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Magnetic Sentences

"Magnetic" pertains to the properties and effects of magnets or magnetism. e.g., The magnetic compass uses the Earth's magnetic field to help us navigate.

How to use Magnetic in a sentence

Magnetic Sentences

Some animals, like pigeons, use the Earth's magnetic field for navigation.
A magnetic field surrounds every magnet.
The children enjoyed playing with the magnetic toy set.
The magnetic lock on the door kept it secure.
The magnetic force of a magnet decreases when heated.
The Earth's magnetic field is what protects us from harmful solar radiation.
He has a magnetic personality, attracting people wherever he goes.
I attached the note to the fridge using a magnetic clip.
Iron, nickel, and cobalt are the three elements that have magnetic properties.
The scientist was studying the magnetic field of a distant star.
The magnetic strip on my credit card got damaged, so it doesn't work anymore.
The magnetic stirrer is used in laboratories to mix liquids.
The magnetic bracelet is believed to help with body balance.
He was so charismatic and magnetic everyone wanted to be his friend.
Magnetic resonance imaging, known as MRI, allows doctors to look inside the human body.
The magnetic train runs without touching the tracks.
I have a magnetic calendar on my fridge to keep track of important dates.
We used a magnetic compass during our hiking trip.
The metal object was attracted to the magnet due to its magnetic properties.
Scientists are studying the magnetic fields of different planets.
Many electronic devices can be damaged by strong magnetic fields.
Her magnetic charm won everyone's hearts at the party.
Some smartwatches use magnetic charging, making it easier to connect the charger.
The magnetic knife holder kept all the knives safely in place.
Magnetic fields are invisible to the human eye.
Our teacher demonstrated how magnetic levitation works.
The detective used a magnetic fingerprint powder for the investigation.
The magnetic board was full of important reminders.
The magnetic poles of Earth are not aligned with the geographical poles.
Magnetic particles are used in many industrial applications.
A magnetic screwdriver helps hold the screw in place.
The magnetic field detector can sense changes in magnetism.
Some sharks are believed to sense the magnetic field of the Earth.
The magnetic car mount holds my phone when I'm driving.
Some fishes use magnetic sense to migrate.
The magnetic clip keeps my papers together.
The data on a computer's hard drive is stored magnetically.
The sun has a very powerful magnetic field.
The auroras are caused by the interaction of the solar wind with Earth's magnetic field.
The magnetic door stopper holds the door in place.
He used magnetic letters to spell his name on the fridge.
A magnetic key holder can be convenient.
The magnetic bottle opener sticks to the fridge.
He used a magnetic stylus to draw on the tablet.
The magnetic earrings are easy to put on and remove.
He used a magnetic pick-up tool to retrieve the lost keys.
I store my tools on a magnetic strip for easy access.
Magnetic therapy is said to relieve pain.
Our teacher explained how the magnetic north and south poles work.
A magnetic field is created when electric current flows through a wire.

Magnetic Definitions

Navigational: In geography, magnetic pertains to Earth's magnetic poles.
The magnetic compass points north.
Charismatic: Magnetic can describe a person with great charm or attraction.
He has a magnetic personality.
Attracts Iron: Magnetic refers to a substance that attracts iron or steel.
A magnetic field surrounds the Earth.
Storage Device: In tech, magnetic refers to data storage methods like hard drives.
She used a magnetic tape for backup.
Metaphorical: Magnetic can symbolize an irresistible attraction.
Their magnetic chemistry was evident.
Describing Force: Magnetic can relate to the force of magnetism.
Magnetic forces hold atoms together.

Magnetic Idioms & Phrases

Magnetic charm

A captivating allure that attracts people.
Her magnetic charm made her famous among her peers.

Magnetic attraction

A strong appeal or allure that pulls people or things towards each other.
There was a magnetic attraction between them from the moment they met.

Magnetic field

The area around a magnet where magnetic forces are observed.
Scientists are studying how the Earth's magnetic field interacts with solar winds.

Magnetic north

The direction to which a compass needle points towards the magnetic north pole.
They used a compass to find their way, relying on magnetic north.

