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Permeate Sentences

Permeate means to spread or diffuse through. e.g., The fragrance began to permeate the room.

How to use Permeate in a sentence

Permeate Sentences

The ink started to permeate through the paper.
The rainwater began to permeate the soil.
The new rules will permeate every level of the organization.
The coffee aroma began to permeate the kitchen.
The sunlight began to permeate the dense forest.
His enthusiasm seemed to permeate the entire team.
The teachings of the mentor started to permeate the students' thoughts.
As he spoke, hope began to permeate the crowd.
Positive energy seemed to permeate the event.
The spirit of change began to permeate the city.
Over time, these beliefs began to permeate society.
The sound of music began to permeate the streets.
The culture of the local community started to permeate the festival.
The dye took hours to fully permeate the fabric.
The influence of modern technology began to permeate our lives.
The essence of the herb began to permeate the tea.
The heat began to permeate the cold room.
The light of the stars began to permeate the night sky.
The love of music began to permeate the classroom.
The joy of the celebration began to permeate every corner.
The spices took a while to permeate the stew.
The idea of sustainability began to permeate our decisions.
The water took some time to permeate the sponge.
The idea began to permeate throughout the company.
The bright colors began to permeate the artist's canvas.
The concepts introduced began to permeate their discussions.
The fog began to permeate the valley.
The new design started to permeate the fashion industry.
Over the years, her influence began to permeate the community.
The warmth of the sun began to permeate the beach.
The style of the new era began to permeate the fashion world.
The charm of the place began to permeate the visitors.
The magic of the moment began to permeate the celebration.
The taste of salt began to permeate the dish.
The rhythm of the drums began to permeate the dance.
The teachings of kindness began to permeate their actions.
The beauty of nature began to permeate our senses.
The flavor of the herbs began to permeate the soup.
The essence of the brand began to permeate its products.
The message of peace started to permeate the conference.
The sound of laughter began to permeate the hall.
The sense of wonder began to permeate the audience.
The principles of justice started to permeate the legal system.
The sweetness of the fruit began to permeate the drink.
The aroma of the flowers began to permeate the garden.
The essence of the story began to permeate our imaginations.
The freshness of the breeze began to permeate the house.
The spirit of adventure began to permeate the journey.
The power of words began to permeate his speech.
The energy of the crowd began to permeate the stadium.

Permeate Definitions

Permeate refers to penetrating and diffusing into something.
The liquid began to permeate the fabric.
Permeate implies to become widespread within a particular area or group.
The new policy started to permeate the company.
Permeate signifies the act of permeating or the state of being permeated.
The light began to permeate the dense clouds.
Permeate means to fill or saturate completely.
The scent began to permeate the room.
Permeate means to pass through a material, especially a liquid.
The tea flavor began to permeate the water.
Permeate means to spread throughout something.
The colors started to permeate the canvas.

Permeate Idioms & Phrases

Permeate the atmosphere

Fill the surroundings with a particular mood or feeling.
Joy began to permeate the atmosphere.

Permeate the senses

Overwhelm one's sensations.
The beauty of the view started to permeate the senses.

Permeate every nook and cranny

Spread everywhere.
The dust seemed to permeate every nook and cranny.

Permeate the conversation

Dominate or recur throughout a discussion.
The topic seemed to permeate the conversation.

Permeate one's spirit

Deeply touch or inspire someone.
The teachings started to permeate one's spirit.

Permeate one's soul

Deeply influence or affect someone.
The music seemed to permeate one's soul.

Permeate the barriers

Break through limitations or boundaries.
The sound began to permeate the barriers.

Permeate one's being

Deeply impact someone's identity or essence.
The experience started to permeate one's being.

Permeate the heart

Deeply affect someone emotionally.
The words started to permeate the heart.

Permeate with grace

Fill or spread with elegance or beauty.
The dancer seemed to permeate with grace.

