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Nature Sentences

"Nature" refers to the physical world, including plants, animals, landscapes, and other features of the earth. It also can mean the inherent character of something. e.g., The class took a field trip to explore the beauty of nature in the local forest.

How to use Nature in a sentence

Nature Sentences

She felt most at home when she was surrounded by nature.
The beauty of nature is breathtaking, especially in the mountains.
During the camping trip, we learned about how nature sustains itself.
Nature provides us with valuable resources like water, food, and materials for shelter.
The harsh nature of the desert makes it difficult for many plants and animals to thrive.
Many animals rely on the balance of nature to survive.
We need to protect nature and keep our environment clean.
Her kind and gentle nature made her loved by all who knew her.
The documentary on the rainforest revealed the complexity and diversity of nature.
The romantic nature of the poem captured the hearts of many readers.
Nature has a way of healing and providing comfort to people.
The unpredictable nature of the weather made planning outdoor activities difficult.
He was drawn to the serene nature of the countryside.
Pollution is harmful and can cause serious damage to nature.
Learning about the nature of different materials helps engineers design better products.
The majestic nature of the eagle has made it a symbol of freedom and strength.
Scientists study the laws of nature to understand how the world works.
The competitive nature of the sport makes it exciting to watch and play.
Nature is full of wonderful sights, like waterfalls, rainbows, and starry night skies.
People who respect nature often work to conserve wildlife and natural habitats.
The inquisitive nature of the child led him to explore and learn constantly.
The generous nature of the community volunteer inspired others to help.
The laws of nature govern how things operate in the physical world.
The mysterious nature of the ancient ruins attracted many researchers and explorers.
Nature reserves are established to protect endangered species and sensitive ecosystems.
The diligent nature of the student earned her top grades in the class.
Nature often inspires artists to create beautiful paintings and sculptures.
The destructive nature of the hurricane left the coastal town in ruins.
Some people prefer the quiet nature of rural life over the city's hustle.
The spontaneous nature of the adventure made it all the more thrilling.
By recycling, we can help to reduce waste and protect nature.
Nature provides us with medicinal plants that have been used for healing for centuries.
The dog's aggressive nature made it necessary to keep him on a leash.
A nature trail is a great place to enjoy a peaceful walk and observe wildlife.
The compassionate nature of the nurse made patients feel comfortable and cared for.
Nature can be harsh, as seen in the survival of the fittest in the animal kingdom.
The rebellious nature of the teenager worried his parents.
The selfless nature of the hero made him an inspiration to others.
Nature offers endless opportunities for outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, and bird watching.
By studying nature, we can learn about the ecology and biodiversity of our planet.
Understanding the nature of a problem is the first step to solving it.
Nature has a rhythm, like the changing seasons or the daily rising and setting of the sun.
Nature photographers capture stunning images of wildlife, landscapes, and natural phenomena.
The fragile nature of the ecosystem requires careful preservation and management.
The humorous nature of the play kept the audience laughing.
Nature teaches us patience, like watching a flower bloom or a tree grow.
The analytical nature of the job requires careful thought and precision.
Nature has its way of balancing things, such as predator-prey relationships.
Nature's wonders, like the Grand Canyon or the Northern Lights, are breathtaking sights to behold.
Understanding the nature of human emotions can help in personal growth and relationships.

Nature Definitions

Universal Laws: Refers to the fundamental principles governing the universe, such as gravity.
The laws of nature are constant.
Biological Aspect: Nature represents the biological factors influencing organisms, as opposed to nurture.
The nature versus nurture debate continues.
Innate Character: Nature can signify the inherent traits or disposition of an individual or thing.
It's in his nature to be kind.
Environmental Context: Nature refers to the physical world, including plants, animals, and landscapes.
We went camping to connect with nature.
Natural State: Describes the original, unaltered condition of something.
The painting was restored to its original nature.
Essence: Nature can mean the fundamental qualities that define something.
The nature of the problem is more complex than it appears.

