad" (verb) and "shipment" (noun).

Is the word "export" a gerund?

No, but the gerund form is "exporting."

Is "export" a vowel or consonant?

"Export" is a word, not a letter, so it contains both vowels and consonants.

Which article is used with "export"?

"An" is used with "export" (e.g., "an export license").

What is the second form of "export"?

Exported (past tense)

What is the opposite of "export"?


Is "export" a noun or adjective?

It's primarily a noun but can also be used as a verb.

Is "export" a negative or positive word?

It's generally positive, associated with trade and business growth.

Is "export" a countable noun?

Yes, it is countable (e.g., multiple exports).

Is "export" a collective noun?

No, it's not a collective noun.

Which vowel is used before "export"?

"An" (e.g., "an export").

Is "export" an adverb?

No, it's not an adverb.

Is the word "export" imperative?

It can be used in imperative sentences (e.g., "Export this data now!").

Is the word "export" a direct object or an indirect object?

"Export" can be a direct object (e.g., "They increased their export").

Which preposition is used with "export"?

Common prepositions include "to" (e.g., "export to Europe") and "from" (e.g., "export from China").

Which conjunction is used with "export"?

Coordinating conjunctions like "and" are often used (e.g., "export and import").

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