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Atmosphere Sentences

The "atmosphere" is a layer of gases surrounding a planet, like Earth's air. e.g., The Earth's atmosphere protects us from the harsh conditions of space.

How to use Atmosphere in a sentence

Atmosphere Sentences

The soothing atmosphere helped me fall asleep quickly.
The cheerful atmosphere at the fair was infectious.
The fun-filled atmosphere at the park was invigorating.
We must reduce the emission of harmful gases to protect our atmosphere.
The bustling atmosphere of the market was exhilarating.
The electric atmosphere at the sports event was thrilling.
The festive atmosphere made the holiday season feel magical.
The serene atmosphere of the lake made it a perfect spot for meditation.
The tranquil atmosphere of the garden was soothing.
The spooky atmosphere of the haunted house scared all the children.
The warm atmosphere at the family reunion made everyone feel at home.
The festive atmosphere at the concert was contagious.
The mysterious atmosphere of the old house gave everyone a chill.
The peaceful atmosphere in the library was conducive to studying.
The ozone layer is a part of the Earth's atmosphere.
The astronaut exited the spaceship and entered the moon's atmosphere.
The atmosphere of Venus is mainly made up of carbon dioxide.
Rainbows occur when sunlight refracts or bends in the Earth's atmosphere.
During the day, the Sun's light travels through the atmosphere to reach us.
The Earth's atmosphere contains the air we breathe.
Earth's atmosphere acts like a protective blanket around the planet.
When a meteor enters the Earth's atmosphere, it heats up and creates a shooting star.
The atmosphere is what makes living on Earth possible.
The lively atmosphere of the city was invigorating.
The tense atmosphere of the thriller movie had us on the edge of our seats.
The atmosphere becomes thinner the higher you go.
Greenhouse gases trap heat in the Earth's atmosphere, leading to global warming.
Without the atmosphere, the sky would not be blue.
The atmosphere filters out most of the Sun's harmful ultraviolet radiation.
The vibrant atmosphere of the festival attracted people from all around.
The welcoming atmosphere of the home made the guests feel comfortable.
The soothing atmosphere of the spa helped me relax.
Scientists are studying the changes in the Earth's atmosphere due to pollution.
The condition of our atmosphere dramatically affects the climate on Earth.
The atmosphere in the forest was peaceful and calm.
The intense atmosphere during the game kept everyone on edge.
The romantic atmosphere at the beach was perfect for a proposal.
The Earth's atmosphere is composed mainly of nitrogen and oxygen.
The planet Mars has a thin atmosphere compared to Earth.
A balloon will eventually pop if it rises too high in the atmosphere.
Satellites must remain above the atmosphere to orbit the Earth.
Changes in the atmosphere can affect the weather.
A barometer is used to measure the pressure of the atmosphere.
The atmosphere of the room became tense after the argument.
The festive atmosphere of the party made everyone feel happy.
The cozy atmosphere of the cafe made it a perfect place for reading.
We must take care of our planet's atmosphere to combat climate change.
The Northern Lights are caused by interactions between the solar wind and Earth's atmosphere.
A weather balloon can help scientists gather data about the atmosphere.
Our atmosphere diffuses light, so the sky appears bright during the day.

Atmosphere Definitions

Air Layer: Atmosphere refers to the layer of gases surrounding Earth.
The atmosphere protects us from harmful solar radiation.
Mood: Atmosphere can describe the emotional tone or setting.
The atmosphere in the room was tense.
Pressure: Atmosphere describes a unit of pressure in scientific contexts.
The pressure was measured in atmospheres.
Ambiance: Atmosphere can mean the character or mood of a place.
The restaurant had a romantic atmosphere.
Discussion Context: Atmosphere can indicate the social or intellectual climate.
The political atmosphere was heated.
Space: Atmosphere refers to the air or climate in a confined space.
The atmosphere in the cabin was stuffy.

Atmosphere Idioms & Phrases

Atmosphere of despair

It indicates a mood filled with hopelessness or grief.
The atmosphere of despair was overwhelming after the disaster.

Change the atmosphere

It means to alter the mood or feeling in a space.
She walked into the room and immediately changed the atmosphere with her cheerful demeanor.

