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Novel Sentences

A "novel" is a long, fictional narrative, typically over 50,000 words, that describes intimate human experiences with developed characters and plots. e.g., She spent the whole weekend absorbed in a captivating novel about a woman.

How to use Novel in a sentence

Novel Sentences

This award-winning novel is a must-read for young adults.
The novel depicts a young girl's journey to become a powerful queen.
The novel's magical elements add to its charm and appeal.
The novel reveals surprising secrets about the main character's past.
This novel teaches the value of perseverance in the face of adversity.
The author's novel captivates readers with its rich, descriptive language.
The novel unravels a thrilling mystery that keeps readers guessing till the end.
The novel uses humor to address serious societal issues.
This gripping novel has an unforgettable ending.
The novel is a powerful tale of resilience and determination.
The novel explores themes of love, loss, and redemption.
The novel's protagonist must overcome numerous obstacles to achieve his goal.
The novel is set in a dystopian future where technology rules.
The novel showcases the strength of the human spirit in difficult times.
This novel provides a deep insight into human nature.
In the novel, the main character embarks on a journey of self-discovery.
The novel centers around a family's struggle to stay together in tough times.
This novel explores the concept of identity in a thought-provoking way.
He won a prize for writing the best adventure novel of the year.
She finds detective novels the most exciting to read.
The novelist took five years to finish his epic novel.
This fantasy novel takes readers to a world filled with magic and dragons.
The novel vividly depicts the life of a soldier during wartime.
He read the entire novel in just one day because it was so engaging.
The novel paints a picture of a society struggling for equality.
This novel allows readers to explore different cultures and traditions.
The novel takes you on a journey through space and time.
The novel's detailed world-building takes readers on an immersive journey.
The novel made him realize the importance of friendship.
The author's first novel became a worldwide bestseller.
Her latest novel focuses on the struggle for independence.
His novel introduced readers to a future dominated by artificial intelligence.
The romance novel tells the heartwarming story of two star-crossed lovers.
The novel's vivid descriptions make you feel part of the story.
The novel won several awards for its compelling storytelling.
The novel she was reading transported her to a whole new world.
He picked up a mystery novel to read on his long flight.
She finds peace by reading a novel before bedtime.
My teacher suggested a historical novel for our next book report.
Her favorite novel was an inspiring story about a young inventor.
The novel I'm currently reading is set in medieval times.
The author's novel explores complex issues in a simple, understandable way.
I got lost in the fascinating world of the science fiction novel.
My brother's new favorite novel is about a treasure hunt in the desert.
The novel is full of suspense, keeping readers on the edge of their seats.
The novel is based on the author's own experiences growing up.
The novel ends on a cliffhanger, leaving readers eager for the sequel.
The novel's narrative takes unexpected twists and turns.
This novel is full of characters that readers can relate to.
The novel explores the concept of time travel in a unique way.

Novel Definitions

Unusual: Novel may describe something different from the ordinary.
It was a novel experience for everyone involved.
Unique: Novel can mean something without precedent.
His style of painting is quite novel.
New: Novel can also mean something original or new.
He came up with a novel idea for the project.
Innovative: Novel can indicate a fresh and creative approach.
The novel technology solved many existing issues.
Book: Novel is commonly used to describe a bound printed work of fiction.
The novel was adapted into a film.
Fictional Story: Novel refers to a long, written narrative, usually fictional.
She spent the weekend reading a mystery novel.

Novel Idioms & Phrases

Novel method

A new and different way of doing something.
His novel method of teaching made him popular among students.

Novel twist

An unexpected change or surprise in a situation.
The novel twist at the end of the movie left everyone in the theatre in shock.

Novel concept

A unique or fresh idea.
The restaurant's novel concept of serving only locally sourced food became popular.

Novel introduction

A new or unique way of presenting something or someone.
The host's novel introduction of the guest speaker intrigued the audience.

Novel angle

A unique or fresh point of view.
The documentary presented a novel angle on the political situation.

Novel challenge

A unique and unprecedented problem or hurdle.
The sudden economic downturn presented a novel challenge for the young entrepreneur.

Novel perspective

A fresh viewpoint or outlook.
The philosopher offered a novel perspective on the nature of reality.

Novel technique

A new and different way of doing something.
The artist's novel technique involved using recyclable materials.

Novel initiative

A new project or plan that has not been tried before.
The company's novel initiative involved employing only renewable energy in its operations.

Novel venture

A new business or project that hasn't been tried before.
His novel venture in the world of virtual reality was both risky and exciting.

Write a novel

To create a long, complex work of fiction.
She decided to quit her job and write a novel.

Novel sensation

A completely new feeling or experience.
His first time bungee jumping was a novel sensation.

Novel design

A unique, original, or innovative design.
The building's novel design attracted attention from architects all over the world.

Novel solution

A new and original way of solving a problem.
The team's novel solution to the energy crisis won them the international innovation award.

Novel invention

A completely new and innovative creation.
The novel invention of a solar-powered car revolutionized the automobile industry.

Novel interpretation

A new or different way of understanding something.
His novel interpretation of the classic play brought him critical acclaim.

Read a novel

To spend time comprehending a work of fiction.
During the long flight, she decided to read a novel.

Novel experience

Something new and unusual that one has experienced.
My trip to the Amazon rainforest was a novel experience.

A novel idea

An innovative or original thought.
His concept of clean energy was such a novel idea that it won the national competition.

Novel approach

A new or different method or perspective.
The scientist's novel approach to the problem allowed her to make a groundbreaking discovery.

Common Curiosities

Which determiner is used with Novel?

For instance, "the", "a", "an", "this", "that", "my", "his", etc.

Is a Novel a noun or adjective?

Novel can be used as both a noun and an adjective.

Is Novel an adverb?

It's a noun or an adjective.

Is Novel term a metaphor?

However, it can be used in a metaphorical context when describing something as new or innovative.

How many syllables are in Novel?

There are two syllables in 'Novel'. nov-el

Is a Novel an abstract noun?

No, 'Novel' as a noun is a concrete noun as it can be perceived by one or more of the senses.

Is a Novel a countable noun?

For example, you can have one novel, two novels, and so on.

Is Novel a collective noun?

It doesn't refer to a group of things.

What is the opposite of Novel?

The opposite of Novel (when used as an adjective) could be 'common', 'familiar', or 'traditional'.

Is Novel a negative or positive word?

Novel is generally considered a neutral word, but it often has a positive connotation when used as an adjective, indicating something fresh, unique, or innovative.

Is the Novel a vowel or consonant?

'Novel' is a word, not a single letter, and it consists of both vowels (o, e) and consonants (n, v, l).

Which vowel is used before Novel?

It depends on the word or sentence context.

What is another term for Novel?

When used as an adjective, a synonym could be 'unique' or 'innovative'.

What part of speech is Novel?

It can also be an adjective, meaning new or unusual in an interesting way.

Why is it called Novel?

This reflects the idea that a novel presents a new story or new way of looking at something.

What is the root word of Novel?

The root word of 'novel' is derived from the Italian word 'novella' which means 'new'.

What is the pronunciation of Novel?

Novel is pronounced as "Nah-vuhl".

What is the verb form of Novel?

It's typically a noun, referring to a long work of fiction, or an adjective, meaning new and not resembling something formerly known or used.

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