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Longitude Sentences

Longitude refers to the geographic coordinate that specifies the east-west position of a point on the Earth's surface. e.g., The Prime Meridian, located at zero degrees longitude, is a reference line for other longitudes.

How to use Longitude in a sentence

Longitude Sentences

He noted the longitude on his GPS device.
The city is located at a longitude of 74 degrees west.
They calculated their position using latitude and longitude.
Their ship sailed across several degrees of longitude.
Longitude helps determine time zones around the world.
Each degree of longitude corresponds to a specific distance.
The longitude lines are parallel to the Prime Meridian.
The earthquake's epicenter was at a specific longitude.
They crossed into a new longitude while flying east.
She taught the students how to read longitude on a chart.
She entered the longitude into the database.
The time at any location depends on its longitude.
The longitude was used to plot the course of the journey.
Longitude can affect climate patterns in certain areas.
The app shows both longitude and latitude for precise location.
He corrected the longitude on the chart to avoid errors.
They set the experiment up at 45 degrees longitude.
The storm's path followed a certain longitude.
The longitude line intersects with several countries.
Historical maps show the evolution of longitude understanding.
The longitude was marked on the side of the geocache.
The longitude coordinate was essential for their research.
The longitude helped them align the satellite dish properly.
Each longitude line meets at the poles.
Longitude was a critical factor in their expedition planning.
She double-checked the longitude to ensure accuracy.
Their calculations of longitude affected the outcome of the experiment.
The longitude setting was adjusted to compensate for drift.
The longitude of the capital city is often used as a reference point.
The longitude determined the exact location for the new observatory.
He adjusted the telescope's settings according to longitude.
Longitude is crucial for accurate navigation at sea.
Their destination had a longitude that put it in another time zone.
Navigation systems rely on accurate longitude measurements.
She noted the longitude where they discovered the shipwreck.
The longitude of the island made it remote and hard to reach.
Historical events are often recorded with specific longitude and latitude.
The longitude was key to understanding the migration patterns.
He found a discrepancy in the longitude provided.
The longitude guided the pilots during their cross-country flight.
The longitude readings varied slightly from the standard map.
The longitude data helped them track the animal's movement.
The longitude of the volcano was noted for monitoring purposes.
Adjustments in longitude were necessary for the marine navigation system.
The new GPS model offered more precise longitude readings.
She explained the importance of longitude in global trade routes.

Longitude Definitions

A geographic coordinate that specifies east-west positioning on Earth.
Ships navigate by using both latitude and longitude.
A measurement in degrees that helps determine a location's exact position.
He entered the longitude into his navigation system to find the way.
The angular distance east or west from the Prime Meridian.
The city’s longitude is 30 degrees east of Greenwich.
A system used to divide the Earth into east and west sections.
Longitude is used along with latitude to specify locations worldwide.
A line on the Earth's surface extending from pole to pole.
This map shows longitude lines converging at the poles.

Longitude Idioms & Phrases

Degrees of longitude

Measures of angular distance east or west on the Earth's surface.
We calculated the degrees of longitude to ensure accurate positioning.

Adjust longitude

To change or correct the longitude setting in navigation.
They had to adjust longitude frequently due to magnetic anomalies.

Longitude line

A vertical line on a map that indicates longitude.
The ship was exactly on the 60th longitude line.

Set longitude

To establish or fix a longitudinal coordinate for navigation.
Before departure, they set the longitude on their GPS.

Change in longitude

A shift in position along the east-west axis.
The change in longitude indicated they had drifted significantly.

Cross a longitude

To pass over a longitudinal line while traveling.
The flight will cross several longitudes before landing.

Longitude difference

The amount of separation between two longitudes.
The longitude difference was crucial for calculating the time difference.

At a certain longitude

At a specific east-west location on the Earth.
The treasure is said to be hidden at a certain longitude.

Measure longitude

To determine the longitude coordinate of a location.
Ancient navigators had difficulties trying to measure longitude accurately.

Longitude mark

A specific point marked by its longitude.
The longitude mark on the map was slightly off.

Longitude zone

A segment of the Earth divided by longitudinal lines.
The earthquake affected multiple longitude zones.

Longitude reading

The numeric expression of longitude.
The pilot checked the longitude reading as they approached the coast.

East/West of longitude

Indicating location relative to a longitudinal line.
The new site is just west of longitude 47°E.

Shift in longitude

A movement or deviation from a set longitudinal coordinate.
The tectonic shift caused a minor shift in longitude for the area.

Along the longitude

Referring to locations sharing the same longitudinal line.
These islands are situated along the same longitude.

Check longitude

To verify or confirm longitude coordinates.
Always check longitude when plotting a long journey by sea.

Longitude correction

An adjustment made to the longitude reading.
Longitude correction was necessary after they updated the navigation software.

Follow a longitude

To navigate along a longitudinal line.
They decided to follow a longitude southwards to reach their destination.

Longitude error

A mistake in determining or reporting longitude.
The longitude error led them several miles off course.

Common Curiosities

How do we divide longitude into syllables?

Longitude is divided as lon-gi-tude.

What is a stressed syllable in longitude?

The stressed syllable in longitude is the first syllable: LON-gi-tude.

How is longitude used in a sentence?

Longitude is used to describe the geographic coordinate that specifies the east-west position of a point on Earth.

What is the pronunciation of longitude?

Longitude is pronounced as /ˈlɒn.dʒɪ.tjuːd/.

Why is it called longitude?

Longitude is called so because it comes from the Latin word "longitudo," meaning "length," referring to the long lines that run north-south on a globe.

What is the verb form of longitude?

Longitude is a noun and does not have a verb form.

How many syllables are in longitude?

Longitude has three syllables.

What is the root word of longitude?

The root word of longitude is "longus," which is Latin for "long."

What part of speech is longitude?

Longitude is a noun.

Is the word longitude imperative?

No, longitude is a noun and does not have an imperative form.

Which determiner is used with longitude?

Determiners such as "the," "a," and "this" can be used with longitude, depending on the context.

What is another term for longitude?

Another term for longitude is "meridian."

What is the singular form of longitude?

Longitude is used as a singular noun.

What is the plural form of longitude?

The plural form of longitude is "longitudes."

Is longitude an adverb?

No, longitude is not an adverb.

Is longitude an abstract noun?

Yes, longitude is considered an abstract noun as it represents a concept rather than a tangible item.

What is the opposite of longitude?

The concept opposite to longitude is latitude, which specifies the north-south position.

Is longitude a noun or adjective?

Longitude is a noun.

Is longitude a vowel or consonant?

The word longitude starts with a consonant.

Is longitude a countable noun?

Yes, longitude is a countable noun.

Is longitude a collective noun?

No, longitude is not a collective noun.

Which vowel is used before longitude?

There is no specific rule for a vowel before longitude; it depends on the preceding word in a sentence.

Which conjunction is used with longitude?

Conjunctions like "and" or "but" can be used in sentences involving longitude, depending on the sentence structure.

Is longitude a negative or positive word?

Longitude is a neutral word, neither inherently negative nor positive.

Is the longitude term a metaphor?

Longitude itself is not typically used as a metaphor.

Is the word longitude Gerund?

No, longitude is a noun; it does not have a gerund form.

Is the word “longitude” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

As a noun, longitude can serve as a direct object in a sentence, e.g., "The navigator calculated the longitude accurately."

Which preposition is used with longitude?

Common prepositions used with longitude include "at," "of," and "from," e.g., "The city is at a longitude of 122 degrees west."

Which article is used with longitude?

The definite article "the" or the indefinite article "a" can be used with longitude, depending on the context, e.g., "The longitude of the place was noted."

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