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Negate Sentences

Negate means to nullify, invalidate, or deny the existence or truth of something. e.g., His apology does not negate his previous rude behavior.

How to use Negate in a sentence

Negate Sentences

New evidence might negate the initial findings.
Positive thoughts can negate negative emotions.
Her smile seemed to negate the worries she felt inside.
His bad attitude can negate all the good he does.
You can't negate the importance of regular exercise.
Constructive feedback, not criticism, can negate misunderstandings.
The team's hard work can negate any disadvantage they face.
Forgetting to save your work can negate hours of effort.
Making up lies will only negate your credibility.
Lack of sleep can negate productivity.
Eating junk food will negate the benefits of a good workout.
Using the wrong method can negate your efforts.
Using headphones can negate external noise.
A good diet can negate potential health issues.
To win the game, you need to negate the opponent's moves.
Sometimes, wearing a helmet can negate serious injuries.
Telling the truth will negate any need for more lies.
His apologies did little to negate the hurt he caused.
Wearing sunscreen can negate the harmful effects of the sun.
A strong defense can negate the opponent's attacks.
The teacher's encouragement can negate students' self-doubts.
Studying will negate your fear of the upcoming test.
Her kindness will negate any ill feelings.
Drinking water can help negate the effects of too much sugar.
Rain might negate our plans for a picnic.
Frequent breaks negate the monotony of long tasks.
Proper care can negate the risk of damage.
Adding too much salt can negate the taste of the soup.
If you revise your answers, you might negate any errors.
The teacher will negate any cheating during the exam.
Bright lights in the room can negate the need for candles.
Wearing sunscreen can negate sunburn on a sunny day.
If you save your money now, it will negate any worries later.
Fast work can negate the delay caused by the power cut.
Listening to music might negate the boredom of cleaning your room.
Exercising regularly can negate the need for a diet.
A good friend can negate the feeling of being alone.
The bonus point will negate the point they lost earlier.
If you eat your veggies, it will negate the need for vitamins.
A backup plan will negate the risk of the main plan failing.
Using a coaster will negate the chance of a water ring on the table.
Regular maintenance will negate car problems in the future.
Remembering to charge your phone will negate the risk of it dying.
Being prepared can negate the nerves before a presentation.
Wearing warm clothes can negate the cold on a winter day.
Bringing snacks can negate hunger during a long trip.
Staying indoors can negate the effects of bad weather.
Using a calculator can negate any mistakes in math.
Proper rest can negate the tiredness from a long day.
Adding ice will negate the coffee's hot temperature.
A sunny day can negate the chill in the air.
A good attitude can negate the impact of a bad day.
Eating too much candy can negate the effects of brushing your teeth.
Following the rules will negate any chances of getting in trouble.
Having a map will negate the chances of getting lost.
Practicing the play will negate any stage fright you might feel.
Staying calm can negate the panic in an emergency.
Using an umbrella can negate the effects of the rain.
A good joke can negate a moment of sadness.
Working as a team can negate any challenge we face.
Helping each other can negate the difficulty of the task.
A good strategy in chess can negate the opponent's advantage.
Studying the notes before the quiz will negate your doubts.
Smiling can negate the awkwardness in a situation.
Keeping the windows shut will negate the cold draft.
Proper training will negate any confusion during the game.
Giving compliments can negate the discomfort in a conversation.
A proper diet can negate the need for many medicines.
A good breakfast can negate hunger throughout the morning.
Listening to the teacher will negate any confusion about the homework.

Negate Definitions

Negate is to counteract or offset.
The benefit of the herb can negate the side effects of the medicine.
Negate means to declare something as not valid.
The judge chose to negate the previous ruling.
Negate means to render something ineffective.
This medicine will negate the pain.
Negate is to deny the existence or truth of something.
The scientist could not negate the new evidence.
Negate is to oppose or act against.
He tried to negate her argument with facts.
Negate means to make void or null.
The contract was negated due to fraud.

Negate Idioms & Phrases

Negate the night

To bring clarity to a situation.
Discussing their misunderstandings helped them negate the night.

Doubt can negate faith

Uncertainty can diminish belief.
His skepticism made him doubt can negate faith.

Rain to negate the drought

A solution to a long-standing problem.
The new policy was like rain to negate the drought of unemployment.

