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Inquire Sentences

To "inquire" means to ask for information from someone in a formal manner or to investigate something. e.g., The detective decided to inquire about the suspect's whereabouts on the night of the crime.

How to use Inquire in a sentence

Inquire Sentences

I need to inquire about the visa process for my trip.
Don't hesitate to inquire if you have any doubts.
The team decided to inquire about the coach's strategy for the game.
You can inquire about the details at the information desk.
I need to inquire about my test results from the hospital.
He decided to inquire about the latest updates in the meeting.
I called to inquire about my job application.
I encourage you to inquire if you're unsure about any instructions.
She didn't inquire about his well-being after the accident.
I would like to inquire about your services for my wedding.
Will you inquire about the charges for this service?
The teacher will inquire about your understanding of the topic.
When will the officer inquire about the missing evidence?
The reporter planned to inquire about the mayor's new policy.
I had to inquire about the process for passport renewal.
I will inquire about the availability of the room for our event.
You should inquire about the check-in and check-out timings.
He will inquire about the specific requirements for the project.
We need to inquire about the rules for this competition.
The manager will inquire about your experience with the project.
She decided to inquire about the fee structure at the university.
I will inquire about the rental terms for this property.
The agent is supposed to inquire about your preferences before showing you properties.
The coach will inquire about your performance during the match.
He will inquire about the recent updates during the team meeting.
Why didn't you inquire about the potential risks?
You should inquire about the responsibilities before accepting the job.
I have to inquire about the transport facilities in this locality.
The principal will inquire about your academic progress during the meeting.
The customer decided to inquire about the cancellation policy before booking.
She didn't inquire about the opening hours of the museum.
She decided to inquire about the weather before planning the picnic.
I want to inquire about the dress code for the event.
The student decided to inquire about the professor's office hours.
He needed to inquire about the status of his loan application.
I will inquire about the features of this new model.
We should inquire about the average salary for this role.
He decided to inquire about the date of the examination.
She intended to inquire about the availability of the book in the library.
He planned to inquire about the prices before making a decision.
I will inquire about the expected delivery date for my order.
The student needs to inquire about the syllabus for the test.
May I inquire about your recent accomplishments?
Let's inquire about the train timings for our trip.
I should inquire about the warranty period for this product.
I must inquire about the admission process for the course.
You should inquire about the ingredients before ordering food.
I want to inquire about the price of this painting.
He decided to inquire about the safety measures at the amusement park.
You should inquire about the due date for this assignment.

Inquire Definitions

Seeking Clarity: To inquire is to ask for clarification or details.
He inquired about the terms of the contract.
Investigation: Inquire means to conduct a formal examination or search.
The detective inquired into the case.
Curiosity: Inquire can mean to show interest or curiosity in something.
The child would always inquire about nature.
Social Interaction: To inquire is to ask about someone's well-being.
I stopped by to inquire about your health.
Questioning: To inquire is to ask questions to gain information.
She called to inquire about the job opening.
Formal Request: Inquire can mean to make a formal request for information.
They inquired about the availability of the hall.

Inquire Idioms & Phrases

To Inquire After

This phrase means to ask about someone's health or well-being.
She decided to call her grandmother to inquire about her health.

Inquire Within

This phrase is often used in job postings to indicate that one should ask inside the establishment for more information.
The shop had a sign saying, "Help wanted, inquire within."

Inquire of Oneself

To question or examine your thoughts, feelings, or motives.
Sometimes, you need to take a moment and inquire about yourself and understand your motivations better.

Inquire into the Matter

This idiom means to investigate or look into a particular issue.
The police decided to inquire into the matter of the stolen painting.

Inquire the Obvious

This means to ask a question that already has a clear and known answer.
He decided to inquire the obvious, asking if the sky was blue.

Inquire Loudly

It means to ask something very assertively or vocally.
The teacher had to inquire loudly to get the students' attention.

Inquire Under Duress

To ask something while under pressure or threat.
He had to inquire under duress as the crowd was becoming restless.

Inquire for Clarity

To ask a question for better understanding.
She decided to inquire for clarity about the assignment's requirements.

Inquire without Pause

It means to ask questions continuously without taking a break.
The curious child would inquire without pause, eager to learn more.

Inquire with Purpose

To ask questions with a specific aim or objective in mind.
The detective would always inquire with purpose, leaving no stone unturned.

Inquire in Silence

To ponder or think about something deeply in one's mind.
Even though she didn't voice her questions, she continued to inquire in silence.

Inquire in Vain

It means to ask questions without getting any helpful answers.
Despite his efforts, he seemed to inquire in vain, as no one knew the answer.

Inquire through the Grapevine

To learn something indirectly or through gossip.
She managed to inquire through the grapevine that her friend was planning a surprise party.

Inquire with Eyes

To observe closely or scrutinize.
Even without asking, he could inquire with eyes and understand the situation.

Inquire from a Distance

It means to investigate or ask questions from a safe or non-intrusive distance.
Rather than getting too involved, he decided to inquire from a distance.

Inquire on Behalf

To ask something for another person.
As a lawyer, she would inquire on behalf of her clients.

Inquire without Words

To understand or perceive something without asking directly, often through non-verbal cues.
Even without asking, a mother can often inquire without words about her child's well-being.

Inquire with Discretion

Ask questions carefully, considering privacy and sensitivity.
As a journalist, he learned how to inquire with discretion.

Inquire Amidst Chaos

To attempt to gather information or understand a situation in the middle of confusion or disorder.
During the emergency, the firefighter had to inquire amidst the chaos to plan the rescue operation.

Inquire Beyond Bounds

To ask questions that go beyond a reasonable or acceptable limit.
The interviewer started to inquire beyond bounds, causing discomfort.

Common Curiosities

How many syllables are in Inquire?

There are two syllables in "Inquire." in-quire

What is the root word of Inquire?

The root word of "Inquire" is derived from the Latin word "inquirere" meaning "seek after."

What is another term for Inquire?

Another term for "Inquire" could be "Ask."

Which determiner is used with Inquire?

Determiners such as "the," "an," or "this" can be used with "Inquire" in different contexts.

Is Inquire an adverb?

No, "Inquire" is not an adverb. It's a verb.

Is a Inquire a noun or an adjective?

"Inquire" is a verb, not a noun or an adjective.

Which vowel is used before Inquire?

There is no specific vowel used before "Inquire."

What part of speech is Inquire?

"Inquire" is a verb.

Is Inquire a negative or positive word?

"Inquire" is a neutral word; it is neither negative nor positive.

Is a Inquire an abstract noun?

No, "Inquire" is not an abstract noun. It's a verb.

Is the Inquire a vowel or consonant?

"Inquire" is a word, not a vowel or a consonant.

Is a Inquire a countable noun?

No, "Inquire" is not a countable noun. It's a verb.

Is Inquire a collective noun?

No, "Inquire" is not a collective noun. It's a verb.

What is the verb form of Inquire?

The verb form of "Inquire" is "Inquire."

What is the pronunciation of Inquire?

The pronunciation of "Inquire" is /ɪnˈkwaɪər/.

Why is it called Inquire?

It is called "Inquire" because it means asking for information.

What is the opposite of Inquire?

The opposite of "Inquire" could be "Answer" or "Ignore."

Is Inquire term a metaphor?

No, "Inquire" is not a metaphor. It is a verb used to describe the act of asking for information

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