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Refraction Sentences

Refraction is the bending of light as it passes through different mediums, like air into water. e.g., Refraction causes a straw in a glass of water to appear bent.

How to use Refraction in a sentence

Refraction Sentences

The refraction of light makes the swimming pool look shallower than it really is.
The refraction of sunlight through raindrops forms a rainbow.
When I wear glasses, refraction helps me see better.
In science class, we learned how refraction affects the path of light.
During the experiment, we measured how much refraction occurred with different materials.
Refraction can sometimes make it hard to gauge the true depth of water.
Refraction can create beautiful patterns when light passes through a prism.
Fishermen need to consider refraction when trying to spear fish in water.
Refraction is important in optical devices like binoculars and microscopes.
Refraction is why stars appear to twinkle at night.
A lens uses refraction to focus light onto the camera sensor.
Refraction in the atmosphere can distort the shapes of objects seen from afar.
The pencil looked broken due to the refraction of light in the water glass.
The refraction index helps scientists understand how light interacts with materials.
Refraction can be used to explain why objects under water appear closer than they are.
Refraction makes it possible for telescopes to magnify distant objects.
The refraction of light through the ice created a spectrum of colors.
Learning about refraction has helped me understand how my eyeglasses work.
The refraction of moonlight on the water created a magical scene.
The science museum had an exhibit demonstrating refraction with lasers and mirrors.
Refraction is crucial in the design of corrective lenses for vision.
The physics of refraction is taught in high school science courses.
Eyeglass lenses are shaped specifically to adjust the refraction of light to the wearer’s needs.
The artist used glass sculptures to showcase refraction in his artwork.
The mirage on the road during a hot day is caused by refraction.
Optical fibers use refraction to transmit light signals over long distances.
Refraction is a key principle in the study of physics and optics.
When fishing, you have to account for refraction to correctly aim for the fish.
Refraction is used in the creation of holograms.
Refraction influences the design of instruments in astronomy.
Refraction can be demonstrated simply by placing a stick in water.
The refraction of light is different in air compared to water or glass.
Artists sometimes utilize refraction to achieve certain visual effects in their works.
The refraction effect is less noticeable when light passes through similar mediums.
Refraction helps astronomers study the properties of planets and stars.
Understanding refraction can aid in designing better underwater cameras.
Architects use refraction in designing spaces with interesting light effects.
Refraction can affect the accuracy of visual measurements under water.
A magician used refraction tricks to amaze the audience.
The refraction of light through stained glass windows adds beauty to old churches.
Refraction can help explain the phenomenon of the green flash at sunset.
The science fair project demonstrated how refraction works using a bowl of water and a flashlight.
Without refraction, many optical illusions would not be possible.
Refraction plays a role in the way we perceive the position of objects in water.
The jeweler used the principle of refraction to highlight the brilliance of diamonds.
By studying refraction, students can understand more about the nature of light.
Refraction can cause challenges for underwater photography due to distortion.
Refraction is part of why we need to wear sunglasses with UV protection.
The refraction of light through a bubble shows a range of colors.
Refraction through different layers of the atmosphere contributes to phenomena like halos around the sun.

Refraction Definitions

The phenomenon of light wave direction alteration due to speed variation in different media.
Refraction is responsible for the bending of a stick partially submerged in water.
Optical effect observed when waves cross boundaries between different refractive indices.
A lens uses refraction to converge or diverge light beams.
Change in direction of a wave due to a change in its transmission medium.
Sound waves also undergo refraction, which is why voices sound different underwater.
Bending of light when it passes from one transparent medium to another.
Refraction occurs when light enters water from air, changing its speed and direction.
Process by which the path of light is altered as it passes through materials of varying densities.
The refraction of light through eyeglass lenses helps correct vision.

Refraction Idioms & Phrases

Bending the rules through refraction

Slightly altering rules or norms, akin to light bending.
The manager was known for bending the rules through refraction.

Through the prism of refraction

Viewing situations from multiple perspectives.
Viewing the issue through the prism of refraction, she understood the complexity.

Refraction of thoughts

A change in one's thought process or perspective.
His time abroad led to a refraction of thoughts regarding his career.

Refraction in judgment

Alteration or distortion in decision-making.
His anger caused a refraction in judgment that he later regretted.

Emotional refraction

The shift in emotional perspectives.
After the incident, her emotional refraction made her more empathetic.