Heavy atmosphere

It implies a situation burdened with tension or sorrow.
After the bad news, there was a heavy atmosphere in the office.

Electric atmosphere

It refers to an environment full of excitement and anticipation.
The concert had an electric atmosphere.

Tense atmosphere

It refers to a situation filled with stress or anxiety.
The negotiations were characterized by a tense atmosphere.

Charged atmosphere

It implies a situation filled with tension or excitement.
The charged atmosphere at the soccer game was palpable.

Set the atmosphere

It means to create a particular mood or environment.
They set the atmosphere for the party with colorful decorations.

Shift in the atmosphere

It refers to a noticeable change in the mood or dynamics.
There was a shift in the atmosphere when he entered the room.

Lighten the atmosphere

It means to make a situation less serious or tense.
His funny story helped to lighten the atmosphere at the family reunion.

Atmosphere of trust

It implies a situation characterized by reliability and confidence.
Their strong relationship was built on an atmosphere of trust.

Thick atmosphere

It suggests a situation filled with tension or awkwardness.
You could cut the thick atmosphere with a knife after their argument.

Positive atmosphere

It signifies a mood or environment filled with positivity.
Their home always has such a positive atmosphere.

Air of atmosphere

It refers to a unique quality or characteristic that defines a place or situation.
The rustic decor gave the restaurant an air of atmosphere.

Atmosphere of uncertainty

It suggests a situation full of doubts or unpredictability.
The sudden changes in leadership created an atmosphere of uncertainty in the company.

Soak in the atmosphere

It means to fully enjoy or appreciate a specific mood or setting.
She arrived early at the festival to soak in the atmosphere.

Atmosphere of secrecy

It refers to a situation where things are kept hidden or private.
There was an atmosphere of secrecy in the boardroom during the merger talks.

Create an atmosphere

It means to establish a particular mood or feeling.
Soft music and candlelight helped create a romantic atmosphere.

Breath of fresh atmosphere

It refers to something refreshing and new.
Her innovative ideas were a breath of fresh atmosphere for the company.

To cut through the atmosphere

It means to make a situation less tense or awkward.
His joke cut through the atmosphere at the tense meeting.

Clear the atmosphere

It means to resolve conflicts or misunderstandings.
We had a frank conversation to clear the atmosphere.

Common Curiosities

Which determiner is used with atmosphere?

The determiner used with "Atmosphere" could be "the," "an," "this," "that," etc., depending on the context.

Is atmosphere a countable noun?

"Atmosphere" can be both countable and uncountable, depending on the context.

Is atmosphere an abstract noun?

Yes, "Atmosphere" can be considered an abstract noun when it refers to the mood or feeling of a place.

What is the opposite of Atmosphere?

There's no exact opposite of "Atmosphere" since it denotes a physical reality. However, in some contexts, "vacuum" could be considered the opposite, referring to space entirely devoid of matter.

Is atmosphere a negative or positive word?

"Atmosphere" is a neutral word; it can have positive or negative connotations depending on the context.

What part of speech is the atmosphere?

"Atmosphere" is a noun.

Why is it called atmosphere?

It is called "Atmosphere" from the Greek words "atmos", meaning vapor, and "sphaira," meaning sphere, as it refers to the layer of gases surrounding a planet.

Is atmosphere a noun or adjective?

Atmosphere is a noun.

Is the atmosphere a vowel or consonant?

The word "Atmosphere" is neither a vowel nor a consonant. It is a noun that is composed of both vowels and consonants.

Which vowel is used before atmosphere?

In English grammar, the article "an" is used before "Atmosphere."

Is atmosphere a collective noun?

No, "Atmosphere" is not a collective noun.

What is the pronunciation of atmosphere?

The pronunciation of "Atmosphere" is /ˈætməˌsfɪər/.

What is the root word of atmosphere?

The root word of "Atmosphere" is derived from two Greek words: "atmos," meaning vapor, and "sphaira," meaning sphere.

What is another term for atmosphere?

Another term for "Atmosphere" could be "ambiance" or "aura."

Is atmosphere an adverb?

No, "Atmosphere" is not an adverb.

What is the verb form of atmosphere?

There is no verb form of the word "Atmosphere." It is a noun.

How many syllables are in atmosphere?

There are three syllables in "Atmosphere." at-mos-phere

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