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Wrath Sentences

Wrath is intense anger or rage. e.g., His wrath was evident when he shouted at the team.

How to use Wrath in a sentence

Wrath Sentences

Sarah avoided his wrath by staying silent.
They tried to calm the boss's wrath after the mistake.
He felt a surge of wrath when he saw the mess.
The general unleashed his wrath on the enemy forces.
The child's prank drew his father's wrath.
The king’s wrath was feared by everyone in the kingdom.
Her wrath was like a storm, unpredictable and fierce.
The company's wrath fell on the negligent employee.
She trembled under her mother’s wrath.
The politician felt the voters' wrath at the ballot box.
They feared the wrath of the ancient gods.
The wrath of the hurricane left the town in ruins.
The wrath of the fans was palpable after the disappointing game.
He was shocked by the sudden outburst of wrath.
The wrath of the enemy was evident in the destruction left behind.
The teacher's wrath was well-known to the students.
His wrath was like a blazing fire.
He felt a simmering wrath that he struggled to contain.
The criminal faced the wrath of the entire community.
She couldn't withstand the wrath of her own guilt.
No one could escape the judge's wrath for breaking the law.
She couldn't suppress her wrath at the betrayal.
They tried to escape the wrath of the storm.
His wrath overshadowed everything else in the room.
She was worried about her father's wrath after breaking the vase.
Her wrath was evident in the icy tone of her voice.
The public voiced their wrath at the unfair policies.
His wrath made everyone around him uneasy.
The coach’s wrath was justified after the team's poor performance.
The wrath of the sea is a force to be reckoned with.
The soldier faced the wrath of his commander.
He regretted facing her wrath when she found out the truth.
The wrath of the storm shattered windows and toppled trees.
He feared the wrath of the board after the failed project.
The president tried to calm the wrath of the protestors.
The wrath in his words made everyone nervous.
The wrath in her gaze made him shudder.
Her wrath subsided when she learned the good news.
Her wrath cooled once she understood the full story.
The wrath of nature can be devastating.
The politician tried to avoid the wrath of the media.
The wrath in his eyes was unmistakable.
The wrath of the dragon was legendary.
The dog's wrath was stirred by the stranger’s presence.
They sought refuge from the wrath of the tornado.
He was determined to avoid her wrath at any cost.
The angry mob unleashed its wrath on the government building.
The wrath of the volcano forced everyone to evacuate.
The wrath of the mother bear was terrifying to behold.
The wrath of the judge was swift and severe.

Wrath Definitions

Divine Punishment: The concept of divine retribution or judgment.
They feared the wrath of the gods.
Violent Reaction: A sudden, forceful reaction or response.
The volcano erupted with a wrath that devastated the region.
Strong Disapproval: Intense disapproval or condemnation.
His reckless behavior attracted the wrath of his peers.
Punishment: Severe punishment inflicted as retribution.
The villain faced the wrath of the hero.
Intense Anger: Extreme rage or fury.
He could not control his wrath after being insulted.

Wrath Idioms & Phrases

Face Someone's Wrath

Experience someone's intense anger or punishment.
He faced his boss’s wrath for missing the deadline.

Bear the Wrath

Endure severe anger or punishment.
The culprit bore the wrath of the angry crowd.

Wrath of God

Severe punishment or destruction attributed to divine power.
The flood was seen as the wrath of God.

Unleash Wrath

Release intense anger or fury.
The commander unleashed his wrath on the disobedient soldiers.

Dodge Someone’s Wrath

Avoid facing someone’s anger.
He tried to dodge his mother’s wrath by hiding in his room.

Risk Someone's Wrath

Do something that could provoke intense anger.
He risked his wife’s wrath by forgetting their anniversary.

Kindle Wrath

Stir up or ignite intense anger.
The insult kindled his wrath.

Incite Wrath

Cause someone to become extremely angry.
The rude comment incited her wrath.

Earn Someone’s Wrath

Do something that provokes someone’s intense anger.
Lying to his parents earned him their wrath.

Wrath of Nature

Severe destruction caused by natural forces.
The wrath of nature can be seen in hurricanes and earthquakes.

Temper Wrath with Mercy

Balance punishment with kindness.
The judge tempered wrath with mercy in his sentencing.

Stoke the Wrath

Intensify or increase someone’s anger.
The false accusation stoked the wrath of the community.

Shield From Wrath

Protect someone from intense anger or punishment.
The friend tried to shield her from her father’s wrath.

Arouse Wrath

Cause intense anger or fury in someone.
The biased article aroused the wrath of readers.

Feel Someone’s Wrath

Experience someone’s intense anger directly.
The rebels felt the king’s wrath when he sent his army.

Cool Someone’s Wrath

Calm down intense anger or fury.
An apology cooled her wrath.

Measure of Wrath

A certain level or amount of anger.
She showed a measure of wrath but remained composed.

Turn Wrath Against

Direct intense anger toward someone or something.
The villagers turned their wrath against the corrupt official.

Wrath Unleashed

Sudden, intense release of anger or violence.
The wrath unleashed by the mob left the city in ruins.

Let Loose Wrath

Allow anger or fury to be expressed freely.
The betrayed friend let loose his wrath in an angry rant.

Common Curiosities

Why is it called wrath?

Wrath comes from Old English "wræth," meaning intense anger.

What is a stressed syllable in wrath?

The single syllable "wrath" is stressed.

How many syllables are in wrath?

Wrath has one syllable.

How is wrath used in a sentence?

Wrath is used to express intense anger or fury.

What is the pronunciation of wrath?

Wrath is pronounced as /ræθ/ or /rɔːθ/.

What is the root word of wrath?

The root word is Old English "wræth," meaning anger.

What is the verb form of wrath?

The verb form related to wrath is "wrath," although "enrage" or "infuriate" are more commonly used.

What is the singular form of wrath?

The singular form is "wrath."

How do we divide wrath into syllables?

Wrath is divided into one syllable: wrath.

What is another term for wrath?

Another term for wrath is "anger" or "rage."

Is wrath a noun or adjective?

Wrath is a noun.

Is wrath an abstract noun?

Yes, wrath is an abstract noun.

Is wrath an adverb?

No, wrath is not an adverb.

Is wrath a countable noun?

No, wrath is an uncountable noun.

Is the word wrath gerund?

No, wrath is not a gerund.

What is the plural form of wrath?

Wrath does not have a plural form.

Is wrath a vowel or consonant?

Wrath is a word containing both vowels and consonants.

Is the wrath term a metaphor?

Wrath can be used metaphorically, as in "wrath of nature."

Which vowel is used before wrath?

The indefinite article "a" is used before wrath.

Is the word wrath a direct object or an indirect object?

Wrath is typically used as a direct object.

Which conjunction is used with wrath?

"And" can be used with wrath.

Is wrath a negative or positive word?

Wrath is generally a negative word.

Is wrath a collective noun?

No, wrath is not a collective noun.

What part of speech is wrath?

Wrath is a noun.

What is the opposite of wrath?

The opposite of wrath is "calm" or "forgiveness."

Is the word wrath imperative?

No, wrath is not imperative.

Which determiner is used with wrath?

"The" is commonly used with wrath.

Which preposition is used with wrath?

"Of" is often used with wrath.

Which article is used with wrath?

"The" is commonly used with wrath.

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