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Rending Sentences

"Rending" refers to tearing something apart violently and forcefully. e.g., The storm was so strong that it was rending trees from the ground.

How to use Rending in a sentence

Rending Sentences

The wind was rending the sails of the boat.
The clash between the two armies was a rending spectacle.
The lion was rending its prey with sheer force.
The noise of the machine was rending the silence of the night.
She felt as if her heart was rending in two.
The emotion he felt was like a rending pain.
The force of the explosion was rending the buildings apart.
The artist's depiction showed a dragon rending a castle.
The volcano eruption was rending the earth open.
His anger was so great, it felt like it was rending the room.
The clash of titans was a rending sight.
The storm was rending the coastal houses into pieces.
The news was so shocking, it felt like it was rending her soul.
The ice was rending the ship's hull.
The rending of the contract marked the end of their partnership.
The crowd's energy was rending the stadium's atmosphere.
The destruction of the statue was a rending sight.
The powerful wave was rending the ship's deck.
The tragedy was rending the community apart.
The two countries were in a rending battle.
His decision ended up rending their relationship.
The passion in the music was like a rending force.
The earthquake was rending roads and bridges.
The rending of the document symbolized their disagreement.
The dynamite was rending the mountain for construction.
The dispute was rending the family's bond.
The force of the landslide was rending homes.
The tearing of the letter was a rending gesture.
The powerful speech was rending the audience's emotions.
The betrayal was a rending experience for her.
The rending of the treaty upset many nations.
The weight was rending the bridge's structure.
The force of the tornado was rending entire neighborhoods.
The noise of the siren was rending the peace.
The revelation was rending their trust.
The critique was a rending blow to the artist.
The pressure was rending the vessel's walls.
The debate was so intense, it felt like a rending of ideas.
The demolition crew was rending the old building.
The division was a rending moment for the company.
The coach's decision was rending the team's spirit.
The impact of the asteroid was rending the planet's surface.
The disagreement was rending their longtime friendship.
The play's climax was a rending moment.
The finale was a rending culmination of the story.
The lightning was rending the night sky.
The event was a rending moment in history.
The weight of the snow was rending the roof.
The confrontation was a rending situation.
The fierce wind was rending the campsite.

Rending Definitions

"Rending" signifies breaking or shattering with immense power.
The hurricane had a rending effect on the coastal town.
"Rending" can denote causing intense emotional pain or distress.
The news was a rending blow to her spirit.
"Rending" describes a forceful separation or division.
The rending dispute caused a rift between the two friends.
"Rending" refers to the act of tearing or splitting something violently.
The rending force of the explosion was massive.
"Rending" implies a profound disturbance or interruption.
The sudden scream was a rending interruption to the silent night.
"Rending" can indicate causing a violent or forceful impact.
The weightlifter's effort was a rending display of strength.

Rending Idioms & Phrases

A rending decision

A choice that causes significant emotional pain or division.
The verdict was a rending decision for the family.

Rending revelation

A disclosure that causes significant distress or disruption.
The detective's findings were a rending revelation for the town.

Rending waves

Powerful and destructive ocean waves.
The ship battled against the rending waves during the storm.

Rending blow

A sudden event or action causing significant distress.
The company's bankruptcy was a rending blow to its employees.

Rending moment

A significant point in time causing deep emotional turmoil.
The climax of the story was a rending moment for readers.

Rending truth

A fact or realization that causes significant emotional distress.
Facing the rending truth about his past was difficult.

Rending grasp

A grip or hold that is overpowering and destructive.
The villain's rending grasp was inescapable.

Rending of hearts

A deeply emotional and painful experience.
The tragic event led to a rending of hearts in the community.

Rending silence

An overpowering and deafening silence.
After the announcement, a rending silence filled the room.

Rending force

A force that is overwhelmingly powerful and destructive.
The hurricane displayed a rending force, destroying everything in its path.

Rending thoughts

Overpowering and distressing thoughts.
After the accident, she was plagued by rending thoughts.

Rending rift

A significant division or separation between parties.
A rending rift was growing between the two factions.

Rending at the seams

Struggling to stay together; nearing a breaking point.
The coalition government was rending at the seams due to internal disputes.

Rending journey

A trip or experience causing profound emotional turmoil.
The documentary showcased the refugees' rending journey.

Rending in two

Splitting something or someone emotionally or physically.
The contentious issue was rending the community in two.

Rending gaze

A look that feels intense, almost as if it could tear one apart.
She couldn't meet his rending gaze after the argument.

Rending apart

A situation or force causing separation or division.
Politics was rending apart longtime friends.

Rending storm

A violent and destructive storm.
The coastal towns prepared for the rending storm approaching.

Rending echoes

Sounds or voices that are hauntingly intense.
The canyon was filled with the rending echoes of the past.

Rending impact

A situation or event causing profound and lasting effects.
The policy had a rending impact on the economy.

Common Curiosities

Which vowel is used before rending?

The vowel "e" is used before "rending."

What is another term for rending?

Another term for rending is "tearing."

Why is it called rending?

It's called "rending" because it denotes the action of tearing or breaking something apart.

What is the root word of rending?

The root word of "rending" is "rend."

What part of speech is rending?

"Rending" is a verb (present participle form).

What is the opposite of rending?

The opposite of rending is "mending" or "repairing."

What is the second form of rending?

The second form of rending is "rent."

How many syllables are in rending?

"Rending" has two syllables.

What is the verb form of rending?

Rending is the present participle of the verb "rend."

What is the pronunciation of rending?

"Rending" is pronounced as /ˈrɛndɪŋ/.

How is rending used in a sentence?

"Rending" can be used to describe the act of tearing something apart, e.g., The storm was rending trees from the ground.

Which preposition is used with rending?

Prepositions like "by," "with," or "of" can be used with "rending" based on the context.

What is a stressed syllable in rending?

The first syllable "ren" is stressed in "rending."

What is the first form of rending?

The first form of rending is "rend."

What is the third form of rending?

The third form of rending is "rent."

Which article is used with rending?

Articles like "a" or "the" can be used with "rending" depending on the context.

What is the plural form of rending?

As "rending" is a verb, it doesn't have a plural form.

Is rending an abstract noun?

No, "rending" is not an abstract noun.

Is the rending term a metaphor?

"Rending" itself is not a metaphor, but it can be used metaphorically in certain contexts.

Which conjunction is used with rending?

Conjunctions like "and," "but," or "while" can be used with "rending."

Is rending a noun or adjective?

"Rending" is primarily a verb but can be used as an adjective in certain contexts.

Is rending an adverb?

No, "rending" is not an adverb.

Is rending a vowel or consonant?

"Rending" is a word, not a single letter, so it consists of both vowels and consonants.

Is rending a collective noun?

No, "rending" is not a collective noun.

Is the word rending is Gerund?

Yes, "rending" is a gerund as it's the present participle of the verb "rend."

How do we divide rending into syllables?

Rending is divided as ren-ding.

What is the singular form of rending?

The singular form of "rending" is "rend."

Is the word rending is imperative?

No, "rending" is not in the imperative form.

Is the word “rending” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

"Rending" itself is not an object, but in sentences, it can act as either a direct or indirect object based on its usage and context.

Which determiner is used with rending?

Determiners like "the," "a," or "an" can be used with "rending" depending on the context.

Is rending a negative or positive word?

"Rending" generally carries a negative connotation, as it often refers to tearing or breaking apart.

Is rending a countable noun?

No, "rending" is not a countable noun.

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