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Treachery Sentences

"Treachery" refers to the act of being unfaithful or betraying trust. e.g., He could not believe the treachery when his best friend stole his idea.

How to use Treachery in a sentence

Treachery Sentences

The treachery in the novel adds an exciting twist to the plot.
His advisor's treachery deeply hurt the king.
She felt the sting of treachery when her secrets were exposed.
The soldiers were warned against any acts of treachery.
He was accused of treachery for sharing company secrets with the competitor.
Her treachery was discovered when the stolen jewels were found.
The officer's treachery led to the defeat of his own team.
The treachery of his actions caused a lot of pain.
Despite his treachery, she found the strength to forgive him.
They revealed the traitor's treachery to the public.
He committed an act of treachery by revealing their hiding place.
His treachery was the final straw in their friendship.
The story of his treachery spread throughout the kingdom.
The boy was shocked by his friend's treachery.
She could never forget the treachery that had broken her trust.
He was shunned by the community after his act of treachery.
She confronted him about his treachery.
His act of treachery was a betrayal to all who trusted him.
The treachery of the spy was rewarded with imprisonment.
The prince was banished from the kingdom for his treachery.
His treachery caused a rift between the two friends.
The knight was stripped of his title for treachery.
The treachery of the thief was exposed by the detective.
The treachery led to distrust among the team members.
Her heart ached because of her brother's treachery.
The treachery in his heart was clear in his deceitful actions.
The treachery was too much for her to bear.
The treachery of his actions was not immediately apparent.
The story revolves around the treachery of a trusted friend.
His treachery was the reason behind the unrest in the group.
The whole school was buzzing with the news of his treachery.
The treachery in his heart was disguised by his charming smile.
His treachery caused a deep wound in her heart.
The treachery was revealed in the final chapter of the book.
The treachery had destroyed the trust between the two best friends.
The queen was furious at the treachery of her son.
His treachery had torn the family apart.
The citizens were angry at the mayor's treachery.
His treachery had cost the team their victory.
The villain's treachery was his defining characteristic in the movie.
The evidence of his treachery was overwhelming.
She never expected such treachery from her own sister.
His treachery resulted in the downfall of the kingdom.
She decided to forgive him despite his treachery.
The treachery in the team led to its disbandment.
The treachery had ruined their plans for the heist.
His act of treachery earned him a life sentence in prison.
The news of his treachery shocked everyone.
The treachery left a lasting impact on her.
The aftermath of his treachery was devastating.

Treachery Definitions

Deception: Treachery can mean deception for personal gain.
She was a victim of corporate treachery.
Betrayal: Treachery refers to the act of betraying someone's trust.
His treachery shocked everyone.
Military: In warfare, treachery involves betraying one's country.
He was convicted for treachery against the state.
Breaking Faith: In religion, treachery involves breaking faith or sacred trusts.
Judas is infamous for his treachery.
Disloyalty: In relationships, treachery signifies extreme disloyalty.
Their friendship ended because of treachery.
Surprise Attack: Treachery can mean a surprise attack by allies.
The army faced treachery from within.

Treachery Idioms & Phrases

Treachery in the air

This phrase means that there is a sense or feeling of betrayal or dishonesty present.
With everyone keeping secrets, there was treachery in the air.

Web of treachery

This refers to a complex situation of deceit and betrayal.
The corrupt politician had spun a web of treachery that fooled everyone.

Trail of treachery

It signifies a series of deceitful or disloyal actions.
The detective followed the trail of treachery left by the criminal.

Path of treachery

This phrase refers to a course of action that involves betrayal.
He chose the path of treachery when he sold company secrets.

Seeds of treachery

This phrase refers to the initial acts or thoughts that lead to betrayal or deceit.
His constant criticism and negative attitude sowed the seeds of treachery in their friendship.

Treachery behind closed doors

This phrase refers to deceitful actions that are kept secret or hidden.
The business deal was a façade; there was treachery behind closed doors.

Roots of treachery

This means the underlying cause or origin of deceit.
The roots of treachery in the organization were the lack of transparency.

Heart of treachery

This means a person who is innately dishonest or disloyal.
Despite his charming exterior, he had a heart of treachery.

Whisper of treachery

This means a hint or suggestion of betrayal.
The stolen documents were a whisper of treachery within the organization.

Treachery at every turn

This signifies that betrayal or deceit is being encountered frequently.
In the world of espionage, there's treachery at every turn.

Treachery's shadow

It means the negative aftermath or effects of betrayal.
The country is still struggling under treachery's shadow left by the previous government.

Taste of treachery

This refers to the experience of being deceived or betrayed.
His friend's betrayal gave him a bitter taste of treachery.

Treachery under the mask

This phrase means deceit hidden behind a friendly or innocent façade.
Her kindness was a deception; there was treachery under the mask.

Treachery's reward

This phrase means the negative consequences faced by someone who betrays others.
His treachery's reward was a life of guilt and regret.

Echo of treachery

It refers to a reminder or residual effect of a deceitful act.
His dismissal was an echo of treachery from his past.

Treachery’s footprint

This phrase refers to the lasting impact or mark left by a betrayal.
The treachery's footprint on the family was deep and long-lasting.

Touch of treachery

This refers to a slight or subtle act of betrayal.
His decision to side with the opponents was seen as a touch of treachery.

Veil of treachery

This phrase refers to the cover-up or concealment of deceitful actions.
Behind the veil of treachery, they were planning a coup.

Treachery by night

It refers to secretive deceit or betrayal.
The traitor committed treachery by night, passing information to the enemy.

Tides of treachery

This refers to a powerful surge or increase in deceitful activities.
The political scandal unleashed tides of treachery.

Common Curiosities

What is the verb form of Treachery?

The word "treachery" itself is a noun and doesn't have a specific verb form, but the verb "betray" is often used to convey the action associated with treachery.

What part of speech is Treachery?

"Treachery" is a noun.

What is the pronunciation of Treachery?

Treachery is pronounced as /ˈtrɛtʃəri/.

What is another term for Treachery?

Another term for "treachery" is "betrayal".

What is the opposite of Treachery?

The opposite of "treachery" is "loyalty" or "faithfulness".

Is a Treachery an abstract noun?

Yes, "treachery" is an abstract noun as it represents an idea or quality, rather than a physical entity.

Which vowel is used before Treachery?

The vowel used before "treachery" depends on the context and the word preceding it. It can be any vowel.

Which determiner is used with Treachery?

The determiner used with "treachery" depends on the context, but it is often used with the definite article "the" or indefinite article "a".

Is Treachery an adverb?

No, "treachery" is not an adverb.

What is the root word of Treachery?

The root word of "treachery" is the Old French "trichier", which means to deceive or cheat.

Why is it called Treachery?

It is called "treachery" because it represents an act of betrayal or deception.

How many syllables are in Treachery?

There are three syllables in "treachery".

Is the Treachery a vowel or consonant?

The term "vowel" or "consonant" applies to individual letters, not entire words.

Is Treachery a negative or positive word?

"Treachery" is a negative word as it represents betrayal or deceit.

Is a Treachery a countable noun?

However, in some contexts, it can be countable when referring to distinct acts of betrayal.

Is Treachery a collective noun?

No, "treachery" is not a collective noun.

Is Treachery term a metaphor?

"Treachery" is not a metaphor in itself, but can be used in metaphoric expressions to describe an act of deceit or betrayal.

How do we divide Treachery into syllables?

"Treachery" can be divided into syllables as follows: treach-er-y.

Is a Treachery a noun or adjective?

"Treachery" is a noun.

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