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Indolently Sentences

"Indolently" refers to acting or behaving in a lazy, lethargic, or idle manner. e.g., She indolently lounged on the couch, avoiding her homework.

How to use Indolently in a sentence

Indolently Sentences

He indolently spent the day lounging instead of hiking.
He indolently ignored the alarm clock, pulling the covers over his head.
The squirrel indolently nibbled on the nut, not noticing the approaching cat.
James indolently scrolled through his phone instead of cleaning his room.
They indolently missed their flight due to a lack of preparation.
She indolently left the grocery cart in the parking lot.
Indolently, she watched TV instead of doing her exercises.
Indolently, he watched the birds instead of mowing the lawn.
The dog indolently watched as the squirrel ran past the porch.
Rather than studying, he indolently played video games all afternoon.
Despite the urgency, he indolently dragged his feet.
Sarah indolently delayed her response, making everyone wait.
She indolently postponed her homework until the last minute.
Despite the noise, the dog indolently lay on the porch.
She indolently flipped through the channels, avoiding her chores.
Instead of washing the dishes, she indolently left them in the sink.
He indolently decided to take a nap instead of studying.
She indolently left the garden tools scattered around the yard.
He indolently lounged in the hammock, forgetting about the yard work.
The rabbit indolently grazed, unaware of the approaching fox.
Despite the pressing deadline, she indolently delayed her work.
She indolently stared out the window instead of writing her essay.
He indolently lost track of time, missing his meeting.
He indolently let the garbage pile up.
They indolently ignored the smoke detector, causing a near disaster.
She indolently laid on the beach instead of applying sunscreen.
Indolently, she let the ice cream melt in the sun.
The fish indolently floated near the surface, unaware of the looming shadow.
He indolently forgot to lock the front door.
He indolently left the bike in the rain, causing it to rust.
Despite the chilly wind, she indolently left her jacket at home.
They indolently spent the day watching TV instead of exploring the city.
Instead of running, he indolently walked, making him late.
She indolently let her plants wilt without water.
Indolently, she lay on the hammock, letting the day slip by.
The boy indolently swatted at the buzzing fly.
The deer indolently grazed, not noticing the approaching hunter.
He indolently delayed responding to emails, causing a backlog.
Despite her teacher's warnings, Ella indolently procrastinated on her project.
The cat indolently stretched out in the sunlight, ignoring the birds outside.
Instead of helping with chores, she sat indolently by the poolside.
They indolently ignored the instructions, causing them to fail the test.
The player indolently missed the pass, costing them the game.
On hot summer days, people often behave indolently.
He indolently tossed his clothes on the floor instead of the laundry basket.
The student indolently doodled in his notebook during the lecture.
Tom indolently missed the opportunity to make a good impression.
He indolently missed the deadline, causing unnecessary stress.
Even though the house was messy, he indolently sat on the couch.
The athlete indolently skipped training, affecting his performance.

Indolently Definitions

Apathetically: Indolently means lacking enthusiasm or concern.
He indolently ignored the deadline.
Idly: Indolently can mean doing something without a specific purpose.
He indolently doodled during the meeting.
Without Urgency: Indolently refers to doing something with no sense of urgency.
She indolently finished the assignment at the last minute.
Lazily: Indolently means acting with a lack of effort or energy.
He sat indolently on the couch all day.
Passively: Indolently can describe a passive or inactive manner.
She indolently watched TV instead of studying.
Unproductively: Indolently refers to acting in an unproductive manner.
They spent the day indolently, achieving nothing.

Indolently Idioms & Phrases

Indolently idle

This refers to being lazily inactive.
The old cat was indolently idle, spending most of its time sleeping in the sun.

Indolently adrift

This means being aimlessly idle or inactive.
After his retirement, he spent his days indolently adrift, without a specific goal or purpose.

Indolently lounging

This refers to lazily relaxing without doing anything productive.
He spent his weekend indolently lounging on the sofa.

To drift indolently

This means to move aimlessly and lazily.
The cloud was drifting indolently across the blue sky.

