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All-time Favorite Sentences

An "all-time favorite" refers to something regarded as the most preferred or beloved in its category over an extensive period. e.g., The Beatles are often considered the all-time favorite band for many music enthusiasts.
All-time Favorite

How to use All-time Favorite in a sentence

All-time Favorite Sentences

"To Kill a Mockingbird" is her all-time favorite book.
Every Christmas, he watches his all-time favorite film, "It's a Wonderful Life."
She baked her all-time favorite chocolate cake for the party.
She wore her all-time favorite dress to the graduation ceremony.
He could listen to his all-time favorite album for hours.
The museum features an exhibit on children's all-time favorite toys.
"This song is my all-time favorite," she exclaimed, turning up the volume.
His all-time favorite movie is "Jurassic Park."
Her all-time favorite vacation spot is Paris.
His all-time favorite video game brought back many childhood memories.
He always orders his all-time favorite, pepperoni pizza, at the restaurant.
Every summer, they visit their all-time favorite campground.
Her all-time favorite teacher was Mr. Johnson, who taught English.
They decorated the room with posters of their all-time favorite superheroes.
Her all-time favorite activity is hiking in the mountains.
His all-time favorite artist had an exhibition downtown.
His all-time favorite joke always made everyone laugh.
They played his all-time favorite board game during family night.
He always tells stories about his all-time favorite adventure in the Amazon jungle.
Her all-time favorite ice cream flavor is mint chocolate chip.
She often reminisced about her all-time favorite summer as a teenager.
His all-time favorite sports team is the New York Yankees.
He read his all-time favorite poem at the open mic night.
The documentary about the all-time favorite landmarks of the world captivated them.
Every year, they attend a concert featuring their all-time favorite classical music.
Every Sunday, she prepares her all-time favorite breakfast: pancakes and bacon.
For his birthday, he received a jersey from his all-time favorite football player.
She painted a scene of her all-time favorite seaside view.
His all-time favorite lesson in school was the science of rockets.
He always brings up his all-time favorite moment from college during reunions.
They chose a wedding theme based on their all-time favorite romantic movie.
Her all-time favorite fragrance is lavender.
He often quotes his all-time favorite philosopher during discussions.
His all-time favorite subject in school was history.
Every weekend, she cooks her all-time favorite dish, lasagna.
She keeps a photo of her all-time favorite holiday on her desk.
Every year, he reads his all-time favorite sci-fi novel again.
She cherishes her all-time favorite gift, a handmade quilt from her grandmother.
She decorated her room with quotes from her all-time favorite author.
She chose her all-time favorite song for their first dance at the wedding.
His all-time favorite work of art hangs prominently in his living room.
She always recommended her all-time favorite novel to new friends.
He wrote an essay about his all-time favorite invention, the light bulb.
Her all-time favorite memory was their trip to Disneyland.
Her all-time favorite color is turquoise.
She knits using her all-time favorite pattern.
His all-time favorite comic book inspired him to become an artist.
His all-time favorite pastime is fishing at the lake.
He always encourages his students to find their all-time favorite book.
Every morning, she listens to her all-time favorite podcast on her commute.

All-time Favorite Definitions

A preference that persists as the top choice across a long period.
His all-time favorite activity has always been swimming.
The most loved or enjoyed item among all others.
Her all-time favorite dessert is apple pie.
A widely held favorite in popular opinion or personal choice.
The Godfather is considered an all-time favorite among moviegoers.
Something frequently referred to as superior or best in its class.
This restaurant’s burger is my all-time favorite.
A personal choice that defines one’s tastes over many years.
She often wears blue, her all-time favorite color.

All-time Favorite Idioms & Phrases

Ranked as all-time favorite

Considered the best among all options historically.
The 1998 model is ranked as his all-time favorite sports car.

Considered an all-time favorite

Widely accepted as a favorite in public or personal opinion.
His performance in the film is considered an all-time favorite.

Declared an all-time favorite

Officially recognized as the best or most preferred.
The novel was declared an all-time favorite by the book club.

Remains an all-time favorite

Continues to be the preferred choice over time.
Classical music remains an all-time favorite among many generations.

Holds the title of all-time favorite

Retains a leading position as the most beloved or admired.
This painting holds the title of all-time favorite in the museum.

Recognized as an all-time favorite

Acknowledged officially or commonly as the best.
This museum is recognized as an all-time favorite destination for tourists.

Becomes an all-time favorite

Gains the status of being the most liked or preferred.
After her concert, she quickly becomes an all-time favorite singer.

Voted an all-time favorite

Chosen as the best by popular vote.
The city park was voted an all-time favorite place to visit.

Crowned as an all-time favorite

Honored or celebrated as the best.
The series was crowned as an all-time favorite at the television awards.

Identified as an all-time favorite

Singled out or named as the most loved.
That melody is identified as an all-time favorite among his compositions.