Nature Idioms & Phrases

By nature

Referring to someone's inherent qualities or characteristics.
She is naturally a very caring person and always looks after her friends.

Force of nature

A person with a strong character or a situation that is very difficult to resist or control.
Her energy and enthusiasm make her a force of nature in the business world.

Second nature

Something that is easy and natural to someone due to habit or innate skill.
Playing the piano is second nature to him; he doesn't need to think about it.

Call of nature

A polite way to refer to the need to go to the bathroom.
Excuse me for a moment; I must answer the call of nature.

Nature of the beast

The inherent or unchangeable character of something.
You can't avoid paperwork; that's just the nature of the beast in this job.

Nature abhors a vacuum

Nature fills empty spaces with something, often used metaphorically.
When one store closed, another opened in its place; nature abhors a vacuum.

Nature's course

Allowing something to develop without interference.
They decided not to treat the illness and let nature's course take its toll.

Mother Nature

A personification of nature is often used to refer to natural forces.
The hurricane showed us the incredible power of Mother Nature.

Nature versus nurture

The debate between inherited traits and learned behavior.
The study of twins helps to explore the nature versus nurture argument.

Get back to nature

To live a lifestyle more in touch with the outdoors and the natural world.
Camping over the weekend helped them get back to nature.

Against nature

Something that is considered unnatural or wrong.
The artificial lake seemed against nature in the middle of the desert.

Of that nature

Of the same kind or category.
I don't watch movies of that nature; they are too violent for me.

Human nature

The general psychological characteristics, feelings, and behavioral traits of humankind.
It's human nature to seek comfort and security.

One's true nature

A person's real character.
Her kindness showed her true nature.

Nature's own

Something that comes from nature and is not made by humans.
The herbal remedy is nature's own solution to the common cold.

Defy nature

To resist or oppose the natural order of things.
Genetic cloning is seen by some as an attempt to defy nature.

Nature's way

Referring to the natural order of things.
The forest fire was nature's way of clearing dead wood.

Good nature

A friendly and kind disposition.
His good nature makes him popular among his peers.

According to nature

In the natural or usual way.
Birds fly south for the winter according to nature.

In the nature of things

Naturally, as to be expected.
It's in the nature of things that children will grow up and leave home.

Common Curiosities

What part of speech is Nature?

Nature is a noun.

Which vowel is used before Nature?

The indefinite article "a" is used before Nature.

What is the verb form of Nature?

Nature is primarily a noun, and there is no specific verb form derived from it.

What is another term for Nature?

Another term for Nature is the "natural world."

How many Syllables are in Nature?

There are two syllables in Nature.

What is the pronunciation of Nature?

The pronunciation of Nature is /ˈneɪ.tʃər/.

What is the root word of Nature?

The root word of Nature comes from the Latin "natura," meaning "birth, constitution, character, course of things."

Why is it called Nature?

It is called Nature because it refers to the inherent, essential qualities of something or the phenomena of the physical world collectively.

Which determiner is used with Nature?

The determiners "the" or "a" can be used with Nature, depending on the context.

Is a Nature a noun or adjective?

Nature is a noun.

Is Nature an adverb?

No, Nature is not an adverb.

Is Nature term a metaphor?

The term "Nature" itself is not a metaphor, but it can be used metaphorically in various contexts.

What is the opposite of Nature?

The opposite of Nature might be considered artificiality or man-made.

Is the Nature a vowel or consonant?

The word "Nature" starts with a consonant.

How do we divide Nature into syllables?

Nature can be divided into syllables as Na-ture.

Is a Nature a countable noun?

Nature is usually considered an uncountable noun.

Is Nature a negative or positive word?

Nature is generally considered a neutral word; it can be positive or negative depending on the context.

Is Nature a collective noun?

Nature is not typically considered a collective noun.

Is a Nature an abstract noun?

Yes, Nature can be considered an abstract noun as it refers to a concept or idea.

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