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Belligerent Sentences

Belligerent means aggressively hostile and ready to fight. e.g., The belligerent neighbor often argued with everyone around.

How to use Belligerent in a sentence

Belligerent Sentences

His belligerent attitude made him unpopular with his colleagues.
The belligerent dog barked fiercely at the stranger.
The belligerent student refused to follow the rules.
They were known for their belligerent behavior at parties.
A belligerent crowd gathered outside the courthouse.
His belligerent remarks offended many people in the audience.
Despite his belligerent mood, she managed to talk him down.
The team’s belligerent strategy led to many fouls.
She remained calm despite his belligerent tone.
The belligerent teenager refused to do his homework.
Their belligerent approach to competition often led to conflicts.
The belligerent activist criticized the opposing group.
The belligerent soldier was disciplined for his conduct.
The belligerent child kept shouting at his sister.
The belligerent player was sent off the field for arguing with the referee.
His belligerent nature caused problems at every family gathering.
A belligerent customer argued with the cashier over the price.
His belligerent outbursts made him a challenging roommate.
He had a belligerent expression when confronted.
The belligerent man threw a punch at the bartender.
Her belligerent laughter was unsettling to everyone around.
The belligerent politician was criticized for his harsh comments.
The belligerent coach yelled at the players throughout the game.
The belligerent mob chanted slogans against the government.
Despite her belligerent posture, she listened to the arguments.
The belligerent boxer taunted his opponent before the match.
Their belligerent rhetoric increased tensions in the region.
He spoke with a belligerent tone to the interview panel.
A belligerent employee disrupted the meeting with his comments.
The belligerent nations refused to sign the peace treaty.
The belligerent commander ordered his troops to attack.
The belligerent remarks made by the politician angered the crowd.
His belligerent reaction took everyone by surprise.
His belligerent driving led to several traffic violations.
The belligerent shopper argued with other customers over the last item.
The belligerent response from the leader sparked controversy.
Their belligerent demands made negotiations difficult.
Her belligerent stance on the issue alienated her from the group.
He approached the meeting with a belligerent mindset.
Her belligerent actions resulted in a suspension.
The belligerent response only worsened the situation.
His belligerent actions were condemned by the local community.
The belligerent youth argued with the police officer.
The belligerent gang harassed pedestrians late at night.
Her belligerent refusal to compromise stalled negotiations.
Their belligerent approach to business resulted in multiple lawsuits.
The belligerent team captain yelled at the referee after the decision.
The belligerent journalist attacked the guest speaker with tough questions.
Her belligerent posture suggested she was ready to argue.
The belligerent gang leader threatened anyone who crossed him.

Belligerent Definitions

Engaged in warfare or conflict.
The belligerent nations signed a ceasefire agreement.
Aggressively hostile or combative.
His belligerent attitude alienated many friends.
Ready to argue or fight.
The belligerent customer refused to calm down.
Pertaining to a state of war.
The belligerent country increased its military spending.
Showing readiness to fight or quarrel.
His belligerent stance was evident in his clenched fists.

Belligerent Idioms & Phrases

Belligerent mood

Being in a state of aggression or hostility
She was in a belligerent mood after the argument.

Belligerent attitude

Having an aggressive or combative disposition
His belligerent attitude often led to conflicts.

Belligerent nation

A country engaged in war or conflict
The belligerent nation refused to withdraw its troops.

Belligerent tone

A hostile or aggressive way of speaking
His belligerent tone made everyone uncomfortable.

Belligerent remark

A comment filled with hostility or aggression
The belligerent remark insulted many members of the audience.

Belligerent behavior

Conduct characterized by hostility or aggression
His belligerent behavior at the meeting shocked everyone.

Belligerent stance

An aggressive or combative position on an issue
Their belligerent stance on immigration was criticized widely.

Belligerent approach

A combative strategy or stance
The company's belligerent approach alienated potential partners.

Belligerent reaction

An aggressively hostile or combative response
The belligerent reaction from the official caused an uproar.

