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Nebulous Sentences

Nebulous means vague or unclear, often describing something without distinct boundaries. e.g., His plans for the future were nebulous at best.

How to use Nebulous in a sentence

Nebulous Sentences

The concept was too nebulous to understand fully.
The politician's promises were deliberately nebulous.
A nebulous outline of the mountain was visible in the fog.
Her nebulous idea left us all confused.
The nebulous cloud covered the entire valley.
His nebulous dreams of success needed a clear plan.
The team's goals seemed nebulous and undefined.
Her memories of childhood were quite nebulous.
The instructions were so nebulous that no one could follow them.
The solution to the problem was still nebulous.
She had a nebulous plan for her summer vacation.
The meaning behind the poem was intentionally nebulous.
The manager's expectations were so nebulous that no one knew what to do.
The character's motivations were deliberately left nebulous.
The reasons behind the decision were nebulous and unclear.
The story was fascinating but its moral was nebulous.
They had only a nebulous idea of what to expect.
Their understanding of the rules was nebulous.
The group had a nebulous understanding of the schedule.
The artist's vision remained nebulous throughout the project.
The landscape appeared as a nebulous blur in the mist.
The manager’s nebulous strategy left the team confused.
His reasons for quitting were somewhat nebulous.
The teacher’s explanation was too nebulous for the students to grasp.
His career goals seemed nebulous and unrealistic.
The evidence presented was too nebulous to draw firm conclusions.
His belief system was vague and nebulous.
Her feelings about the situation were nebulous.
Their relationship status was always nebulous.
The children's explanation of the broken vase was nebulous.
The weather forecast for the week was quite nebulous.
The concept remained nebulous even after several explanations.
The meaning of the artwork was intentionally nebulous.
Their plans for the merger were still nebulous.
The future of the project was nebulous at best.
The scientist struggled to describe the nebulous phenomenon.
The theory was too nebulous to be proven.
The project lacked direction due to nebulous leadership.
His opinion on the matter remained nebulous.
The artist's message in the painting was nebulous.
Her future plans remained nebulous and uncertain.
The outline of the distant hills was nebulous in the haze.
The teacher's grading criteria were nebulous and inconsistent.
The team had a nebulous idea of their opponent's strategy.
The company's goals seemed nebulous and unrealistic.
Her vision for the event was too nebulous to execute properly.
The evidence against the suspect was nebulous at best.
The direction of the conversation was too nebulous to follow.
The instructions for the assignment were nebulous.
His answers during the interview were intentionally nebulous.

Nebulous Definitions

Something without distinct shape.
The nebulous smoke filled the air.
Difficult to understand or grasp fully.
His ideas were too nebulous to be implemented effectively.
Pertaining to or resembling a nebula.
They observed the nebulous region through the telescope.
Having a form resembling a cloud.
The nebulous mist covered the valley.
Not clear or definite.
Her response was nebulous and left us puzzled.

Nebulous Idioms & Phrases

Nebulous at best

Barely clear or defined, and often vague.
The company's future plans were nebulous at best.

Nebulous vision

A vague or unclear plan or aspiration.
The artist's nebulous vision left the audience puzzled.

Nebulous concept

An idea that is not well-formed or clear.
His theory on human behavior remained a nebulous concept.

Nebulous promises

Vague assurances that lack concrete details.
The politician's speech was full of nebulous promises.

Nebulous explanation

An unclear or confusing description.
His nebulous explanation only added to the confusion.

In a nebulous state

In an unclear or undefined condition.
The project was in a nebulous state due to a lack of funding.

Nebulous nature

The quality of being unclear or vague.
The nebulous nature of the instructions confused the students.

Nebulous outline

An indistinct or blurry silhouette.
The nebulous outline of the city appeared in the fog.

Nebulous language

Words that are unclear and confusing.
His nebulous language made the report difficult to understand.

Nebulous relationship

An undefined or unclear relationship between people.
Their nebulous relationship status kept everyone guessing.

In a nebulous haze

In a state of confusion or ambiguity.
After the long flight, she was in a nebulous haze.

Nebulous understanding

An unclear comprehension of something.
They had a nebulous understanding of the rules.

