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"Study" is a noun and verb referring to the act of learning and acquiring knowledge through reading and observation, or a detailed examination of a subject. e.g., She goes to the library to study for her exams.

How to use Study in a sentence

Study Sentences

The new study shows promising results.
He made a study of the building's architecture.
She conducts a study on climate change.
He needs a quiet place to study.
They study together for the chemistry exam.
The library is an ideal study area.
They will study the effects of pollution on health.
He wrote a study on Renaissance art.
The students study hard for finals week.
Her study habits are very effective.
She set up a study group with her classmates.
The study of history can be fascinating.
They went abroad to study different cultures.
It's important to study the instructions carefully.
You should study the manual before using the machine.
The feasibility study will determine the project's viability.
The company will study consumer behavior.
She completed a case study for her business class.
The scientist published a study in a reputable journal.
His study focuses on sustainable farming practices.
The room was designed as a study for reading and writing.
He loves to study ancient civilizations.
The research study was peer-reviewed.
He uses the study to work from home.
She dedicated her study to cancer research.
The study session lasted three hours.
They will study the proposal before making a decision.
She reviewed the study before the meeting.
He's going to study engineering in college.
The market study revealed several key trends.
She designed a longitudinal study for her PhD thesis.
He enjoys the quiet of his home study.
She uses her study breaks to stretch and relax.
The professor encourages students to study diligently.
They discussed how to study effectively.
Study skills are essential for academic success.
The study of languages opens up many opportunities.
The university offers many fields of study.
A study plan can help manage time better.
Students must study the textbook for the quiz.
The study of mathematics requires a lot of practice.
They have a study abroad program in Spain.
The pilot study will test the new drug's efficacy.
Her field of study is environmental science.
The economic impact study was released yesterday.
He converted the spare room into a study.
The new study contradicts earlier findings.
They agreed to study the matter further.

Study Definitions

To examine or observe something carefully.
He studied the painting for hidden details.
The act of learning or examining something in detail.
The study of genetics has advanced rapidly.
A room or area designed for reading, writing, or academic work.
He spends hours in his study doing research.
A detailed examination and analysis of a subject or situation.
The university conducted a study on diet and health.
To learn about a subject by reading and researching.
She studies chemistry at the state university.

Study Idioms & Phrases

Case study

An intensive analysis of an individual unit stressing developmental factors in relation to context.
The book includes a case study of urban schools.

Study up on

To learn about something in detail, especially in preparation for something.
He needs to study up on his French before the trip.

Study session

A period of time set aside for studying.
There's a study session scheduled for tonight at the library.

Field of study

A particular branch of knowledge or learning.
Her field of study is marine biology.

Study abroad

To study at an educational institution in another country.
Many students study abroad for a semester.

Feasibility study

An assessment of the practicality of a proposed plan or method.
The feasibility study confirmed that the project is viable.

Study hard

To put in a lot of effort into learning.
She always tells her children to study hard.

Study group

A group of students who meet regularly to study together.
They formed a study group to prepare for the exam.

Independent study

A course of study allowing a student to work independently with periodic instructor evaluation.
She took an independent study course in her final year.

Pilot study

A preliminary study to evaluate feasibility, time, cost, risk, and adverse events.
The pilot study will help us refine the research methods.

Common Curiosities

Why is it called study?

It is called "study" from the Latin "studium," meaning zeal or affection, which evolved to mean applying oneself to learning.

What is the verb form of study?

The verb form of "study" is "study," with "studied" as the past tense and "studying" as the present participle.

How many syllables are in study?

There are two syllables in "study."

What is a stressed syllable in study?

The stressed syllable in "study" is "stud."

What is the third form of study?

The third form of "study" is also "studied."

How is study used in a sentence?

"Study" can be used to refer to the act of learning (verb) or a detailed analysis or a specific room (noun).

How do we divide study into syllables?

Study is divided into syllables as "stud-y."

What is the pronunciation of study?

Study is pronounced as /ˈstʌd.i/.

What is the first form of study?

The first form of "study" is "study."

What is the second form of study?

The second form of "study" is "studied."

What part of speech is study?

"Study" is both a noun and a verb.

What is the singular form of study?

The singular form is "study."

What is the root word of study?

The root word of "study" is the Latin "studium."

Is study a noun or adjective?

"Study" is primarily a noun and a verb, not an adjective.

What is another term for study?

Another term for "study" could be "research" or "examine."

What is the plural form of study?

The plural form is "studies."

Is study a collective noun?

No, "study" is not a collective noun.

Is the word study a Gerund?

"Studying" is the gerund form of the verb "study."

Is the word “study” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

"Study" can be a direct object when used as a noun.

Which vowel is used before study?

Vowels are not specifically used before "study"; it depends on the sentence structure.

What is the opposite of study?

The opposite of "study" could be "ignore" or "neglect."

Which determiner is used with study?

Determiners such as "a," "the," and "this" can be used with "study."

Is study an abstract noun?

"Study" can be considered an abstract noun when referring to the act of studying.

Is study a vowel or consonant?

The word "study" starts with a consonant.

Is the study term a metaphor?

"Study" can be used metaphorically, especially in expressions like "study of patience."

Is study an adverb?

No, "study" is not an adverb.

Is study a negative or positive word?

"Study" is generally considered a positive word, reflecting diligence and learning.

Is the word study imperative?

Yes, "study" can be used in an imperative form (e.g., "Study this chapter tonight").

Which conjunction is used with study?

Conjunctions like "and" and "or" can be used when linking different aspects of study.

Which article is used with study?

Both "the" and "a" can be used with "study," depending on whether it is specific or general.

Is study a countable noun?

Yes, "study" is a countable noun when referring to specific instances of research or analysis.

Which preposition is used with study?

Common prepositions used with "study" include "in," "of," and "for."

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