Permeate the mind

Occupy or dominate someone's thoughts.
The idea began to permeate the mind.

Permeate the world

Spread or become well-known globally.
The news began to permeate the world.

Permeate like water

Spread effortlessly or naturally.
The trend began to permeate like water.

Permeate the veil

Penetrate a barrier or surface.
The truth began to permeate the veil of secrecy.

Permeate like a fragrance

Spread subtly yet noticeably.
Her presence seemed to permeate like a fragrance.

Permeate like sunshine

Spread warmth and positivity.
Her smile began to permeate like sunshine.

Permeate the horizon

Extend or spread as far as one can see.
The mountains began to permeate the horizon.

Permeate the boundaries

Exceed or surpass limits.
The idea started to permeate the boundaries.

Permeate the soul

Impact someone on a deep, spiritual level.
The message began to permeate the soul.

Permeate the shadows

Bring light or clarity to a dark or unclear situation.
The truth started to permeate the shadows.

Common Curiosities

What part of speech is Permeate?

Permeate is a verb.

What is the root word of Permeate?

The root word of permeate is "permea-" derived from Latin "permeare", meaning to pass through.

What is the verb form of Permeate?

Permeate is already in its verb form.

Why is it called Permeate?

It's called permeate because it comes from the Latin word "permeare" which means "to pass through."

What is the pronunciation of Permeate?

Permeate is pronounced as /ˈpɜːr.mi.eɪt/.

What is another term for Permeate?

Another term for permeate is "infuse."

What is a stressed syllable in Permeate?

The second syllable "me" is the stressed syllable in permeate.

What is the first form of Permeate?

The first form of permeate is "permeate."

Which vowel is used before Permeate?

The vowel "e" is used before Permeate.

What is the opposite of Permeate?

The opposite of permeate is "repel" or "exclude."

How many syllables are in Permeate?

There are three syllables in permeate.

What is the second form of Permeate?

The second form of permeate is "permeated."

What is the third form of Permeate?

The third form of permeate is "permeated."

Which preposition is used with Permeate?

The preposition "through" is commonly used with permeate.

Is Permeate a collective noun?

No, permeate is not a collective noun.

Is the Permeate term a metaphor?

The word "permeate" itself is not a metaphor, but it can be used metaphorically in sentences.

Is Permeate an abstract noun?

No, permeate is not typically used as an abstract noun.

How do we divide Permeate into syllables?

Permeate is divided into syllables as per-me-ate.

Which determiner is used with Permeate?

Determiners like "the," "a," and "an" can be used with permeate depending on the context.

How is Permeate used in a sentence?

Permeate can be used in a sentence like: "The scent of roses began to permeate the room."

What is the singular form of Permeate?

Permeate is already in its singular form.

Is the word Permeate imperative?

No, permeate is not imperative; it's a verb.

Which conjunction is used with Permeate?

Any conjunction can be used with permeate depending on the context, such as "and," "but," or "so."

Is Permeate a negative or positive word?

Permeate is a neutral word; its positive or negative connotation depends on the context.

Is the word Permeate a gerund?

In its form "permeating," it can be a gerund.

Is the word “Permeate” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

The word "permeate" is a verb. However, when used in a sentence, it can have a direct object (e.g., "The perfume permeated the room" – "room" is the direct object).

What is the plural form of Permeate?

The verb "permeate" does not have a plural form, but if referring to the noun form that means "a substance that permeates," the plural would be "permeates."

Which article is used with Permeate?

Both definite ("the") and indefinite ("a" or "an") articles can be used with permeate, depending on the context.

Is Permeate a noun or adjective?

Permeate is primarily a verb but can also be used as a noun in specific contexts.

Is Permeate an adverb?

No, permeate is not an adverb.

Is Permeate a vowel or consonant?

Permeate is a word, not a single letter. It contains both vowels and consonants.

Is Permeate a countable noun?

When used as a noun, permeate typically refers to a substance that permeates, and it can be countable.

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