Celebrated as an all-time favorite

Honored or commemorated as the most preferred.
Each year, the song is celebrated as an all-time favorite during the festival.

Listed as an all-time favorite

Included in a list or ranking as a top choice.
This recipe is listed as an all-time favorite in the family cookbook.

Regarded as an all-time favorite

Seen or treated as the best among all choices.
Among his novels, this one is regarded as an all-time favorite.

Earns the spot of all-time favorite

Achieves recognition as the top favorite.
Through years of consistent quality, the brand earns the spot of all-time favorite.

Highlighted as an all-time favorite

Emphasized or pointed out as a top choice.
In the documentary, her speech was highlighted as an all-time favorite moment.

Described as an all-time favorite

Characterized by others as a perennial top choice.
His latest song is described as an all-time favorite by critics.

Reclaims its position as an all-time favorite

Returns to being the most preferred after losing that status.
The artist reclaims her position as an all-time favorite with her new album.

Titled as an all-time favorite

Given the formal or informal title of being the best.
This episode is titled as an all-time favorite by the show's fans.

Nominated as an all-time favorite

Proposed for consideration as the best.
The film was nominated as an all-time favorite in the international film festival.

Endorsed as an all-time favorite

Supported or recommended as the best.
The author’s latest book was endorsed as an all-time favorite by celebrities.

Common Curiosities

How is "all-time favorite" used in a sentence?

e.g., Her all-time favorite hobby is gardening.

Why is it called "all-time favorite"?

It's called "all-time favorite" because it represents the most preferred choice across a very long period, emphasizing its enduring appeal.

How many syllables are in "all-time favorite"?

"All-time favorite" has five syllables.

What is the pronunciation of "all-time favorite"?

The pronunciation of "all-time favorite" is /ˌɔːlˈtaɪm ˈfeɪvərɪt/.

What is a stressed syllable in "all-time favorite"?

The stressed syllables in "all-time favorite" are "all" and "fa" in favorite.

What is the root word of "all-time favorite"?

The root words of "all-time favorite" are "all," "time," and "favorite."

How do we divide "all-time favorite" into syllables?

Divide "all-time favorite" into syllables as follows: all-time fa-vor-ite.

What is the verb form of "all-time favorite"?

"All-time favorite" does not have a verb form as it is a noun phrase.

What is another term for "all-time favorite"?

Another term for "all-time favorite" could be "most beloved."

What is the singular form of "all-time favorite"?

"All-time favorite" is used both as singular and plural and does not change form.

What is the opposite of "all-time favorite"?

The opposite of "all-time favorite" could be "least liked" or "least favorite."

Is "all-time favorite" an adverb?

No, "all-time favorite" is not an adverb.

Is "all-time favorite" a negative or positive word?

"All-time favorite" is a positive word, indicating high preference and liking.

Is "all-time favorite" a vowel or consonant?

The phrase "all-time favorite" starts with a vowel sound ('a' in "all").

Is the "all-time favorite" term a metaphor?

"All-time favorite" is not typically used as a metaphor; it directly describes something highly preferred.

Is the word “all-time favorite” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

"All-time favorite" can be used as a direct object in a sentence, e.g., 'I consider pizza my all-time favorite.'

Is "all-time favorite" a countable noun?

Yes, "all-time favorite" is countable; you can have multiple all-time favorites.

Is "all-time favorite" a collective noun?

No, "all-time favorite" is not a collective noun. It refers individually to items or concepts most liked by someone.

What is the plural form of "all-time favorite"?

"All-time favorites" is the plural form.

Is "all-time favorite" a noun or adjective?

"All-time favorite" functions as a noun phrase.

Is the word "all-time favorite" imperative?

No, "all-time favorite" is not an imperative; it does not express a command.

Which article is used with "all-time favorite"?

The definite article "the" is often used with "all-time favorite" to specify a particular favorite, e.g., 'the all-time favorite.'

Is "all-time favorite" an abstract noun?

Yes, "all-time favorite" can be considered an abstract noun as it refers to a concept of preference.

Which determiner is used with "all-time favorite"?

Determiners such as "my," "your," "his," "her," "our," "their" are commonly used with "all-time favorite."

Which preposition is used with "all-time favorite"?

Common prepositions used with "all-time favorite" include "of" and "in," depending on the context.

What part of speech is "all-time favorite"?

"All-time favorite" is a noun phrase.

Is the word "all-time favorite" Gerund?

No, "all-time favorite" is not a gerund; it does not end in -ing nor does it function as a verb.

Which vowel is used before "all-time favorite"?

Vowels in articles such as "an" or "the" are used before "all-time favorite," depending on the context.

Which conjunction is used with "all-time favorite"?

Conjunctions like "and" or "but" might be used when linking "all-time favorite" with other ideas or items in a sentence.

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