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Belief Sentences

"Belief" is a feeling of being sure something exists or is true. e.g., His belief in magic made the show more exciting for him.

How to use Belief in a sentence

Belief Sentences

My belief in my ability to succeed is strong.
Some people still hold the belief that the earth is flat.
He held a strong belief that hard work always pays off.
My grandmother has a belief in the healing power of herbs.
She questioned his belief about the existence of aliens.
His belief in Santa Claus continued even as he got older.
The belief that cats are unlucky is common in some cultures.
The belief in karma is strong in many Eastern cultures.
Her belief in miracles helped her through tough times.
Her belief that she could fly was adorable when she was a child.
His belief in himself helped him win the competition.
My belief in ghosts was reinforced after that night.
His belief in her honesty never wavered.
His belief that he could win was infectious.
Our teacher has a strong belief in our capabilities.
His belief that he is invincible often gets him in trouble.
The belief that good always triumphs over evil is prevalent in many stories.
Your belief in your dreams can take you far.
She has a strong belief in the importance of education.
The belief in a higher power provides comfort to many people.
She has a deep belief in the power of love.
His belief that he could change the world was inspiring.
His belief in equality drives his activism.
Your belief in me gives me strength.
Despite all odds, he never lost his belief in a better future.
Their belief that they could save the world was admirable.
My belief in a brighter tomorrow keeps me going.
She held onto her belief that there is always a silver lining.
His belief that everyone is good at heart is touching.
His belief in honesty has made him a trustworthy person.
Her belief that she could become a famous singer one day was unshakable.
Your belief that you can do anything is empowering.
His belief that he was invincible was shattered after the accident.
The belief that one day we will visit other planets is fascinating.
His belief in fate never wavered, even in the most challenging times.
Your belief in our team's capabilities inspires us all.
Her belief that she would find her lost dog never faded.
Your belief in justice makes you stand against inequality.
The belief in luck influences many people's decisions.
Her belief in the power of words led her to become a writer.
Her belief in justice motivates her to fight for it.
Her belief that money can buy happiness is misguided.
The belief that a black cat crossing your path is bad luck is superstitious.
The belief in destiny shapes many people's decisions.
The belief in true love is still alive and well.
His belief that he could become a writer motivated him to write every day.
Her belief that hard work leads to success was proven right.
The belief that money can't buy happiness is widely accepted.
The belief in life after death is common in many religions.
His belief that every cloud has a silver lining keeps him optimistic.

Belief Definitions

System: Belief system refers to a set of principles that guide behavior.
Democracy is based on a belief system.
Accepting as True: Belief is the acceptance that something is true.
His belief in ghosts surprised me.
Cultural: In society, belief often pertains to shared cultural values.
The belief in equality is widespread.
Faith: In religion, belief signifies faith in a higher power.
Her strong belief in God helped her.
Opinion: Belief can also mean a personal opinion or conviction.
It's my belief that we should help others.
Scientific: In science, belief is based on empirical evidence.
The belief in evolution is supported by data.

Belief Idioms & Phrases

Leap of belief

An act of believing in or attempting something that is uncertain or risky.
Starting his own business was a real leap of belief for him.

A matter of belief

Something that one accepts as true or real.
For some people, the existence of extraterrestrial life is a matter of belief.

Put belief in

To trust or have faith in someone or something.
He put his belief in his doctor's expertise.

Beyond belief

So extraordinary or extreme as to be difficult to believe.
The scale of the damage caused by the hurricane was beyond belief.

Defy belief

To be extremely surprising or hard to believe.
The cruelty of the crime defied belief.

Hold a belief

To have a particular opinion or conviction.
He holds the belief that it will rain tomorrow.

Beggar belief

To be too extraordinary to be believed.
The sheer size of the cathedral just beggars belief.

In the belief that

Assuming that something is true.
She packed an umbrella in the belief that it would rain.

Belief in action

The process of acting in line with one's beliefs.
His dedication to recycling is his belief in action.

Against one's better belief

Doing something even though it goes against what one thinks is right or proper.
Against her better belief, she trusted him with the secret.

Lose belief

To no longer have confidence or faith in someone or something.
After a series of failures, he began to lose belief in his abilities.

Suspend one's belief

To stop oneself from questioning the plausibility of an idea or event.
To enjoy the movie, you must suspend your belief and accept the impossible.

Beyond belief

Too extraordinary to be believed.
The cruelty of the dictator's actions was beyond belief.

Break someone's belief

To destroy someone's trust or confidence in something.
His constant lies broke her belief in him.

Act of belief

An action is demonstrating one's faith or trust in something.
Investing in the project was an act of belief in its potential.

Blind belief

Belief without true understanding or evidence.
His blind belief in the leader was dangerous.

Matter of belief

Something that is accepted as true or honest by someone.
For him, the existence of ghosts is a matter of belief.

Firm belief

A belief that is strongly held.
She had a firm belief in the importance of education.

Be of the belief

To have a specific opinion or view on something.
I am of the belief that everyone should have access to healthcare.

Under the belief

Being convinced of something.
He operated under the belief that she would support him.

Common Curiosities

Which vowel is used before Belief?

The vowel used before "belief" depends on the specific context, but often "a" or "the" is used.

What is the root word of Belief?

The root word of "belief" is "believe".

How many syllables are in Belief?

There are two syllables in "belief".

What is the opposite of Belief?

The opposite of "belief" is "disbelief" or "doubt".

What part of speech is Belief?

"Belief" is a noun.

How do we divide Belief into syllables?

"Belief" is divided into syllables as be-lief.

What is the pronunciation of Belief?

Belief is pronounced as bɪˈliːf.

Which determiner is used with Belief?

Any determiner can be used with "belief" based on the context, such as "the", "a", "his", "my", etc.

Is a Belief a noun or adjective?

"Belief" is a noun.

What is the verb form of Belief?

The verb form of "belief" is "believe".

Is a Belief an abstract noun?

Yes, "belief" is an abstract noun because it refers to an idea or a concept that can't be sensed with the five senses.

Is the Belief a vowel or consonant?

"Belief" is a word, not a single letter, so it contains both vowels and consonants.

What is another term for Belief?

Another term for "belief" is "conviction" or "faith".

Why is it called Belief?

"Belief" is called so because it refers to an acceptance that a statement is true or that something exists, often without proof.

Is Belief a negative or positive word?

"Belief" is neither inherently negative nor positive; its connotation depends on the context in which it is used.

Is Belief an adverb?

No, "belief" is not an adverb.

Is a Belief a countable noun?

Yes, "belief" is a countable noun. You can have one belief, multiple beliefs, etc.

Is Belief a collective noun?

No, "belief" is not a collective noun.

Is Belief term a metaphor?

No, "belief" is not a metaphor; it is a literal term referring to a mental attitude of acceptance or conviction.

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