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Net Sentences

"Net" is a material made of threads or wires that cross over each other with spaces in between, or the total after removing anything that should be subtracted. e.g., The fisherman pulled a fish from his net.

How to use Net in a sentence

Net Sentences

The soccer ball hit the net, signaling a goal.
You need to calculate the net income after deducting all the expenses.
The net weight of this package is two pounds.
My net salary is enough to cover my monthly expenses.
The fisherman cast his net into the sea to catch fish.
The bird was temporarily trapped in the net.
Internet is often shortened to "net."
He uses a net to catch butterflies for his collection.
A net is often used in sports like volleyball and badminton.
The net result of his hard work was a promotion.
The volleyball got stuck in the net.
Her hair was caught in the net of her hat.
In a tennis match, players hit the ball over the net.
The mosquito net is hung over the bed to keep insects out.
The goalie stood in front of the net, ready to block the shot.
Net banking allows me to manage my finances online.
His net worth has increased over the years due to smart investments.
The goalie dove to the left, but the ball went into the net.
The net effect of the policy change was positive.
The fish wriggled and flipped in the net.
We installed a net on our windows to keep bugs out.
The fruit vendor packed the apples in a net bag.
The butterfly managed to escape from the net.
He netted his first job through a recruitment agency.
The cargo's net weight is printed on the bill.
Net safety is important when browsing the internet.
She caught her hair up in a neat hair net.
The acrobat fell into the net after missing the trapeze.
My net objective is to pass the examination.
The net on the hoop helps determine whether a basket is made.
A net is used to catch fish in the river.
A net is spread beneath the fruit tree to catch the falling fruits.
The net profit of the business was higher this year.
In the circus, a safety net is used under trapeze artists.
The net of tax and expenses left him with little money.
The net is raised when the tennis match begins.
The climber used a safety net to avoid any falls.
My grandmother made a net bag for carrying vegetables.
The net income for this quarter has exceeded our expectations.
The basketball bounced off the rim and fell through the net.
The fisherman threw his net far into the lake.
The tennis player's shot hit the net and bounced back.
He netted his hat firmly on his head against the wind.
He uses a net to prevent golf balls from going too far during practice.
The fish in the net were flapping wildly.
A net is necessary to prevent the shuttlecock from landing on the wrong side in badminton.
Net income is an important measure of a company's profitability.
They strung a net between two posts for a game of beach volleyball.
The goalie missed the shot, and it went straight into the net.
The net gain from selling his old car was enough to buy a new bike.

Net Definitions

Fishing Tool: A net is used to catch fish.
Fishermen cast their nets early in the morning.
Computing Term: Refers to a broad network, like the internet.
The net offers a vast array of information.
Capture Device: Tool for trapping or ensnaring.
The butterfly was gently caught with a net.
Total Amount: After all deductions are made.
The net profit was higher this year.
Sporting Equipment: Used in games like volleyball and tennis.
The ball cleared the net and scored a point.
Webbed Fabric: A fabric made of interconnected strands.
She wore a dress with a net overlay.

Net Idioms & Phrases

Slip through the net

Meaning: To escape from a system that was designed to catch or deal with you.
Some of the students seemed to have slipped through the net of the school's disciplinary measures.

Caught in the net

Meaning: To be trapped or entangled in a difficult situation.
He was caught in the net of his own lies and deceit.

Spread your nets wide

Meaning: To try many different things in order to succeed at something.
In job hunting, it's often wise to spread your nets wide and apply for many different positions.

Fish in the net

Meaning: Something that is easy to get or achieve.
With all the evidence against him, convicting him was like catching a fish in a net.

Cast your net wider

Meaning: To consider a larger number of possibilities or options.
If you're having trouble finding a job, perhaps you should cast your net wider and look in other industries.

A safety net

Meaning: Something that provides security against misfortune or difficulty.
The government's social programs are meant to serve as a safety net for those who fall on hard times.

Net result

Meaning: The final outcome or result after all factors have been considered.
The net result of all our efforts is a more efficient system.

Pull in the net

Meaning: To gather up what has been gained.
After months of hard work, it was finally time to pull in the net and enjoy the profits.

Net of protection

Meaning: A system or arrangement that provides safety or security.
The witness was placed under a net of protection until the trial was over.

Net of intrigue

Meaning: A situation full of complicated and secretive plans or events.
The political scandal was a complex net of intrigue, with no clear answers in sight.

Caught in a net of lies

Meaning: To be trapped by one's own lies.
He was finally caught in a net of lies when his wife found out about his secret family.

Net of deception

Meaning: A situation full of deceit or trickery.
She found herself caught in a net of deception when she discovered her business partner had been embezzling funds.

Net of suspicion

Meaning: A situation where doubts or lack of trust exist.
After the series of thefts, the whole office was under a net of suspicion.

Net loss

Meaning: The amount of money lost after all expenses have been subtracted from the total income.
The company suffered a net loss this quarter due to the increase in production costs.

Clear the net

Meaning: To resolve all the pending issues.
Before leaving for vacation, she worked overtime to clear the net of all unfinished business.

Net of control

Meaning: A system or procedure that ensures proper conduct or operation.
With the net of control put in place, the project was completed without any issues.

Net gains

Meaning: Profits or advantages that remain after all costs have been deducted.
Despite the high production costs, the company's net gains were substantial.

Net effect

Meaning: The final result or impact of a series of events or actions.
The net effect of the new regulations was a more equitable workplace.

Net of comfort

Meaning: A situation or condition that provides ease and relaxation.
After a long day at work, her home provided a much-needed net of comfort.

Net worth

Meaning: The total assets of a person or company after all debts have been paid.
His net worth skyrocketed after his tech startup went public.

Common Curiosities

What part of speech is Net?

Answer: "Net" can be a noun, verb, or adjective depending on its usage in a sentence.

What is the pronunciation of Net?

Answer: Net is pronounced as /nɛt/.

What is the verb form of Net?

Answer: The verb form of "net" is also "net", as in "to net a profit".

What is the root word of Net?

Answer: The root word of "net" is from Old English "net", from Proto-Germanic "*natją".

What is another term for Net?

Answer: Another term for "net" could be "web", "network", or "profit" depending on the context.

How many Syllables are in Net?

Answer: There is one syllable in "net".

Which vowel is used before Net?

Answer: The article "a" is typically used before "net".

What is the opposite of Net?

Answer: The opposite of "net" (in the context of profit) is "gross". In the context of a net-like structure, there may not be a direct opposite.

Why is it called Net?

Answer: It is called "net" from the Old English term for a meshed fabric or structure.

How do we divide Net into syllables?

Answer: "Net" is a monosyllabic word and cannot be divided into more syllables.

Which determiner is used with Net?

Answer: The determiners "the" or "a" can be used with "net", depending on the context.

Is a Net a noun or adjective?

Answer: "Net" can be both a noun and an adjective depending on the context of the sentence.

Is Net term a metaphor?

Answer: "Net" can be used metaphorically in certain contexts, such as "net of safety" or "net income".

Is Net an adverb?

Answer: No, "net" is not used as an adverb.

Is a Net an abstract noun?

Answer: No, "net" is a concrete noun when referring to a meshed fabric or structure, but can also be abstract when referring to concepts like "net profit".

Is the Net a vowel or consonant?

Answer: The word "net" begins with the consonant "n".

Is Net a negative or positive word?

Answer: "Net" is neutral and can be used in both positive and negative contexts depending on the sentence.

Is Net a collective noun?

Answer: No, "net" is not typically used as a collective noun.

Is a Net a countable noun?

Answer: Yes, "net" is a countable noun. You can have one net, two nets, etc.

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