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Resignation Sentences

"Resignation" is the act of voluntarily leaving a job or position, often by formally expressing one's intent to quit. e.g., His sudden resignation left the company in a state of confusion.

How to use Resignation in a sentence

Resignation Sentences

She announced her resignation via an email to the staff.
She tendered her resignation after ten years of service.
Her resignation came amid a corporate scandal.
He handed in his resignation after a disagreement with his manager.
The news of the team leader's resignation spread like wildfire.
My boss did not accept my resignation right away.
With a heavy heart, I accepted his resignation.
A resignation can have a major impact on a team.
Her resignation was prompted by a desire to pursue other interests.
The headmaster’s resignation was received with mixed feelings.
His resignation marked the end of an era.
The general's resignation was a significant event in the military.
He had been contemplating resignation for some time.
His immediate resignation surprised everyone.
The news of the director's resignation shook the film industry.
I regretfully accepted his resignation.
His resignation was due to health issues.
She expressed her resignation due to personal reasons.
The news of the CEO's resignation shocked the entire organization.
His resignation letter was brief and to the point.
The manager's resignation was a setback for the company.
The minister's sudden resignation left everyone in disbelief.
Her resignation left the team in a difficult position.
Her resignation was a big loss for the community.
His resignation was not taken well by his team.
The committee accepted her resignation reluctantly.
After years of dedicated service, Mr. Smith announced his resignation to the board of directors.
The teacher's resignation was a huge loss for the school.
The director's resignation was a surprise to all.
His resignation came in the wake of a controversy.
The mayor's resignation was effective immediately.
After the scandal, the politician had no choice but to submit his resignation.
Following the incident, the coach tendered his resignation.
The unexpected resignation of the principal caused a stir in the school.
The board refused to accept her resignation.
The news of the principal's resignation saddened the students.
Her resignation came as a shock to her colleagues.
The CEO announced his resignation at the annual meeting.
The news of his resignation spread quickly.
The president’s resignation was accepted with a heavy heart.
The announcement of his resignation caused quite a stir.
His sudden resignation left the project in jeopardy.
The resignation of the lead actor upset the entire cast.
His resignation was a result of internal disagreements.
The resignation of the CEO sparked widespread speculation.
He submitted his resignation after the argument.
The sudden resignation of the coach left the team floundering.
His resignation caused a major reshuffling in the company.
The governor announced his resignation in a televised address.
His resignation was due to family commitments.

Resignation Definitions

Giving Up: Resignation can refer to relinquishing rights or claims.
He showed resignation in abandoning the contest.
Withdrawal: Resignation means formally quitting a position or duty.
The general's resignation surprised everyone.
Official Statement: Resignation is an official declaration of departure.
Her resignation letter was brief.
Acceptance: Resignation can describe a passive acceptance of fate.
His face showed resignation to the situation.
Submission: Resignation can mean yielding without protest.
He accepted the outcome with resignation.
Job Termination: Resignation means voluntarily leaving a job.
She handed in her resignation today.

Resignation Idioms & Phrases

Air of Resignation

A demeanor showing acceptance of something undesirable or inevitable.
Despite the obstacles in his path, he moved forward with an air of resignation.

Resignation on the horizon

Indicating that someone is about to quit or resign.
Given the mounting pressure on the CEO, there is a resignation on the horizon

Cloak of Resignation

To cover oneself with an attitude of acceptance when confronted with a disappointing or difficult situation.
She wore a cloak of resignation as she navigated through her challenging circumstances.

Touch of Resignation

A small amount of acceptance or submission regarding a situation.
His voice had a touch of resignation as he spoke about his declining health.

Scent of Resignation

An indication that someone is about to give up.
As the meeting wore on, there was a distinct scent of resignation in the air.

Taste of Resignation

The experience of accepting an unsavoury or unwanted outcome.
He had a taste of resignation as he stepped down from his post.

Shadow of Resignation

A hint of acceptance or surrender in a situation.
There was a shadow of resignation in her gestures as she accepted the defeat.

Veil of Resignation

Covering one's true feelings with an outward show of acceptance.
He hid his disappointment behind a veil of resignation.

Resignation in the eyes

A look that shows one has given up or accepted something unpalatable.
When I looked at him, I saw resignation in his eyes.

Echo of Resignation

The lingering feeling of having given up or accepted something unpleasant.
In the silence of the room, there was an echo of resignation.

Common Curiosities

What is the verb form of Resignation?

The verb form of Resignation is "resign."

What is the root word of Resignation?

The root word of Resignation is "resign," which comes from the Latin "resignare" meaning 'to annul, give up.'

What is the pronunciation of Resignation?

The pronunciation of Resignation is /rɪˌzaɪˈneɪʃn/.

Why is it called Resignation?

It is called resignation because it refers to the act of resigning or giving up a position, often a professional position.

Is a Resignation a noun or adjective?

Resignation is a noun.

What part of speech is Resignation?

"Resignation" is a noun.

What is another term for Resignation?

Another term for resignation could be "departure" or "abdication."

How many syllables are in Resignation?

There are four syllables in "resignation." res-ig-na-tion

Which vowel is used before Resignation?

Any vowel can precede the word "resignation" depending on the context and the structure of the sentence.

What is the opposite of Resignation?

The opposite of resignation could be "appointment" or "hiring."

Is Resignation an adverb?

No, "resignation" is not an adverb.

Which determiner is used with Resignation?

Any determiner can be used with "resignation" based on the context, such as "the," "a," "his," "her," etc.

Is a Resignation an abstract noun?

Yes, "resignation" is an abstract noun, as it represents an action or concept rather than a physical entity.

Is Resignation a negative or positive word?

"Resignation" is typically viewed as a neutral word but can have negative connotations depending on the context.

Is a Resignation a countable noun?

Yes, "resignation" is a countable noun.

Is Resignation a collective noun?

No, "resignation" is not a collective noun.

Is Resignation term a metaphor?

"Resignation" is not a metaphor, but it can be used metaphorically in a sentence.

Is the Resignation a vowel or consonant?

"Resignation" is a word, not a single vowel or consonant.

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