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Erudition Sentences

"Erudition" refers to the deep, extensive learning or knowledge gained through study and reading. e.g., His erudition in ancient languages is admired by his peers.

How to use Erudition in a sentence

Erudition Sentences

Even as a child, he showed a remarkable erudition in geography.
You can see his erudition in the way he discusses complex philosophical ideas.
Her classmates appreciate the girl's erudition in mythology.
Emma's erudition in art history makes her an excellent museum guide.
My history teacher's erudition always makes his lectures very insightful.
Both students and teachers admire his erudition in economics.
The professor's erudition was reflected in his many scholarly books and articles.
The archaeologist's erudition helps us understand the ways of ancient civilizations.
The student's erudition was apparent in his well-researched project.
The writer's erudition is evident in the depth and complexity of his poetry.
Her erudition in politics was apparent when she expertly debated controversial issues.
Her erudition in the French language comes from years of study.
The lawyer's erudition in the law enabled him to win complex cases.
He uses his erudition to write engaging and informative articles.
His erudition in biology allowed him to make groundbreaking discoveries.
The author's erudition shines through in his historically accurate novels.
His erudition in chemistry helped him to invent a new material.
Despite his young age, his erudition in computer programming is impressive.
His erudition in mathematics has helped him solve complex problems.
Her erudition in music theory makes her compositions unique and sophisticated.
With his erudition, the scientist could solve complex problems.
His erudition in physics makes his classes engaging and informative.
He impresses everyone with his erudition in the field of psychology.
John's erudition is impressive; he can speak seven languages fluently.
His erudition in the field of art makes him a sought-after curator.
With her erudition, she can help her classmates with their studies.
The teacher's erudition in English literature is apparent in her engaging classes.
His erudition in world history makes him an engaging speaker.
Her erudition in dance and music gives her performances a unique flavor.
With his erudition, he can analyze and interpret complex texts.
The professor's environmental studies erudition makes her lectures enlightening.
Jane's erudition in science was evident in her detailed explanations.
His erudition in literature is respected by many.
Despite her young age, Mary showed great erudition in the field of mathematics.
My grandfather, a man of great erudition, often shares stories about his studies in astronomy.
The scholar's erudition in ancient texts helps us understand history better.
She impressed everyone with her erudition in ancient Greek culture.
Despite being a professional athlete, he demonstrates erudition in philosophy.
Her erudition in different cultures is reflected in her insightful travel blogs.
She demonstrates her erudition through her ability to recall historical events accurately.
Through his erudition, the teacher made the subject interesting for the students.
With her erudition, she could explain even the most complex scientific concepts in simple terms.
Because of his erudition, he often serves as a resource for his peers.
Her erudition in ancient history allows her to teach with authority and accuracy.
Her erudition in the field of medicine led her to find a cure for a rare disease.
His erudition makes him a valuable member of our quiz team.
She is respected for her erudition in environmental science.
Through her erudition, she could answer all the questions correctly.
The philosopher's erudition is evident in his thought-provoking discussions.
His erudition in astronomy is impressive, given his age.

Erudition Definitions

Scholarly Knowledge: Erudition refers to deep, scholarly knowledge.
Her erudition in classical languages is impressive.
Learning: Erudition can describe extensive academic expertise.
His erudition made him a popular lecturer.
Wisdom: Erudition can imply a high level of wisdom.
His erudition was evident in his writings.
Cultural Knowledge: Erudition can mean familiarity with arts and sciences.
His erudition spanned literature and history.
Mastery: Erudition refers to a thorough mastery of a subject.
Her erudition in chemistry won her a prize.
Depth: Erudition suggests profound, often specialized, knowledge.
Her erudition was respected by her peers.

Erudition Idioms & Phrases

Erudition's Echo

The influence and lingering presence of acquired knowledge.
His essays have an erudition's echo, reflecting his many years of study.

Wearing the cape of erudition

It shows off one's learning or knowledge.
He was always wearing the cape of erudition at social gatherings.

