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Named Sentences

"Named" refers to having been given a specific title or identification. e.g., The little puppy was named Bella.

How to use Named in a sentence

Named Sentences

The tree with pink flowers is named Cherry Blossom.
The scientist named the new discovery after his daughter.
The baby bird was named Sky.
She was named captain of the basketball team.
My best friend named her doll Sarah.
The boy named his new toy robot "Flash."
My new kitten is named Luna because she's as bright as the moon.
The famous magician was named Harry.
They named their boat "Waves Rider."
The mountain named Everest is the highest in the world.
The artist named the painting "Sunset Dreams."
There's a flower named Sunflower that loves sunlight.
The astronaut named the star after his son.
The famous tower in Italy is named the Leaning Tower of Pisa.
That new song is named "Melodies of the Heart."
The farmer named his biggest cow "Bessie."
The city named Paris is known as the City of Love.
I named my bicycle "Speedy" because it's fast.
The newly discovered planet was named "Neptor."
The bear in the zoo was named "Grizzly."
The prince named his horse "Thunder."
They named the island "Paradise" because of its beauty.
The bakery named their best cake "Chocolate Heaven."
The family named the house "Sunny Cottage."
We named our car "Buddy" because it always gets us where we need to go.
The superhero in the comic book is named "Mighty Man."
The tallest building in our city is named "Skyreach Tower."
The island named Hawaii is known for its beautiful beaches.
The spaceship was named "Starlight Voyager."
The old castle was named "Stone Keep."
The river named Nile is the longest in the world.
The new software was named "TechSavvy."
The inventor named his machine "Wonder-Craft."
The festival in spring is named "Blossom Fest."
The new computer game is named "Galactic Quest."
The park in our town is named "Green Meadows."
The author named his book "Adventures Unbound."
The little mouse was named "Whiskers" because of his long whiskers.
She named her guitar "Melody" because it produces beautiful tunes.
The ancient statue was named "Guardian of the Valley."
The twins named their puppies Max and Ruby.
The chef named his dish "Flavors of the East."
The knight named his sword "Dragon Slayer."
The baker's most delicious pie was named "Golden Apple Delight."
The toy store named their bestseller "Mystery Box."
The bird with a long neck is named "Peacock."
The village named "Riverdale" is located by the river.
The king named his first ship "Royal Voyager."
The dancer named her performance "Graceful Dreams."
The old library was named after the town's founder.

Named Definitions

Entitled: Called by a specific name or label.
The book was named Pride and Prejudice.
Identified: Recognized or singled out.
He was named as the prime suspect.
Christened: Given a specific designation or title.
The ship was named Titanic.
Nominated: Put forward for a particular role or honor.
She was named captain of the team.
Dedicated: In honor or memory of someone.
The park was named after the city's founder.
Appointed: Chosen for a specific position.
He was named the new CEO.

Named Idioms & Phrases

Named after

Given the same name as someone, usually a family member.
The baby was named after her grandmother.

Named after the storm

Describes someone with a fierce or intense personality.
With her fiery spirit, she was aptly named after the storm.

Having a name named

Becoming renowned or well-known.
After her latest film, she truly had her name named in Hollywood.

Named in the stars

Referring to something that seems destined or fated to happen.
Their love seemed named in the stars, given how they always found their way back to each other.

A future named in stone

A certain or unavoidable future.
With the evidence against him, his conviction was a future named in stone.

Named for greatness

Used to describe someone with incredible potential or destined for success.
With his unmatched skills, he was clearly named for greatness.

Named on the lips

Being widely discussed or the talk of the town.
The new celebrity couple was named on the lips of everyone in the city.

Named by fire

Refers to someone who's been through tough situations and emerged stronger.
After surviving the challenges, she was truly named by fire.

Named in the sun and moon

Being omnipresent or existing everywhere.
The brand's popularity meant it was named after the sun and moon.

A dream named

Having a clear and specific dream or aspiration.
She had a dream named—to become the world's best violinist.

