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Puddle Sentences

Puddle means a small, shallow pool of liquid, usually water, formed on a surface. e.g., After the rain, a puddle formed at the corner of the street.

How to use Puddle in a sentence

Puddle Sentences

The children splashed in the puddle during recess.
The dog happily drank from a puddle on the sidewalk.
After the storm, the driveway was full of puddles.
He carefully avoided the puddle on his way to school.
The puddle froze overnight, turning into a patch of ice.
She jumped over a puddle while walking her dog.
He accidentally stepped in a puddle and soaked his shoes.
A puddle of spilled milk was on the kitchen floor.
She found a small frog in a puddle.
A puddle of syrup was left on the table after breakfast.
The ants navigated around the puddle on the sidewalk.
The puddle was surrounded by colorful autumn leaves.
The melting snow created a large puddle in the yard.
A puddle of oil was under the car.
She tiptoed around the puddle to keep her feet dry.
The wind caused ripples in the puddle.
He measured the depth of the puddle with his foot.
He used a stick to stir the puddle.
The puddle was so big that it looked like a pond.
The puddle slowly evaporated in the afternoon sun.
The puddle dried up by midday.
They found a puddle of water by the leaking faucet.
He drew a picture of a puddle with chalk on the pavement.
The puddle reflected the bright blue sky.
A butterfly landed near the edge of the puddle.
She accidentally dropped her toy in the puddle.
The puddle was shimmering under the streetlight.
She counted the puddles on her walk to school.
The moon's reflection appeared in the night puddle.
He saw a snail near the puddle.
She used a stick to draw in the muddy puddle.
The puddle was so clear, it mirrored the trees above.
The puddle was filled with rainwater from the storm.
She dipped her toes in the cool puddle.
The puddle became a miniature pond for insects.
The sun reflected in the puddle, creating a rainbow effect.
A bird bathed in a small puddle on the sidewalk.
She noticed her reflection in the puddle.
A leaf boat floated across the puddle.
He painted a picture of a puddle after the rain.
The puddle had frozen into a slippery surface.
He looked for fish in the large puddle.
She splashed her brother with water from the puddle.
The puddle was shaped like a heart.
The puddle had tiny waves when the wind blew.
He avoided the puddle to keep his socks dry.
She watched as the puddle slowly shrank in size.
The puddle was a perfect spot for jumping.
He found a small fish stranded in the puddle.
The puddle sparkled in the sunlight.

Puddle Definitions

A minor accumulation of water or other fluid on a surface.
A puddle of melted snow appeared at the base of the snowman.
A small, often temporary, pool of liquid on the ground.
After washing the car, a puddle of soapy water remained on the driveway.
A wet patch formed by a spill of liquid.
He cleaned up the puddle of juice that spilled on the floor.
A small accumulation of liquid, typically water, on a surface.
A puddle formed on the sidewalk after the sprinklers turned off.
An isolated pool of liquid, typically small in size.
A puddle of oil under the car indicated a possible leak.
A shallow pool of water or other liquid, often caused by rain.
The children loved to splash in the puddle after a rainstorm.

Puddle Idioms & Phrases

Puddle of Uncertainty

A situation filled with doubt and indecision.
He found himself in a puddle of uncertainty when choosing his career path.

Puddle of Problems

A collection of small but annoying issues.
The project became a puddle of problems that needed immediate attention.

Puddle of Confusion

A small but significant state of being confused or unclear.
The new regulations left everyone in a puddle of confusion.

Splash Through a Puddle

To energetically deal with a small problem.
With enthusiasm, she splashed through the puddle of last-minute changes.

Puddle of Thoughts

A collection of random, unorganized ideas.
Her journal was a puddle of thoughts, filled with various ideas and musings.

Reflect in a Puddle

To consider or reflect on a minor issue.
He took a moment to reflect in the puddle of his recent mistakes.

Puddle of Opportunity

A small chance or possibility.
She saw a puddle of opportunity in the emerging market.

Puddle of Tears

A small but heartfelt display of sorrow or emotion.
The touching story left her in a puddle of tears.

Jump Over a Puddle

To avoid a minor problem or obstacle.
She easily jumped over the puddle of logistical issues in her event planning.

