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Closeness Sentences

Closeness refers to the quality of being physically close or the degree of intimacy in a relationship. e.g., Their closeness was evident from the way they communicated without words.

How to use Closeness in a sentence

Closeness Sentences

Closeness in their relationship was achieved through trust and understanding.
His closeness to his family is very important to him.
She felt a sense of closeness with her team after the project.
The small room added to the feeling of closeness among the guests.
The closeness between the two friends grew as they shared more experiences.
The book club has brought a new level of closeness to the neighborhood.
He always appreciated the closeness of his community during tough times.
The twins have a natural closeness that is fascinating to observe.
Sharing secrets is a significant part of their closeness.
They maintained their closeness despite living in different countries.
Closeness to the park makes this house very desirable.
She cherishes the closeness she shares with her siblings.
Maintaining closeness can be challenging in long-distance relationships.
The seating arrangement was designed to promote closeness and conversation.
Their closeness was built on years of mutual respect and love.
Closeness to major highways is a selling point for the property.
The holiday season often brings an increased sense of closeness in families.
They felt a profound closeness after overcoming the crisis together.
The game fosters closeness and teamwork among players.
His closeness with his mentors guided his career.
The festival is a time for celebrating community closeness.
The design of the office space encourages closeness and collaboration.
Her emotional closeness to her pet was touching.
The team's closeness was a key factor in their success.
Her closeness to nature is evident in her artwork.
The campfire created a sense of closeness among the campers.
Closeness in a relationship can sometimes lead to conflicts.
The garden’s closeness to the house makes it a peaceful retreat.
Her closeness to her grandmother is evident in their interactions.
They found closeness not just in proximity but in their ideals.
Closeness with nature helps him find peace.
The arrangement of the furniture promoted closeness and dialogue.
Her memoir described the closeness she felt with her audience.
Closeness to the shopping center is convenient for residents.
His closeness to his heritage is reflected in his cooking.
Their closeness is based on years of shared experiences and trust.
The closeness of the meeting time put pressure on the team.
They enjoyed the closeness of sitting by the fireplace on cold nights.
The closeness of the deadline made everyone nervous.
The closeness of the chairs made the room look smaller.
Their emotional closeness makes them strong partners in life.
They value the closeness they have with their neighbors.
Closeness to the sea gives the city a unique charm.
The closeness of the two buildings was a concern for the city planners.
The closeness of their friendship is admired by everyone.
The closeness of their workstations facilitated better communication.
The children’s closeness to each other made the family strong.
The concert allowed fans to feel a closeness to the artist.
Her closeness to the subject made her an expert consultant.
Closeness to the community center is an advantage for local families.

Closeness Definitions

A tight or congested space.
The closeness of the elevator made everyone uncomfortable.
Intimacy or warmth in a personal relationship.
Their emotional closeness helps them communicate effectively.
Nearness to a desired or strategic point.
The closeness to the airport makes this hotel popular among travelers.
The state of being near in space or time.
The closeness of the apartments allowed for easy social gatherings.
The quality of being very similar or exact.
The closeness of the two paint colors made them almost indistinguishable.

Closeness Idioms & Phrases

Closeness counts

Being close in relationship or proximity matters.
When it comes to family, closeness counts more than anything else.

Bridge the closeness

To reduce the gap or distance between people or things.
The new communication policy was designed to bridge the closeness between management and staff.

A measure of closeness

An assessment of how close or intimate relationships are.
Sharing personal secrets can be seen as a measure of closeness among friends.

Break the closeness

To end or disrupt intimacy or proximity.
Moving to a different city will inevitably break the closeness we've developed.

Feeling a closeness

Developing a sense of intimacy or familiarity.
After sharing their stories, they began feeling a closeness that was comforting.

Closeness breeds contempt

Being too close to someone can lead to a loss of respect.
They say that closeness breeds contempt, which can be true in competitive environments.

