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Finally Sentences

"Finally" refers to concluding an action or series of events after a long wait. e.g., After hours of searching, we finally found the lost key.

How to use Finally in a sentence

Finally Sentences

She finally got the promotion she'd been working towards.
I finally understood the concept after her explanation.
We finally reached the summit after a grueling hike.
The movie finally started after twenty minutes of previews.
After days of rain, the sun finally shone brightly.
He finally admitted his mistake and apologized.
After many attempts, he finally solved the puzzle.
She finally returned my book after months.
They finally decided on a name for their baby.
After several detours, we finally arrived at our destination.
We finally met after years of online friendship.
We've been waiting for hours, and the train is finally here.
After much debate, the committee finally reached a decision.
I finally finished my project just in time.
They finally settled on a date for the wedding.
After saving for years, she finally bought her dream car.
She finally bought the dress she had been eyeing for weeks.
She finally got a reply to her letter.
The long winter finally gave way to spring.
The construction near my house is finally completed.
The team finally scored in the last few minutes.
After much thought, he finally chose the blue shirt.
She was finally recognized for her outstanding achievements.
The baby finally slept through the night.
He finally leaped and started his own business.
The wait was long, but our food finally arrived.
I finally caught the ball after several misses.
I finally beat the video game I was stuck on.
After many failures, he finally tasted success.
After years of training, he finally won a gold medal.
They finally fixed the pothole on my street.
The flowers finally bloomed in our garden.
I finally managed to contact the customer service representative.
The festival finally commenced after a grand parade.
They finally announced the winner after much anticipation.
The long-awaited package finally arrived this morning.
After many rehearsals, the play finally premiered.
The cat finally climbed down from the tree.
He finally passed his driving test on the third attempt.
After a week of illness, I'm finally feeling better.
The meeting finally ended after three hours.
The shop finally restocked my favorite snacks.
The water finally boiled after ten minutes.
I finally read the book everyone was talking about.
She finally signed up for the pottery class.
The bus finally showed up, and we boarded.
After the storm, the skies finally cleared.
She finally agreed to join our team.
The battery was low, but the phone finally charged.
After a year of waiting, the concert was finally today.

Finally Definitions

Indicating a conclusion or result.
They finally agreed on a date.
As the last of a series.
Finally, the last guest left.
In conclusion; to end.
Finally, let's summarize our findings.
Indicating an outcome after difficulty.
He finally understood the lesson.
After a long time or delay.
She finally arrived after hours.
Denoting emphasis on closure.
The project is finally complete.

Finally Idioms & Phrases

Finally coming to terms with

Accepting a difficult situation.
It took time, but he's finally coming to terms with the loss.

Finally coming to pass

Something finally happening after a long wait.
The new regulations are finally coming to pass after years of discussion.

Finally throwing in the towel

Giving up after numerous attempts.
After multiple failures, he finally threw in the towel.

Finally seeing eye to eye

Agreeing with someone after disagreements.
After a long discussion, they finally saw eye to eye.

Finally seeing the light

Realizing the truth after a long time.
After months of denial, he's finally seeing the light about his financial situation.

Finally getting one's act together

Organizing oneself or one's activities.
After a period of confusion, she finally got her act together.

Finally breaking ground

Beginning a new venture or project.
The company is finally breaking ground on their new headquarters.

Finally meeting one's match

Encountering someone as capable or challenging as oneself.
In the finals, he finally met his match.

Finally finding one's feet

Becoming comfortable in a new situation.
After moving to a new city, she's finally finding her feet.

The penny finally dropped

Someone finally understood something after a delay.
The penny finally dropped when he mentioned the date, and I remembered the event.

Finally turning the tide

Changing a situation to one's advantage.
With their new strategy, the team finally turned the tide.

Finally biting the bullet

Facing a difficult situation head-on.
He finally bit the bullet and apologized to her.

Finally crossing the finish line

Completing a challenging task.
After years of study, he's finally crossing the finish line with his Ph.D.

Finally coming out of one's shell

Becoming more outgoing or confident.
Since joining the drama club, she's finally come out of her shell.

Finally hitting pay dirt

Achieving success after hard work.
With her latest novel, the author finally hit pay dirt.

Finally seeing the bigger picture

Understanding a situation more comprehensively.
After the seminar, he finally saw the bigger picture of environmental conservation.

Finally getting a leg up

Gaining an advantage.
With that new contract, the company finally got a leg up over competitors.

Finally breaking the mold

Doing something differently or innovatively.
With their new product, the company finally broke the mold in the tech industry.

Finally coming full circle

Returning to an original position or situation.
After traveling the world, she's finally come full circle and settled in her hometown.

Finally getting a taste of one's own medicine

Experiencing the negative effects of one's actions.
After years of teasing others, he's finally getting a taste of his own medicine.

Common Curiosities

What is the verb form of Finally?

Finally is not a verb; it's an adverb, so it doesn't have a verb form.

Which vowel is used before Finally?

No specific vowel is used before "finally"; it depends on the context of the sentence.

What is the pronunciation of Finally?

Finally is pronounced as /ˈfaɪnəli/.

What is the opposite of Finally?

The opposite could be "initially" or "at first."

What is another term for Finally?

Another term for "finally" could be "ultimately" or "at last."

How many syllables are in Finally?

There are three syllables in "finally."

What is the root word of Finally?

The root word of "finally" is "final."

What part of speech is Finally?

Finally is an adverb.

Why is it called Finally?

It is called "finally" because it denotes the end or conclusion of a sequence or process.

How do we divide Finally into syllables?

Finally is divided as fi-nal-ly.

Which determiner is used with Finally?

As an adverb, "finally" doesn't typically require a determiner.

What is the plural form of Finally?

"Finally" does not have a plural form.

What is the singular form of Finally?

"Finally" does not have a plural or singular form as it's an adverb.

Is Finally a noun or adjective?

Finally is an adverb.

Is Finally a vowel or consonant?

"Finally" is a word, not a single letter, so it contains both vowels and consonants.

How is Finally used in a sentence?

Finally is used to indicate the conclusion of a series of events, e.g., She finally decided to move to New York.

Is Finally a countable noun?

No, "finally" is not a countable noun; it's an adverb.

Is Finally a collective noun?

No, "finally" is not a collective noun.

Which conjunction is used with Finally?

Any conjunction (e.g., "and," "but," "or") can be used depending on the context of the sentence.

Is Finally an adverb?

Yes, finally is an adverb.

Is the word Finally imperative?

No, "finally" is not imperative.

Is the word Finally a gerund?

No, "finally" is not a gerund.

Which article is used with Finally?

Articles are not typically used directly with "finally" as it's an adverb.

What is a stressed syllable in Finally?

The stressed syllable in "finally" is "fi."

Which preposition is used with Finally?

Prepositions are not typically paired specifically with "finally." The use depends on the sentence structure.

Is Finally an abstract noun?

No, finally is not an abstract noun.

Is Finally a negative or positive word?

"Finally" is neutral, but it often has a positive connotation of relief or conclusion.

Is the Finally term a metaphor?

By itself, "finally" is not a metaphor, but it can be used metaphorically in certain contexts.

Is the word “Finally” a direct object or an indirect object?

"Finally" is an adverb and does not function as a direct or indirect object.

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