Can't negate nature

Inevitable natural tendencies.
Ageing is a process; you can't negate nature.

Negate the narrative

Change the prevailing story or perception.
The evidence provided was enough to negate the narrative against him.

Negate the naysayers

Prove the doubters wrong.
By succeeding, she managed to negate the naysayers.

Dreams that negate reality

Aspirations that defy the current situation.
His ambitious projects were dreams that negate reality.

Negate the noise

To ignore distractions.
In a chaotic environment, you must negate the noise and focus.

Winds that negate

Factors that ruin efforts.
The sudden market crash was the winds that negate our profits.

Negate the nemesis

Overcome a significant adversary.
The team worked hard to negate the nemesis in the finals.

Hands that negate harm

Protective measures.
Parents are often the hands that negate harm for their children.

Voices that negate void

Speaking out against emptiness or meaninglessness.
Activists are the voices that negate void in society.

Negate the negative

Focus on the positives.
She always tries to negate the negative and see the bright side.

Eyes that negate deceit

Discerning judgment.
His experience gave him eyes that negate deceit.

Negate the needle's sting

Ease a painful situation.
Comforting words can negate the needle's sting.

Love that negates hate

Overwhelming affection.
The community displayed a love that negates hate after the tragedy.

Steps that negate stagnation

Actions that bring progress.
Innovative ideas are the steps that negate stagnation.

Negate the norm

Challenge conventional wisdom.
His radical approach was designed to negate the norm.

Flame that negates darkness

Hope in despair.
Her support was the flame that negates darkness in his life.

Words that negate silence

Speaking up when necessary.
In times of injustice, we need words that negate silence.

Common Curiosities

What is the verb form of negate?

Negate is already in its verb form.

What is the root word of negate?

The root word is the Latin "negatus," which means "denied."

Which vowel is used before negate?

The vowel "e" is used before negate.

What is the pronunciation of negate?

It's pronounced as /nɪˈɡeɪt/.

What part of speech is negate?

Negate is a verb.

How do we divide negate into syllables?


What is the second form of negate?

The second form is negated.

How many syllables are in negate?

There are two syllables in negate.

What is another term for negate?

Another term for negate is "nullify."

What is the opposite of negate?

The opposite of negate is "affirm" or "confirm."

Why is it called negate?

It is derived from the Latin word "negatus," which means "denied" or "to deny."

What is the third form of negate?

The third form is also negated.

What is the singular form of negate?

Negate is a verb, so it doesn't have a singular or plural form in the traditional noun sense.

What is the plural form of negate?

As a verb, negate does not have a plural form.

Which article is used with negate?

"The" can be used with negate when referring to the act or process, as in "the negate of the statement."

Is negate a countable noun?

When used as a noun, negate is uncountable.

Is negate a collective noun?

No, negate is not a collective noun.

What is a stressed syllable in negate?

The second syllable, "-gate," is stressed in negate.

Which conjunction is used with negate?

Conjunctions like "and," "but," "or," etc., can be used with negate based on the context.

Is negate an adverb?

No, negate is not an adverb.

Which determiner is used with negate?

Determiners like "the," "a," "an," "his," "her," "my," etc., can be used depending on the sentence.

What is the first form of negate?

The first form is negate.

How is negate used in a sentence?

Negate is used as a verb to mean to nullify or invalidate something. E.g., New evidence might negate the initial theory.

Is the word negate imperative?

Negate can be used in the imperative mood, as in "Negate the statement."

Is negate a noun or adjective?

Negate is primarily a verb. However, in some contexts, "negate" can also be used as a noun.

Is negate a vowel or consonant?

Negate is a word, not a single letter. It contains both vowels and consonants.

Is the word negate Gerund?

The gerund form of negate is "negating."

Which preposition is used with negate?

Prepositions such as "by," "with," or "of" can be used with negate depending on the sentence.

Is negate an abstract noun?

When used as a noun, it can be considered abstract, referring to the act of negating.

Is negate a negative or positive word?

Negate is generally seen as a negative word because it implies denial, nullification, or invalidation.

Is the negate term a metaphor?

No, negate is not typically used as a metaphor.

Is the word “negate” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

Negate is a verb. When used in a sentence, it can have a direct or indirect object depending on the construction of the sentence.

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