Keep one's closeness

To maintain one's privacy or distance.
He prefers to keep his closeness and not share too much about his personal life.

Closeness at heart

To feel emotionally close, regardless of physical distance.
They remained closeness at heart, even though miles apart.

Closeness comes first

Prioritizing intimacy or proximity.
In his teaching philosophy, closeness comes first; he believes in connecting with students.

Test of closeness

A situation that reveals the true intimacy of a relationship.
The crisis they faced was a real test of closeness for their friendship.

Guard one's closeness

To protect one's intimate space or relationships.
Even in a close-knit community, it's important to guard one's closeness.

Lose one's closeness

To lose the sense of intimacy or proximity.
Over time, they seemed to lose their closeness and drifted apart.

Closeness of mind

Having similar thoughts or feelings.
Their closeness of mind made collaboration effortless.

Path to closeness

The way to achieve intimacy or proximity.
Frequent communication is the path to closeness in any relationship.

Closeness without comfort

Being physically close without feeling at ease.
The crowded train provided closeness without comfort during the rush hour.

Closeness in every sense

Being close in every possible way.
The team showed closeness in every sense, supporting each other at every turn.

Restore one's closeness

To regain intimacy or proximity that was lost.
They attended counseling to restore the closeness they once had.

Closeness of purpose

Having aligned or nearly identical goals.
Their closeness of purpose made them formidable business partners.

Extend one's closeness

To increase the degree of intimacy or proximity.
She made an effort to extend her closeness with her in-laws.

Challenge one's closeness

To put the intimacy or proximity of a relationship to the test.
The long-distance phase of their relationship challenged their closeness.

Common Curiosities

What is a stressed syllable in closeness?

The stressed syllable in closeness is 'close'.

How many syllables are in closeness?

Closeness has two syllables.

What is the verb form of closeness?

Closeness does not have a verb form; it is a noun.

What is the pronunciation of closeness?

Closeness is pronounced as /ˈkloʊsnɪs/.

How is closeness used in a sentence?

Closeness is often used to describe the intimacy or proximity between people or things.

Why is it called closeness?

Closeness is called so because it describes the state of being close either in terms of physical proximity or emotional connection.

How do we divide closeness into syllables?

Closeness is divided into syllables as: close-ness.

What is the singular form of closeness?

Closeness is always in the singular form.

What is the opposite of closeness?

The opposite of closeness is distance or detachment.

Is closeness a noun or adjective?

Closeness is a noun.

What is the root word of closeness?

The root word of closeness is 'close'.

What part of speech is closeness?

Closeness is a noun.

What is the plural form of closeness?

Closeness does not have a typical plural form.

Is the word “closeness” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

Closeness can serve as a direct object in sentences.

What is another term for closeness?

Another term for closeness is intimacy.

Is closeness an adverb?

No, closeness is not an adverb.

Is closeness a collective noun?

No, closeness is not typically considered a collective noun.

Is the word closeness imperative?

No, closeness is not imperative; it is descriptive.

Which vowel is used before closeness?

Vowels like "a" or "the" can precede closeness depending on the sentence structure.

Is closeness an abstract noun?

Yes, closeness is an abstract noun.

Is the closeness term a metaphor?

In some contexts, closeness can be used metaphorically to describe emotional bonds.

Which determiner is used with closeness?

Determiners like "the" or "some" can be used with closeness.

Which preposition is used with closeness?

Prepositions like "to" and "with" are commonly used with closeness.

Which conjunction is used with closeness?

Conjunctions like "and" and "but" can be used in sentences involving closeness.

Which article is used with closeness?

The definite article "the" is commonly used with closeness.

Is closeness a countable noun?

No, closeness is an uncountable noun.

Is the word closeness Gerund?

No, closeness is not a gerund; it is a noun.

Is closeness a negative or positive word?

Closeness is generally a neutral word, but it can have positive connotations depending on the context.

Is closeness a vowel or consonant?

Closeness starts with a consonant.

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