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Elaborate Sentences

Elaborate means to provide detailed information or to be intricately designed. e.g., She gave an elaborate description of her vacation.

How to use Elaborate in a sentence

Elaborate Sentences

The scientist refused to elaborate further on his discovery.
Can you elaborate on that point?
The ceremony had an elaborate display of fireworks.
She wore an elaborate gown to the ball.
His plans for the project were quite elaborate.
The cake had an elaborate design with edible gold leaf.
Please elaborate on your previous statement.
She has an elaborate morning routine.
The theater had an elaborate set for the play.
His proposal was more elaborate than necessary.
The detective wanted the witness to elaborate on the events.
The classroom had an elaborate setup for the science experiment.
His explanation was clear but not very elaborate.
The palace had the most elaborate architecture in the city.
Can you elaborate on the reasons for your decision?
The recipe required an elaborate preparation process.
I don't understand, can you elaborate?
The wedding venue was decorated in an elaborate style.
The musical featured elaborate dance numbers.
The children came up with an elaborate plan to surprise their teacher.
The book described an elaborate fantasy world.
The magician performed an elaborate trick that left everyone in awe.
The festival was known for its elaborate parades.
Can you elaborate on the main theme of the novel?
The hotel lobby was designed in an elaborate manner.
The artist is renowned for his elaborate sculptures.
They crafted an elaborate strategy for the game.
Can you elaborate on your findings?
The garden was designed in an elaborate geometric pattern.
The festival had an elaborate firework display.
She explained her solution in elaborate detail.
The novel had an elaborate plot with many twists.
The composer wrote an elaborate symphony.
The event required an elaborate setup and planning.
He gave an elaborate apology to the entire team.
The design was simple but the details were elaborate.
The lecture provided an elaborate overview of the subject.
The documentary offered an elaborate insight into the life of the artist.
The jewelry box had an elaborate pattern carved into it.
They went through an elaborate ritual before beginning the meeting.
We need you to elaborate on the topic during the presentation.
She's known for her elaborate storytelling skills.
He presented an elaborate business model to the investors.
The event had an elaborate menu featuring dishes from around the world.
He gave an elaborate speech during the graduation ceremony.
The tour included an elaborate light show.
The tailor made an elaborate costume for the actor.
She gave an elaborate account of her journey.
The museum had an elaborate exhibit on ancient civilizations.
The dish had an elaborate garnish on top.

Elaborate Definitions

Carefully planned with many specific elements.
They hatched an elaborate scheme to deceive the enemy.
Involving significant effort, attention, and detail.
His efforts in organizing the event were quite elaborate.
To add details or provide more information on a particular subject.
She will elaborate on the topic tomorrow.
To explain further or in greater detail.
Can you elaborate on your statement?
Highly detailed and intricately designed.
The gown had an elaborate embroidery.
Involving detailed and thorough preparation.
The meal required elaborate preparation.

Elaborate Idioms & Phrases

Elaborate dance

A dance involving intricate steps and movements.
The ballet featured an elaborate dance sequence.

Elaborate ruse

A detailed and cunning deception.
The thieves used an elaborate ruse to bypass the security.

Elaborate affair

A detailed and intricate event.
The gala was an elaborate affair with many VIPs in attendance.

Elaborate facade

A front or appearance that is intricate and detailed.
The building had an elaborate facade that attracted many tourists.

Elaborate scheme

A detailed and intricate plan.
The duo concocted an elaborate scheme to win the contest.

Elaborate on the details

To provide more specifics about something.
The engineer will elaborate on the details of the project.

Elaborate on that

To explain in further detail.
I didn't quite understand, can you elaborate on that?

Elaborate maze

A complex and intricate pathway.
The garden had an elaborate maze that fascinated the visitors.

Elaborate production

A show or performance with many detailed elements.
The theater staged an elaborate production of the classic play.

Elaborate craftsmanship

Detailed and intricate workmanship.
The artifact displayed elaborate craftsmanship.

Elaborate on the theme

To delve deeper into a particular subject or topic.
The author decided to elaborate on the theme of love in his next chapter.

Elaborate gesture

A gesture that is detailed and intricate.
He made an elaborate gesture to show his appreciation.

