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Elucidate Sentences

Elucidate means to make something clear; to explain thoroughly. e.g., The professor took the time to elucidate the complex theory for the class.

How to use Elucidate in a sentence

Elucidate Sentences

Can you elucidate your point with an example?
He tried to elucidate the main ideas of the chapter.
Teachers often use diagrams to elucidate complicated subjects.
The article helped elucidate the writer's intentions.
Her presentation will elucidate the causes of climate change.
Please elucidate the reasons behind your decision.
The counselor used simple terms to elucidate the process.
He gave a speech to elucidate the new policies.
To better understand, could you elucidate further?
The scientist was able to elucidate complex theories effortlessly.
She provided examples to elucidate the grammar rules.
His explanation helped to elucidate the complex formula.
Can anyone elucidate the meaning of this poem?
They hired a lawyer to elucidate the contract details.
He wrote an article to elucidate the political situation.
A seminar was organized to elucidate the new software features.
The video was designed to elucidate the procedure clearly.
The teacher asked him to elucidate his answer in front of the class.
Can you elucidate on the impact of this research?
They conducted a workshop to elucidate the new regulations.
The panel discussion will elucidate different viewpoints on the issue.
The meeting was called to elucidate the project goals.
The briefing was meant to elucidate the strategy for the coming year.
The diagram helps elucidate the water cycle for students.
The teacher asked the student to elucidate her project idea.
Please elucidate the steps involved in this process.
They requested the technician to elucidate the repair procedures.
She was asked to elucidate the steps she took in the experiment.
The coach used a diagram to elucidate the team's tactics.
Please elucidate how this machine operates.
He gave a detailed explanation to elucidate the misunderstanding.
The professor asked for someone to elucidate the graph displayed.
He wrote a detailed guide to elucidate the software installation process.
Can the expert elucidate on the topic of renewable energy?
She used a map to elucidate the travel route.

Elucidate Definitions

To illuminate or shed light on something.
The teacher used a metaphor to elucidate her point.
To explain something thoroughly with detail.
The guidebook elucidates the history of each monument.
To clarify something that is difficult to understand.
The manual aims to elucidate the software's advanced features.
To interpret or expound upon information.
The critic elucidated the symbolism in the film.
To make clear through explanation or analysis.
The scientist was able to elucidate the complex data during the presentation.

Elucidate Idioms & Phrases

Elucidate the point

Make the specific point clear.
The speaker took extra time to elucidate the point during her talk.

Elucidate the matter

Clarify the situation or issue.
The manager asked him to elucidate the matter for the entire team.

Elucidate the concept

Explain a concept in detail.
The professor will elucidate the concept in tomorrow’s lecture.

Elucidate the rules

Make the rules known and understood.
The referee elucidated the rules before the game began.

Elucidate the problem

Clearly define or describe the problem.
The consultant elucidated the problem facing the company.

Elucidate the steps

Describe the steps involved clearly.
The chef elucidated the steps to prepare the dish perfectly.

Elucidate the difference

Explain what makes things not the same.
The teacher elucidated the difference between metaphors and similes.

Elucidate the procedure

Explain how something is done or should be done.
The technician was asked to elucidate the procedure for troubleshooting.

Elucidate the plan

Clearly describe the planned course of action.
The general elucidated the plan to ensure everyone understood their roles.

Elucidate the meaning

Clarify what something means.
The linguist elucidated the meaning of the new slang.

Elucidate the policy

Explain the policy in a straightforward manner.
The HR manager elucidated the policy on remote work.

Elucidate the technique

Describe a specific technique clearly.
The artist elucidated the technique used in her latest series of paintings.

Elucidate the objective

Make clear the purpose or goal.
The leader elucidated the objective of the meeting right at the start.

Elucidate the theory

Provide a clear explanation of the theory.
The physicist elucidated the theory behind quantum mechanics.

Elucidate the vision

Clearly describe the long-term goals or dreams.
The CEO elucidated the vision for the company’s future.

Elucidate the situation

Provide a clear explanation of the circumstances.
The detective elucidated the situation to the press.

Elucidate the implications

Explain the consequences or effects.
The lawyer elucidated the implications of the new law.

Elucidate the strategy

Explain the approach or method in detail.
The marketing director elucidated the strategy for the new campaign.

Elucidate the outcome

Describe what resulted from a particular situation or action.
The economist elucidated the outcome of the financial crisis.

Elucidate the relationship

Explain the connection between items or people.
The sociologist elucidated the relationship between social media use and loneliness.

Common Curiosities

How is elucidate used in a sentence?

Elucidate is used as a verb to mean explaining something clearly. e.g., The professor elucidated the concept to ensure all students understood.

Why is it called elucidate?

Elucidate is called so because it comes from the Latin word "lucidus," meaning "light" or "clear," referring to making things clear or illuminating them.

What is the verb form of elucidate?

Elucidate itself is a verb. Its forms are elucidates, elucidating, elucidated.

How do we divide elucidate into syllables?

Elucidate is divided into syllables as follows: e-lu-ci-date.

What is the third form of elucidate?

The third form of elucidate is "elucidated."

What is the singular form of elucidate?

Elucidate is a verb and does not have a singular form.

What is the second form of elucidate?

The second form of elucidate is "elucidated."

What is a stressed syllable in elucidate?

The stressed syllable in elucidate is on the second syllable, "lu."

What is the root word of elucidate?

The root word of elucidate is "lucid," meaning clear or bright.

How many syllables are in elucidate?

Elucidate has four syllables.

What is the pronunciation of elucidate?

Elucidate is pronounced as /ɪˈluː.sɪ.deɪt/.

What is the plural form of elucidate?

Elucidate is a verb and does not have a plural form.

What is the opposite of elucidate?

The opposite of elucidate could be "obscure" or "confuse."

What is the first form of elucidate?

The first form of elucidate is "elucidate."

Is elucidate a noun or adjective?

Elucidate is a verb.

Is elucidate an adverb?

No, elucidate is not an adverb.

Is elucidate an abstract noun?

Elucidate is not a noun; it is a verb.

Is elucidate a vowel or consonant?

Elucidate starts with a vowel sound.

Is elucidate a collective noun?

No, elucidate is not a collective noun; it is a verb.

Is the elucidate term a metaphor?

No, elucidate is not typically used as a metaphor.

What part of speech is elucidate?

Elucidate is a verb.

Is the word elucidate Gerund?

Yes, when used with an -ing ending as "elucidating," it serves as a gerund.

Is elucidate a countable noun?

Elucidate is not a noun; it is a verb.

Is the word elucidate imperative?

Elucidate can be used in the imperative form when giving a command or instruction to explain something clearly.

Is the word “elucidate” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

Elucidate is a verb, and thus neither a direct object nor an indirect object. However, it can take both types of objects depending on the sentence.

Which article is used with elucidate?

As a verb, elucidate does not take an article.

What is another term for elucidate?

Another term for elucidate is "clarify."

Which vowel is used before elucidate?

Vowels before verbs like elucidate are not commonly specified; usage depends on the context of the sentence.

Is elucidate a negative or positive word?

Elucidate is generally a neutral word; it becomes positive when used in contexts that involve providing clarity or understanding.

Which determiner is used with elucidate?

Determiners are not typically used directly with verbs like elucidate.

Which preposition is used with elucidate?

Common prepositions used with elucidate include "on" and "about," depending on what is being clarified.

Which conjunction is used with elucidate?

Conjunctions such as "and," "but," and "because" can be used with elucidate, depending on the structure of the sentence.

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