Remain nebulous

To continue being unclear or uncertain.
The company's goals remain nebulous despite multiple meetings.

Nebulous aura

An indistinct or mysterious atmosphere surrounding something or someone.
The artist had a nebulous aura of mystery around her.

Nebulous background

An unclear or indistinct history.
The candidate's nebulous background raised concerns among the voters.

Nebulous direction

An unclear or vague plan of action.
The team lacked guidance due to the manager's nebulous direction.

Nebulous ideas

Thoughts that are not fully formed or clear.
His nebulous ideas needed further refinement.

Nebulous concept of time

An unclear understanding of time management.
Her nebulous concept of time caused her to miss the deadline.

Nebulous solution

A potential answer that is not clearly defined.
The committee's proposed solution was nebulous and impractical.

Nebulous topic

A subject that is not clearly defined or understood.
The professor's lecture focused on a nebulous topic in philosophy.

Common Curiosities

How is "nebulous" used in a sentence?

The teacher's explanation was too nebulous for the students to grasp.

Why is it called "nebulous"?

The term "nebulous" originates from the Latin word nebulosus, meaning misty or cloudy, referring to something vague or indistinct.

How do we divide "nebulous" into syllables?

"Nebulous" is divided as neb-u-lous.

How many syllables are in "nebulous"?

There are three syllables in "nebulous".

What is the verb form of "nebulous"?

There is no direct verb form for "nebulous", but related verbs include "nebulize" or "obscure".

What is the singular form of "nebulous"?

"Nebulous" is already in singular form as an adjective.

What is the root word of "nebulous"?

The root word of "nebulous" is the Latin word nebula, meaning "mist" or "cloud".

What is the third form of "nebulous"?

The third form remains "nebulous".

What is the stressed syllable in "nebulous"?

The stressed syllable in "nebulous" is the first syllable, neb.

What is the opposite of "nebulous"?

The opposite of "nebulous" is "clear" or "distinct".

Is "nebulous" a noun or adjective?

"Nebulous" is an adjective.

What is the first form of "nebulous"?

The first form is the adjective "nebulous".

Is the "nebulous" term a metaphor?

"Nebulous" can be used metaphorically to describe unclear ideas or plans.

What is the pronunciation of "nebulous"?

The pronunciation of "nebulous" is /ˈneb.jə.ləs/.

What is the second form of "nebulous"?

The second form is also "nebulous".

What is another term for "nebulous"?

Another term for "nebulous" is "vague".

Is "nebulous" an adverb?

No, "nebulous" is not an adverb.

Is "nebulous" a negative or positive word?

"Nebulous" generally has a negative connotation, implying vagueness or lack of clarity.

Which vowel is used before "nebulous"?

"A" is used before "nebulous" because it starts with a consonant sound. e.g., He provided a nebulous answer.

What is the plural form of "nebulous"?

Adjectives do not have plural forms, so "nebulous" remains unchanged.

Is "nebulous" an abstract noun?

No, "nebulous" is not an abstract noun since it's an adjective.

Is "nebulous" a vowel or consonant?

"Nebulous" is a word that contains both vowels and consonants.

Is the word "nebulous" a gerund?

No, "nebulous" is not a gerund.

Is the word "nebulous" a direct object or an indirect object?

As an adjective, "nebulous" isn't used as a direct or indirect object.

Which determiner is used with "nebulous"?

Determiners like "a", "the", "some", or "this" can be used depending on the context. e.g., The nebulous plan needed more clarity.

What part of speech is "nebulous"?

"Nebulous" is an adjective.

Is "nebulous" a collective noun?

No, "nebulous" is not a collective noun.

Which preposition is used with "nebulous"?

Prepositions like "in" or "about" are commonly used with "nebulous". e.g., Her instructions were nebulous about the timeline.

Which conjunction is used with "nebulous"?

Any conjunction can be used, depending on the context. e.g., The rules were nebulous, but the team tried to follow them.

Which article is used with "nebulous"?

"A" or "the" is used based on context. e.g., She had a nebulous plan.

Is "nebulous" a countable noun?

No, "nebulous" is an adjective, not a noun.

Is the word "nebulous" imperative?

No, "nebulous" is not used in the imperative form since it's an adjective.

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