Refraction of dreams

How aspirations and dreams evolve or change.
His refraction of dreams led him from medicine to art.

Refraction of reality

Distorted perception of real events or situations.
The media's report led to a refraction of reality among viewers.

Refraction through cultural lenses

Understanding cultural differences through changed perspectives.
Living abroad involves refraction through cultural lenses.

Educational refraction

The evolution of educational methods and philosophies.
Modern teaching techniques represent an educational refraction.

Life's refraction

The varied changes one experiences in life.
Life's refraction brought him unexpected joys and challenges.

Refraction of values

The gradual change in personal or societal values.
There has been a significant refraction of values in modern society.

Refraction in the mirror of time

How perceptions or understandings change over time.
His autobiography showed a refraction in the mirror of time.

Refraction of intent

A shift or change in one's intentions.
Misunderstandings caused a refraction of intent between them.

Historical refraction

The way historical events are interpreted differently over time.
Each generation's historical refraction offers new insights into past events.

Social refraction

The change in social interactions or norms.
The digital age has caused a significant social refraction.

Refraction of the heart

Changes in personal feelings or emotions.
Her journey through grief was a refraction of the heart.

Refraction of words

The way words can be interpreted in various ways.
His poetic use of language involved a refraction of words that intrigued readers.

Philosophical refraction

The development or shift in philosophical thought.
His later works displayed a philosophical refraction from his earlier writings.

Economic refraction

Changes in economic theories or practices.
The new policy introduced an economic refraction that affected global markets.

Reflective refraction

Reflection that leads to changed perceptions.
Her reflective refraction on the issue brought about a new solution.

Common Curiosities

How do we divide refraction into syllables?

Refraction is divided into syllables as follows: re-fraction.

How many syllables are in refraction?

There are two syllables in refraction.

How is refraction used in a sentence?

Refraction is often used to explain optical phenomena. e.g., The refraction of light in the water makes the pool look shallow.

What is the verb form of refraction?

The verb form of refraction is "refract."

Why is it called refraction?

Refraction is called so because it derives from Latin "refractio," meaning "breaking back," referring to the way light bends back as it passes through different mediums.

What is a stressed syllable in refraction?

The stressed syllable in refraction is the second syllable, "frac."

What is the root word of refraction?

The root word of refraction is the Latin word "fractus," meaning "broken."

Is refraction a vowel or consonant?

The word "refraction" begins with a consonant.

Is refraction a collective noun?

No, refraction is not a collective noun.

Is the word refraction imperative?

No, refraction is not imperative; it is a noun.

Which vowel is used before refraction?

Typically, the vowel "a" is used before refraction as in "a refraction."

What is the pronunciation of refraction?

Refraction is pronounced as /rɪˈfrækʃən/.

Is refraction an adverb?

No, refraction is not an adverb.

Is refraction a negative or positive word?

Refraction is a neutral word; it is neither inherently negative nor positive.

What part of speech is refraction?

Refraction is a noun.

What is the opposite of refraction?

The opposite of refraction could be considered "reflection," where light bounces off a surface instead of passing through.

Is refraction a noun or adjective?

Refraction is a noun.

Is refraction a countable noun?

Yes, refraction is a countable noun; one can speak of different instances of refractions.

Is the refraction term a metaphor?

No, the term refraction is not typically used as a metaphor; it directly describes a physical phenomenon.

Is the word “refraction” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

Refraction can serve as a direct object in sentences like "We studied refraction in class."

Which determiner is used with refraction?

Determiners such as "the" and "a" can be used with refraction, depending on whether it is being specified or introduced.

Which preposition is used with refraction?

Common prepositions used with refraction include "of" and "in," as in "refraction of light" and "refraction in water."

Which conjunction is used with refraction?

Conjunctions like "and" and "because" can be used with refraction, depending on the context of the sentence.

What is the plural form of refraction?

The plural form of refraction is "refractions."

What is another term for refraction?

Another term for refraction is "bending of light."

What is the singular form of refraction?

The singular form of refraction is "refraction."

Is refraction an abstract noun?

Yes, refraction is an abstract noun as it refers to a concept rather than a tangible item.

Is the word refraction Gerund?

No, refraction is not a gerund; it does not denote an action being performed.

Which article is used with refraction?

The definite article "the" is commonly used with refraction when referring to a specific instance or concept of it, as in "the refraction of light."

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