A promise named

An assurance or commitment that's bound to be kept.
He gave her a promise named, vowing to always stand by her side.

Named in the pages

Being immortalized in writings or publications.
The legendary queen was named in the pages of many historical books.

Named at heart

Being genuine or true to one's self.
Despite his fame, he was named at heart, always remembering his roots.

Named in whispers

To be discussed in secret or hushed tones.
The secret project was only named in whispers around the office.

Named in shadows

Refers to someone with a mysterious or enigmatic reputation.
The recluse artist was often named in shadows, with many stories about his origins.

A fortune named

To have a predetermined fate, especially one of success or wealth.
He had a fortune named from birth, with everything he touched turning to gold.

Named in the winds

Something transient or not long-lasting.
Their fame was merely named in the winds, disappearing as quickly as it came.

Named by the tide

Refers to someone or something that comes and goes.
Many trends in fashion are just named by the tide, disappearing as quickly as they appear.

Named in gold

To be held in high esteem or remembered fondly.
His heroic deeds ensured he was named in gold in the village tales.

Named on paper

Refers to something being official or formally recognized.
Their partnership was now named on paper with a formal contract.

Named at dawn

Referring to something beginning or originating early on.
Their friendship was named at dawn, starting when they were mere toddlers.

Common Curiosities

Which vowel is used before Named?

The vowel "a" is used before "Named."

What is the root word of Named?

The root word of "Named" is "Name."

What is the verb form of Named?

The verb form of "Named" is "Name."

What is the pronunciation of Named?

Named is pronounced as /neɪmd/.

What part of speech is Named?

"Named" can be a verb (past tense of "name") or an adjective.

Why is it called Named?

It is called "Named" because it refers to something being given a name or being identified by a specific title.

What is another term for Named?

Another term for "Named" is "designated."

What is the opposite of Named?

The opposite of "Named" is "Unnamed."

What is a stressed syllable in Named?

The entire word "Named" is stressed as it is a one-syllable word.

What is the first form of Named?

The first form is "Name."

How many syllables are in Named?

There is one syllable in "Named."

Is Named an adverb?

No, "Named" is not an adverb.

Is Named a negative or positive word?

"Named" is neutral; it is neither negative nor positive.

Is Named a countable noun?

"Named" is not typically used as a noun. When used as a verb or adjective, it doesn't have countable properties.

What is the third form of Named?

The third form is "Named."

How is Named used in a sentence?

e.g., She named her cat Whiskers.

Which preposition is used with Named?

Prepositions like "after," "for," or "by" can be used with "Named."

Which conjunction is used with Named?

Standard conjunctions like "and," "but," "or," can be used with "Named," depending on the context.

Is Named an abstract noun?

No, "Named" is not an abstract noun.

What is the singular form of Named?

The word "Named" does not have a plural or singular distinction in itself, but its base verb "Name" is singular.

Is Named a noun or adjective?

"Named" can function as a verb (past tense) or an adjective.

Is Named a collective noun?

No, "Named" is not a collective noun.

Is the word Named is imperative?

No, "Named" is not imperative. It is in the past tense.

Is the word “Named” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

"Named" can function as a verb or adjective. When used as a verb, the thing being named is typically the direct object. For instance, in "She named her cat," "cat" is the direct object.

Which determiner is used with Named?

Determiners like "the," "a," "an," or "this" can be used with "Named," depending on the context.

What is the second form of Named?

The second form is "Named."

Which article is used with Named?

Either "a" or "the" can be used with "Named," depending on the context.

Is the word Named is Gerund?

No, "Named" is not a gerund.

How do we divide Named into syllables?

"Named" is not divided as it is a one-syllable word.

What is the plural form of Named?

The word "Named" remains the same. The base verb "Name" has a plural form "Names."

Is Named a vowel or consonant?

"Named" is a word consisting of both vowels and consonants.

Is the Named term a metaphor?

No, "Named" in itself is not a metaphor.

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