Magnetic personality

A person who attracts others with their charm and charisma.
With his magnetic personality, he easily made friends wherever he went.

Magnetic moment

A measure of the magnetic strength of a magnet or current-carrying coil.
The magnetic moment of a magnet is determined by its size and composition.

Magnetic flux

The measure of the total magnetic field which passes through a given area.
He explained that magnetic flux decreases as you move away from the magnet.

Magnetic pull

An irresistible force of attraction.
The magnetic pull of the city's nightlife was too strong for her to resist.

Magnetic south

The direction towards the magnetic south pole is opposite of the magnetic north.
In the southern hemisphere, compasses point to the magnetic south.

Magnetic tape

A medium for magnetic recording, made of a thin magnetizable coating on a long, narrow strip of plastic film.
They used to store computer data on magnetic tapes.

Magnetic resonance

A specific kind of physical phenomenon is used for imaging in medicine and research.
The doctors used magnetic resonance imaging to examine his brain.

Magnetic levitation

The use of magnetic fields to levitate objects without any support.
The magnetic levitation train floats above the track, reducing friction.

Magnetic force

The attraction or repulsion that arises between electrically charged particles due to their motion.
Magnetic force keeps the compass needle aligned with the Earth's magnetic field.

Magnetic shield

A barrier that protects against magnetic fields.
The Earth's magnetic shield protects us from harmful solar radiation.

Magnetic reversal

The process where the Earth's magnetic field changes the polarity, i.e., the north and the south poles switch places.
Scientists are studying past magnetic reversals to understand Earth's magnetic field history.

Magnetic strip

A stripe on the back of credit cards and other cards that stores information by modifying the magnetism of tiny iron-based particles.
The information on your credit card is stored on the magnetic strip.

Magnetic storms

Disturbances in the Earth's magnetosphere are caused by changes in the solar wind.
Magnetic storms can disrupt communication satellites and power grids.

Magnetic damping

The decrease in motion is caused by the force of magnetism.
Magnetic damping is used in some door closures to ensure they shut slowly and safely.

Magnetic materials

Materials that can be magnetized or are naturally magnetic.
Iron, cobalt, and nickel are examples of magnetic materials.

Magnetic declination

The angle on the horizontal plane between magnetic north and true north.
The compass shows the magnetic north, so hikers often have to adjust for magnetic declination.

Common Curiosities

What is the verb form of Magnetic?

The verb form related to "magnetic" is "magnetize."

What is the root word of Magnetic?

The root word of "magnetic" is "magnet."

What part of speech is Magnetic?

"Magnetic" is an adjective.

Which vowel is used before Magnetic?

The article "a" is typically used before "magnetic," as it starts with a consonant sound.

What is the opposite of Magnetic?

The opposite of "magnetic" is "non-magnetic" or "demagnetized."

How many syllables are in Magnetic?

There are three syllables in "magnetic."

How do we divide Magnetic into syllables?

"Magnetic" can be divided into syllables like this: mag-net-ic.

Which determiner is used with Magnetic?

The determiner "the" is often used with "magnetic" as in "the magnetic field."

What is the pronunciation of Magnetic?

The pronunciation of "magnetic" is /mægˈnɛtɪk/.

Why is it called Magnetic?

It is called "magnetic" because it relates to or involves magnetism or magnets.

What is another term for Magnetic?

Another term for "magnetic" could be "magnetized" or "attractive."

Is Magnetic an adverb?

No, "magnetic" is not an adverb.

Is Magnetic a collective noun?

No, "magnetic" is not a collective noun.

Is the Magnetic a vowel or consonant?

"Magnetic" starts with a consonant.

Is Magnetic a negative or positive word?

"Magnetic" is generally considered a neutral word; its positive or negative connotation depends on context.

Is Magnetic term a metaphor?

No, "magnetic" is not generally used as a metaphor, but in some contexts, it can be used metaphorically to describe a person with an attractive personality or charm.

Is a Magnetic an abstract noun?

No, "magnetic" is not an abstract noun.

Is a Magnetic a countable noun?

No, "magnetic" is not a countable noun; it's an adjective.

Is a Magnetic a noun or adjective?

"Magnetic" is an adjective.

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