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Normal Sentences

"Normal" refers to a standard, usual, or expected condition or state. e.g., After the storm, things went back to normal.

How to use Normal in a sentence

Normal Sentences

It's normal for dogs to bark at strangers.
The normal temperature for humans is around 98.6°F.
After moving, it took a while for things to feel normal again.
It's normal to feel nervous before a big test.
After the holiday, the town resumed its normal routine.
She felt relieved when her schedule went back to normal.
After the power outage, the lights returned to normal.
I hope everything returns to normal soon.
Wearing uniforms at school is normal in many countries.
The shop closes at its normal time of 5 pm.
The sun rose at its normal time today.
The water levels are now back to normal.
It's normal for leaves to fall during autumn.
During summer, it's normal for days to be longer.
The computer is working at its normal speed again.
He was glad that his heartbeat was normal.
In some places, it's normal to greet with a bow instead of a handshake.
It's not normal for that plant to have red leaves.
Waking up early is normal for farmers.
It's normal to see snow here in December.
The classroom looked normal after the students cleaned up.
For him, reading a book every night is normal.
It's normal to have four seasons in many parts of the world.
It's normal for babies to cry when they're hungry.
The water in the pond is back to its normal level.
Eating breakfast every day is normal for me.
She hoped her weekend would be a normal one.
It's normal for birds to migrate south for the winter.
It's normal for kids to be afraid of the dark.
After the rainy season, the weather returned to normal.
It's normal for him to take a walk every evening.
After the movie, the noise in the theater went back to normal.
Wearing seat belts in a car is normal for safety.
The beach looked normal again after the high tide receded.
Celebrating birthdays with a cake is normal in many cultures.
It's normal to bring a gift to a friend's house.
He was hoping for a normal day at school.
After the carnival, the park returned to its normal quiet.
Her fever is gone, and her health is now normal.
It's normal for cats to be curious about new things.
After a busy day, the streets became normal in the evening.
It's normal to lose a tooth when you're a kid.
For many, drinking coffee in the morning is normal.
She missed the normal chatter of her classmates.
It's normal for flowers to bloom in spring.
He noticed that the normal crowd at the park was missing.
It's normal for stars to shine at night.
On Sundays, it's normal for her to visit her grandparents.
For a teacher, assigning homework is normal.
It's normal for the leaves to change color in the fall.

Normal Definitions

Standard: Used as a basis for comparison.
The sample was tested against a normal distribution.
Typical: Serving as a typical example of something.
Rain in April is normal for this region.
Usual: Conforming to a standard or common type.
It's normal for birds to migrate during winter.
Regular: Not showing signs of disruption or disorder.
After the earthquake, life slowly returned to normal.
Ordinary: Not unusual or different in any way.
It was just a normal day at the office.
Healthy: Indicative of good health or sound condition.
His blood pressure readings are normal.

Normal Idioms & Phrases

Above/beyond the normal call of duty

Doing more than what's typically expected or required in a situation.
The firefighter went beyond the normal call of duty to rescue the cat.

Not your normal cup of tea

Not what one is usually interested in or accustomed to.
Skydiving is not my normal cup of tea, but I tried it anyway.

Normal to the core

Completely ordinary or standard without any peculiarities.
Despite his fame, he remained normal to the core.

Normal as clockwork

Something that happens regularly and predictably.
She arrives for work at 9 am, normal as clockwork.

Back to normal

Returning to the usual or expected state after an unusual event or situation.
After the holidays, the city went back to normal with fewer tourists.

New normal

A previously unfamiliar situation or condition that becomes standard or usual.
Wearing masks became the new normal during the pandemic.

The normal grind

The usual day-to-day routine is often monotonous.
After his vacation, he dreaded returning to the normal grind.

Waiting for the dust to return to normal

Waiting for a chaotic situation to settle down to its usual state.
After the company merger, employees were waiting for the dust to return to normal.

Normal on the surface

Appearing regular or standard externally, even if different underneath.
Their relationship seemed normal on the surface, but they had many issues.

Make it the new normal

To adopt a change as a consistent and routine part of life.
After adopting a healthy diet, she made it her new normal.

Within the bounds of normal

Within what is considered standard or acceptable.
His reaction, though surprising to some, was within the bounds of normal.

A touch of the normal

A small amount or hint of something familiar or typical.
Their quirky home had just a touch of the normal, with a traditional living room.

Outside the realm of normal

Beyond what is considered standard or typical.
His innovative ideas were often outside the realm of normal.

Normal for Norfolk (N4N)

An ironic expression used in British medicine to indicate that someone seems unusual but is, in fact, typical for their local area.
He thought the patient's behavior was strange, but it was normal for Norfolk.

A break from the normal

A change or diversion from what's usual or routine.
Their weekend getaway was a break from the normal hustle and bustle.

As normal as rain

Something very typical or expected, especially in certain situations.
In this city, afternoon showers in summer are as normal as rain.

Find one's normal

To establish or return to a routine or state.
After a major life change, it took him a while to find his normal.

Far from normal

Different from what is typical or expected.
The play's plot was far from normal, full of unexpected twists.

Shift the normal

To change what is considered standard or typical.
Technological advancements continue to shift the normal in many industries.

The normal bells and whistles

The standard or expected features or extras.
The new software has all the normal bells and whistles you'd expect.

Common Curiosities

What is the pronunciation of Normal?

Normal is pronounced as /ˈnɔːr.məl/.

What part of speech is Normal?

"Normal" is primarily an adjective. It can also be used as a noun.

What is the verb form of Normal?

The verb form related to "normal" is "normalize."

Why is it called Normal?

The word "normal" is derived from the Latin "norma," which referred to a carpenter's square, something used to measure or set a standard. Over time, it came to mean conforming to a standard or the common type.

Is Normal an adverb?

No, "normal" is not an adverb. The adverb form would be "normally."

Is Normal an abstract noun?

When used as a noun, "normal" can be considered abstract as it refers to a standard or usual condition, which is an idea rather than a tangible thing.

Which vowel is used before Normal?

There isn't a specific rule for which vowel to use before "normal." It depends on the context. For instance, "a" can be used in "a normal day," while "an" can be used in a phrase like "an unusually normal occurrence."

What is the root word of Normal?

The root word of "normal" is from the Latin word "norma," meaning "a rule" or "a carpenter's square."

What is another term for Normal?

Another term for "normal" is "typical" or "standard."

What is the opposite of Normal?

The opposite of "normal" is "abnormal" or "unusual."

Is Normal a vowel or consonant?

"Normal" is a word composed of both vowels and consonants. It's not exclusively one or the other.

How do we divide Normal into syllables?

"Normal" can be divided as nor-mal.

Which determiner is used with Normal?

The determiners used with "normal" vary based on context. Common determiners include "a," "the," "this," "that," "my," "his," "her," etc.

Is Normal a noun or adjective?

"Normal" is primarily an adjective, but it can also be used as a noun, as in "the normal."

Is Normal a negative or positive word?

"Normal" is neutral, neither inherently positive nor negative. Its connotation depends on the context in which it's used.

Is Normal a collective noun?

No, "normal" is not a collective noun.

How many syllables are in Normal?

There are two syllables in "normal."

Is Normal a countable noun?

When "normal" is used as a noun, it is generally uncountable. For instance, "This is the new normal."

Is the Normal term a metaphor?

The term "normal" itself is not a metaphor. However, it can be used metaphorically in various contexts.

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