Belligerent response

A reaction marked by hostility or combativeness
The belligerent response from the spokesperson made negotiations difficult.

Belligerent mob

A crowd behaving in an aggressively hostile manner
The belligerent mob vandalized shops and vehicles.

Belligerent language

Speech filled with hostility or aggression
The belligerent language used in the debate angered many.

Belligerent negotiations

Discussions marked by hostility or aggression
The belligerent negotiations ended in a stalemate.

Belligerent comments

Remarks that are aggressively hostile or confrontational
His belligerent comments led to his dismissal from the panel.

Belligerent reply

A response marked by hostility or combativeness
His belligerent reply ended the conversation abruptly.

Belligerent crowd

A group of people displaying hostility or combativeness
The belligerent crowd booed the speaker during his speech.

Belligerent faction

A group within an organization showing hostility
The belligerent faction within the party demanded a change in leadership.

Belligerent demeanor

A manner that suggests readiness to argue or fight
Her belligerent demeanor made her difficult to work with.

Belligerent posture

A body language indicating readiness to argue or fight
The belligerent posture of the boxer intimidated his opponent.

Belligerent outburst

An aggressive or hostile display of emotions
The belligerent outburst shocked everyone in the room.

Common Curiosities

What is a stressed syllable in belligerent?

The stressed syllable in belligerent is the second one: lig.

How many syllables are in belligerent?

Belligerent has four syllables.

Why is it called belligerent?

The word belligerent comes from the Latin belliger ("waging war"), derived from bellum ("war") and gerere ("to wage").

How do we divide belligerent into syllables?

Belligerent is divided as bel-lig-er-ent.

How is belligerent used in a sentence?

Belligerent is used to describe an aggressively hostile or combative attitude. e.g., The belligerent dog barked fiercely at the stranger.

What is the singular form of belligerent?

The singular form is belligerent.

What is the root word of belligerent?

The root word of belligerent is the Latin bellum, meaning "war."

What is the verb form of belligerent?

The verb form is belligerate, though it is rarely used. More commonly, the verb belligerate means "to wage war."

What is another term for belligerent?

Another term for belligerent is hostile.

Is belligerent an abstract noun?

Yes, belligerent as a noun is abstract, referring to a state of hostility.

What is the pronunciation of belligerent?

Belligerent is pronounced as buh-LIJ-er-uhnt.

What is the plural form of belligerent?

The plural form is belligerents.

Is belligerent a negative or positive word?

Belligerent is a negative word, as it implies aggression and hostility.

Is belligerent a vowel or consonant?

Belligerent is a word composed of both vowels and consonants.

Is belligerent a collective noun?

No, belligerent is not a collective noun.

Is the belligerent term a metaphor?

No, the term belligerent is not a metaphor itself.

Is the word belligerent imperative?

No, belligerent is not imperative.

Is the word “belligerent” a direct object or an indirect object?

Belligerent can function as either depending on the sentence. e.g., The officer reprimanded the belligerent. (Direct object)

Which determiner is used with belligerent?

Determiners like a, the, this, that can be used with belligerent.

Which vowel is used before belligerent?

The vowel a is often used before belligerent.

What part of speech is belligerent?

Belligerent is primarily an adjective, but it can also be a noun.

Is belligerent an adverb?

No, belligerent is not an adverb. The adverb form is belligerently.

Is belligerent a countable noun?

Yes, as a noun, belligerent is countable. e.g., The belligerents signed a peace treaty.

Is the word belligerent gerund?

No, belligerent is not a gerund.

Which preposition is used with belligerent?

The preposition towards is often used with belligerent. e.g., His belligerent attitude towards authority was problematic.

Which article is used with belligerent?

The articles a or the can be used with belligerent. e.g., He was a belligerent neighbor.

What is the opposite of belligerent?

The opposite of belligerent is peaceful.

Is belligerent a noun or adjective?

Belligerent is both a noun and an adjective.

Which conjunction is used with belligerent?

The conjunction and is often used with belligerent. e.g., He was belligerent and argumentative.

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