To saunter indolently

This means walking leisurely and aimlessly.
He sauntered indolently along the beach without any particular destination in mind.

Indolently nonchalant

This signifies being casually unconcerned or unexcited due to laziness.
Despite the emergency, he was indolently nonchalant, failing to act promptly.

Indolently oblivious

This refers to needing to be more aware and made aware of the situation.
She was indolently oblivious to the world around her, engrossed in her own thoughts.

Floating indolently

This means to move or proceed leisurely or aimlessly.
He was floating indolently in the pool, letting the warm water carry him.

Indolently dreaming

This implies idly fantasizing without taking action.
She was indolently dreaming about winning the lottery instead of finding a job.

Indolently indifferent

This signifies being lazily unconcerned or uninterested.
He was indolently indifferent to the chaos around him, choosing to remain uninvolved.

To mosey indolently

This signifies walking or proceeding leisurely.
She moseyed indolently down the street, taking her time to reach home.

Indolently languishing

This refers to remaining in a state of neglect or suffering due to idleness.
The garden was indolently languishing due to a lack of care and attention.

Indolently serene

This signifies a lazy, peaceful, and untroubled state.
The countryside was indolently serene, with nothing to disturb its tranquility.

Indolently stagnant

This signifies a state of inactivity or lack of progress due to laziness.
His career was indolently stagnant, as he needed to take initiatives to improve or grow.

Indolently tranquil

This means a state of lazy calm or peace.
The lake was indolently tranquil at dawn, undisturbed by any activity.

To slouch indolently

This refers to sitting or standing lazily with a drooping posture.
He slouched indolently in the chair, showing his lack of interest in the conversation.

To loiter indolently

This signifies standing or waiting around lazily without any purpose.
The teenagers loitered indolently outside the shop, with nothing better to do.

To sway indolently

This means to move lazily and without purpose.
The palm trees were swaying indolently in the light breeze.

Indolently lethargic

This means being lazily tired and slow to act.
He was indolently lethargic after the heavy meal, unable to move or do anything.

To meander indolently

This refers to wandering aimlessly and lazily.
He meandered indolently through the city streets without a plan.

Common Curiosities

Is Indolently a negative or positive word?

Indolently usually has a negative connotation because it refers to being lazy or idle.

How many syllables are in Indolently?

There are four syllables in "indolently". in-do-lent-ly

What part of speech is Indolently?

Indolently is an adverb, used to modify verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs.

Which determiner is used with Indolently?

As an adverb, "indolently" doesn't typically require a determiner. However, a determiner used with the noun or verb it modifies would depend on the specific context.

Is Indolently an adverb?

Yes, "indolently" is an adverb.

Is Indolently a collective noun?

No, "indolently" is not a collective noun; it is an adverb.

What is the pronunciation of Indolently?

Indolently is pronounced as indohlently.

Is Indolently a noun or adjective?

Indolently is an adverb, not a noun or an adjective.

What is the root word of Indolently?

The root word of "indolently" is "indolent," which means lazy or idle.

Which vowel is used before Indolently?

There isn't a specific rule about which vowel should be used before "indolently." It depends on the context and the preceding word.

Is Indolently a countable noun?

No, "indolently" is not a countable noun but an adverb.

What is the opposite of Indolently?

The opposite of "indolently" would be "actively" or "energetically."

Is the term Indolently a metaphor?

No, "indolently" is not a metaphor; it's an adverb describing how an action is performed.

What is the verb form of Indolently?

The word "indolently" is an adverb and doesn't have a verb form. It modifies verbs to indicate the action is done in an indolent, or lazy, manner.

What is another term for Indolently?

Another term for "indolently" could be "lazily" or "leisurely."

Why is it called Indolently?

It's called "indolently" because the root word, "indolent," comes from the Latin word "indolens," meaning "not feeling pain," and it has come to mean lazy or idle in English.

Is Indolently an abstract noun?

No, "indolently" is not an abstract noun; it is an adverb.

Is it Indolently a vowel or consonant?

"Indolently" is a word, not a single letter, so it can't be classified as a vowel or consonant. It contains both vowel and consonant letters.

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