Erudition on the horizon

The prospect of gaining new knowledge or learning.
With her starting university, there's erudition on the horizon.

Erudition's echo

When one's knowledge or learning is clearly noticeable in their work or actions.
In his intricate arguments, we can hear an erudition's echo.

In the light of erudition

It understand something fully because of one's deep knowledge or learning.
She was able to debate effectively on the topic, in the light of her erudition.

Erudition's shadow

The influence or mark left by knowledge or learning.
His erudition's shadow is visible in all his works.

Dipped in erudition

Immersed or thoroughly involved in gaining knowledge.
She spent her summer dipped in erudition, reading extensively.

A sip of erudition

A small but significant addition to one's knowledge or learning.
Reading that book gave me a sip of erudition.

The flame of erudition

The passion for gaining knowledge or learning.
She always had the flame of erudition in her eyes.

Erudition's edifice

A vast accumulation of knowledge.
Her research stands as an erudition's edifice in the field of astrophysics.

Under erudition's umbrella

This means being protected or guided by extensive knowledge or learning.
They solved the problem under erudition's umbrella.

With a touch of erudition

With a little bit of extra knowledge or learning.
He completed the task with a touch of erudition.

Erudition's essence

The core or fundamental aspect of knowledge or learning.
Her poetry captures the erudition's essence of classical literature.

Erudition in action

The practical application of one's knowledge or learning.
His theory is an example of erudition in action.

Erudition's footprint

The lasting impact of one's knowledge or learning.
His erudition's footprint can be found in many fields of study.

Erudition's mirror

A reflection of someone's depth of knowledge or learning.
His work is an erudition's mirror.

Clothed in erudition

be covered or surrounded by knowledge or learning.
He is always clothed in erudition.

Erudition's harvest

The benefit or outcome of gaining knowledge or learning.
His theories are the erudition's harvest of years of study.

A whisper of erudition

A subtle display or hint of knowledge or learning.
In her humble demeanour, there was a whisper of erudition.

Erudition's tapestry

A complex and intricate mixture of knowledge or learning.
His lecture was a rich erudition's tapestry, filled with references from various fields.

Common Curiosities

What is the pronunciation of Erudition?

The pronunciation of "erudition" is /ˌɛrjuːˈdɪʃ(ə)n/.

Is Erudition a vowel or consonant?

Erudition is neither a vowel nor a consonant. It is a noun, which is a type of word or part of speech.

What is the root word of Erudition?

The root word of "erudition" is the Latin "eruditio" which means instruction or teaching.

Is Erudition a countable noun?

Erudition is an uncountable noun, referring to the quality of being learned.

Which vowel is used before Erudition?

The article "an" is used before "erudition" when it's at the beginning of a sentence or phrase.

Why is it called Erudition?

It is called erudition from the Latin word "eruditio," meaning instruction or teaching, which connotes deep, extensive learning.

Is Erudition a noun or adjective?

"Erudition" is a noun.

Is Erudition an abstract noun?

Yes, erudition is an abstract noun as it refers to an idea or quality, not a physical object.

What is another term for Erudition?

Another term for erudition is "scholarship" or "learning".

What is the opposite of Erudition?

The opposite of erudition is "ignorance" or "illiteracy".

How many syllables are in Erudition?

There are four syllables in erudition: e-ru-di-tion.

What is the verb form of Erudition?

The verb form of "erudition" is "edify," meaning to instruct or benefit, especially morally or spiritually; uplift.

Is Erudition a collective noun?

No, erudition is not a collective noun. It does not refer to a group of things.

Is Erudition a metaphor?

No, erudition is not a metaphor. It is a noun that refers to the quality of having extensive knowledge or learning.

What part of speech is Erudition?

Erudition is a noun.

Which determiner is used with Erudition?

The determiner "the" can be used with erudition as in "the erudition".

Is Erudition an adverb?

No, erudition is not an adverb, it's a noun.

Is Erudition a negative or positive word?

Erudition is generally considered a positive word as it refers to the quality of having great knowledge or learning.

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