Drown in a Puddle

To be overwhelmed by a small or insignificant problem.
He tended to drown in a puddle when faced with even the slightest criticism.

Puddle of Joy

A small, intense feeling of happiness.
Seeing her friend after years brought a puddle of joy to her heart.

Puddle of Silence

A brief, quiet pause in a conversation or activity.
The unexpected news was followed by a puddle of silence.

Puddle of Laughter

A small but intense moment of amusement.
The joke left them in a puddle of laughter.

Puddle of Memories

A small collection of nostalgic recollections.
Looking through the old album stirred up a puddle of memories.

Puddle of Doubt

A small area of uncertainty or skepticism.
His ambiguous answer left a puddle of doubt in her mind.

Muddy the Puddle

To make a simple issue more complicated.
Introducing new variables just muddied the puddle.

Puddle of Chaos

A small area or moment of disorder or confusion.
The unexpected event created a puddle of chaos in the otherwise orderly day.

Step Into a Puddle

To inadvertently get involved in a minor issue.
He accidentally stepped into a puddle of controversy with his offhand comments.

Puddle of Light

A small area or moment of clarity or enlightenment.
The teacher's explanation created a puddle of light in her understanding of the subject.

Evaporate Like a Puddle

To disappear or resolve quickly.
His fears evaporated like a puddle under the sun of reassurance.

Common Curiosities

What is the pronunciation of puddle?

Puddle is pronounced as /ˈpʌdəl/.

What part of speech is puddle?

"Puddle" is primarily a noun, but can also be used as a verb.

What is another term for puddle?

Another term for "puddle" is "pool" or "small pond."

How many syllables are in puddle?

There are two syllables in "puddle."

Which vowel is used before puddle?

The vowel used before "puddle" depends on the context in which it is used in a sentence.

Why is it called puddle?

It is called "puddle" likely deriving from Middle English words referring to a small pool of water.

How do we divide puddle into syllables?

"Puddle" is divided into syllables as pud-dle.

Which determiner is used with puddle?

Determiners like "the," "a," "this," or "that" can be used with "puddle" depending on the context.

What is the opposite of puddle?

The opposite of a "puddle" could be "dry land" or "arid area."

What is the verb form of puddle?

The verb form of "puddle" is also "puddle," as in "to puddle."

What is the root word of puddle?

The root word of "puddle" is believed to be the Middle English "podel" or "pudle," meaning a small pool.

What is a stressed syllable in puddle?

The first syllable "pud" is the stressed syllable in "puddle."

What is the first form of puddle?

The first (base) form is "puddle."

What is the second form of puddle?

The second form (past simple) is "puddled."

What is the singular form of puddle?

The singular form is "puddle."

Which article is used with puddle?

Articles like "the," "a," or "an" can be used with "puddle."

Which preposition is used with puddle?

Prepositions like "in," "on," or "around" can be used with "puddle," as in "puddle in the road."

Is puddle a countable noun?

Yes, "puddle" is a countable noun.

What is the plural form of puddle?

The plural form is "puddles."

Which conjunction is used with puddle?

No specific conjunction is uniquely used with "puddle"; it depends on the sentence.

Is puddle an adverb?

No, "puddle" is not an adverb.

Is puddle a collective noun?

"Puddle" is not a collective noun; it refers to individual small bodies of water.

Is the puddle term a metaphor?

"Puddle" can be used metaphorically in certain contexts.

Is the word puddle is imperative?

"Puddle" can be used in the imperative form as a verb, as in "Puddle these liquids together."

What is the third form of puddle?

The third form (past participle) is "puddled."

Is puddle a noun or adjective?

"Puddle" is primarily a noun but can also be used as a verb.

Is puddle an abstract noun?

No, "puddle" is a concrete noun, representing a physical object.

Is puddle a negative or positive word?

"Puddle" is neutral; it is neither inherently negative nor positive.

Is the word puddle Gerund?

The gerund form of "puddle" as a verb is "puddling."

Is the word “puddle” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

As a noun, "puddle" can be a direct object in a sentence, like in "He jumped over the puddle." It is not typically used as an indirect object.

How is puddle used in a sentence?

Example: "After the rain, a large puddle formed in the driveway."

Is puddle a vowel or consonant?

"Puddle" is a word, not a vowel or consonant.

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