Elaborate display

A showcase that is detailed and intricate.
The store had an elaborate display for the holiday season.

Elaborate narrative

A story or account that is detailed and intricate.
The novel presented an elaborate narrative of a warrior's journey.

Elaborate charade

An act or pretense that is intricate.
The spy put on an elaborate charade to hide his identity.

Elaborate ritual

A ritual that involves many steps and details.
The tribe had an elaborate ritual for their harvest festival.

Elaborate artistry

Detailed and intricate artistic work.
The painting showcased elaborate artistry and skill.

Elaborate arrangement

A detailed and intricate setup or plan.
The conference had an elaborate arrangement for its attendees.

Elaborate setup

A detailed and intricate arrangement or structure.
The science fair had an elaborate setup of experiments.

Elaborate tapestry

A detailed and intricate woven artwork.
The museum showcased an elaborate tapestry from the medieval period.

Common Curiosities

What is the root word of elaborate?

The root word of "elaborate" is derived from the Latin "elaboratus," which means "to work out."

What is the verb form of elaborate?

The verb form of "elaborate" is "to elaborate."

What is another term for elaborate?

Another term for "elaborate" is "detailed."

What is the opposite of elaborate?

The opposite of "elaborate" is "simple."

Which vowel is used before elaborate?

The vowel "e" is used before "elaborate."

Why is it called elaborate?

It's called "elaborate" because it originates from the Latin word "elaboratus" which means "worked out" or "developed in detail."

How do we divide elaborate into syllables?

Elaborate is divided as e-lab-o-rate.

What is the second form of elaborate?

The second form is "elaborated."

What is the pronunciation of elaborate?

Elaborate is pronounced as [ih-lab-uh-reyt].

What part of speech is elaborate?

"Elaborate" can be both a verb and an adjective.

How many syllables are in elaborate?

There are four syllables in "elaborate."

What is the third form of elaborate?

The third form is "elaborated."

Which article is used with elaborate?

Both "an" (before adjective form) and "the" can be used with "elaborate" depending on the context.

Is elaborate a noun or adjective?

"Elaborate" is primarily an adjective, but it can also be used as a verb.

Which determiner is used with elaborate?

Determiners like "an" (before adjective form) or "the" can be used with "elaborate."

What is the singular form of elaborate?

The singular form is "elaborate."

Which preposition is used with elaborate?

The preposition "on" is commonly used with "elaborate" when asking someone to provide more details, e.g., "elaborate on."

Is elaborate an adverb?

No, "elaborate" is not an adverb.

Is elaborate a negative or positive word?

"Elaborate" is neutral, but can be perceived as positive when referring to detail and care, or negative when implying unnecessary complexity.

Is elaborate a vowel or consonant?

"Elaborate" is a word containing both vowels and consonants.

Is the elaborate term a metaphor?

No, "elaborate" is not a metaphor. It can be used descriptively but is not a metaphor by itself.

What is the first form of elaborate?

The first form is "elaborate" (as a verb).

How is elaborate used in a sentence?

As a verb: "Can you elaborate on that idea?" As an adjective: "She wore an elaborate dress."

What is the plural form of elaborate?

As an adjective, "elaborate" doesn't have a plural form. If referring to multiple detailed items, the noun being described would be plural, e.g., "elaborate designs."

Which conjunction is used with elaborate?

Any conjunction can be used with "elaborate" depending on the sentence, e.g., "and," "but," "or."

Is elaborate a collective noun?

No, "elaborate" is not a collective noun.

What is a stressed syllable in elaborate?

The stressed syllable in "elaborate" is "lab."

Is elaborate a countable noun?

"Elaborate" is not primarily a noun; it's an adjective and a verb.

Is the word elaborate is imperative?

"Elaborate" can be used in an imperative sentence, e.g., "Please elaborate!"

Is the word “elaborate” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

"Elaborate" can be a direct object in a sentence, e.g., "She did not wish to elaborate the details." It depends on the sentence structure.

Is elaborate an abstract noun?

No, "elaborate" is not an abstract noun.

Is the word elaborate Gerund?

No, "elaborate" itself is not a gerund. However, "elaborating" can be a gerund.

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