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Glee Sentences

Glee is a feeling of high-spirited joy, often accompanied by mirth. e.g., Her face lit up with glee at the surprise party.

How to use Glee in a sentence

Glee Sentences

Her eyes sparkled with glee.
They jumped up and down in glee.
She squealed in glee when she won the game.
The children shouted in glee as the show started.
He clapped his hands in glee.
She danced around the room with glee.
She shared her glee with everyone around her.
His glee was evident as he opened the gift.
He rubbed his hands together in glee.
He expressed his glee with a loud cheer.
She accepted the award with glee.
The children's glee was evident in their laughter.
He waited with glee for the concert to start.
The team celebrated their victory with glee.
She wrote about her travels with glee.
His glee in playing pranks was well known.
Her glee was contagious, making everyone smile.
He showed his glee with a wide grin.
She couldn't hide her glee when she saw the puppy.
They watched the fireworks with glee.
Her glee over the small things was endearing.
The room was filled with glee during the celebration.
His glee at the news was unmistakable.
The glee club sang with great enthusiasm.
They exchanged looks of glee during the meeting.
Her artistic talents were pursued with glee.
He greeted his friends with glee.
The surprise party was planned with glee.
She recounted her adventures with glee.
Her glee at finding the perfect dress was obvious.
The news was received with much glee.
They set up the decorations with glee.
The kids ran through the sprinklers with glee.
She handled the project with glee.
The idea was embraced with glee by everyone.
The song filled her with glee.
They embarked on the adventure with glee.
The game ended with shouts of glee from the winners.
His glee during the holiday season was heartwarming.
She tackled each challenge with glee.
The announcement was met with glee by the community.
His glee at getting a day off was palpable.
The crowd cheered with glee at the performance.
They shared their success story with glee.
She approached her new job with glee.
He packed for the trip with glee.
Her glee in discovering new books was infectious.
The birthday boy opened each present with glee.
She received the news of her promotion with glee.
They explored the theme park with glee.

Glee Definitions

Great delight, especially from one's own good fortune.
His glee was palpable after receiving the scholarship.
Joyful enthusiasm or excitement.
She felt a surge of glee when her favorite song played.
Exuberant or high-spirited merriment.
The children’s glee during the school play was contagious.
Music or merrymaking associated with joyful celebration.
The festival was filled with glee and dancing.
A state of being happy or full of joy.
Her glee was shared by everyone at the party.

Glee Idioms & Phrases

Squeal with glee

To emit a high-pitched sound from excitement.
The fans squealed with glee when the actor appeared.

Grin with glee

To smile broadly because of happiness.
She grinned with glee when she saw the cake.

Radiate glee

To exhibit joy vividly.
His face radiated glee as he recounted his adventure.

Bubble with glee

To show happiness in an effusive manner.
The toddler bubbled with glee at the playground.

Glee club

A group that sings together for enjoyment.
He joined the glee club to improve his singing skills.

With glee

Doing something with joyful enthusiasm.
They opened their presents with glee.

Uncontainable glee

Joy that cannot be held back or restrained.
Her uncontainable glee spilled over at the surprise news.

Chuckle with glee

To laugh quietly or inwardly in a joyful manner.
He chuckled with glee at the clever joke.

Leap with glee

To jump up excitedly in joy.
The puppy leaped with glee when its owner came home.

Echo with glee

To fill a space with sounds of joy.
The hall echoed with glee during the celebration.


Full of joy or cheer.
The reunion was a glee-filled occasion.

Shimmer with glee

To shine or radiate happiness.
Her eyes shimmered with glee during the concert.

Bursting with glee

Unable to contain joy.
She was bursting with glee after passing her exam.

Shriek with glee

To emit a loud, high-pitched sound from extreme happiness.
She shrieked with glee when she found the hidden treasure.

Glee burst

A sudden expression of intense joy.
A glee burst from the crowd when the winner was announced.

Overflowing with glee

To have joy that seems to exceed boundaries.
The kids were overflowing with glee on the last day of school.

Tremble with glee

To shake slightly because of excitement.
He trembled with glee as he approached the stage.

Glee explosion

A sudden, intense display of happiness.
The party turned into a glee explosion when the band started playing.

Glow with glee

To exhibit happiness that seems to light up one's face.
The child's face glowed with glee at the zoo.

Twinkle with glee

Eyes that sparkle with joy.
Her eyes twinkled with glee as she unwrapped the gift.

Common Curiosities

Why is it called glee?

Glee comes from the Old English "glēo," meaning entertainment and mirth.

How many syllables are in glee?

There is one syllable in "glee."

What is a stressed syllable in glee?

The only syllable in "glee" is stressed.

What is the pronunciation of glee?

Glee is pronounced as /ɡliː/.

What is the root word of glee?

The root word of glee is the Old English "glēo."

How is glee used in a sentence?

Glee is used as a noun to describe a state of joy or pleasure.

How do we divide glee into syllables?

Glee is divided as: glee.

Is glee a noun or adjective?

Glee is a noun.

Is the word glee a Gerund?

No, glee is not a gerund.

What is the verb form of glee?

Glee does not have a verb form.

What is another term for glee?

Another term for glee is joy.

What is the singular form of glee?

Glee is already in singular form.

Is glee a vowel or consonant?

The word glee starts with a consonant.

Is glee a countable noun?

No, glee is typically considered an uncountable noun.

Is the word glee imperative?

No, glee is not imperative; it is a noun.

What part of speech is glee?

Glee is a noun.

What is the opposite of glee?

The opposite of glee is sorrow or sadness.

Is the glee term a metaphor?

The word glee itself is not typically used as a metaphor.

Which determiner is used with glee?

Determiners such as "much" or "a lot of" can be used with glee.

What is the plural form of glee?

The plural form of glee is not commonly used, but it would be "glees."

Is glee an abstract noun?

Yes, glee is an abstract noun as it refers to a state of happiness.

Is glee a negative or positive word?

Glee is a positive word.

Is glee a collective noun?

Glee is not a collective noun.

Which vowel is used before glee?

Vowels like "a" (as in "a glee") are not typically used before glee; it usually appears without an article.

Which preposition is used with glee?

Prepositions like "with" (as in "with glee") are commonly used.

Which conjunction is used with glee?

Conjunctions such as "and" are often used to connect glee with other ideas in a sentence.

Is glee an adverb?

No, glee is not an adverb.

Is the word “glee” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

Glee can be a direct object in a sentence.

Which article is used with glee?

Typically, no article is used before glee, as it is an uncountable noun.

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