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Innovation Sentences

Innovation refers to the introduction of new ideas, methods, or products to improve or replace existing ones. e.g., The tech industry thrives on constant innovation.

How to use Innovation in a sentence

Innovation Sentences

The company values innovation above all.
Education systems need more innovation.
Innovation drives progress in many fields.
His latest innovation won a national award.
Innovation can solve complex environmental problems.
She is known for her creativity and innovation.
Innovation is key to economic growth.
Innovation often begins with a simple idea.
Without innovation, industries stagnate.
The new policy encourages innovation.
The conference on innovation attracted global leaders.
Learning about innovation inspires young inventors.
Innovation requires both inspiration and hard work.
The museum exhibit highlighted historical innovation.
He is leading a team that focuses on innovation.
Social innovation is crucial for community development.
He has a knack for innovation in design.
She wrote a book on the culture of innovation.
His innovation saved the company time and money.
Her innovation made the software much easier to use.
The innovation award recognizes outstanding inventors.
His research contributes to innovation in science.
The workshop promoted innovation among students.
Innovation in healthcare improves patient outcomes.
The government launched an innovation grant program.
Innovation is often fueled by challenging situations.
Governments should support innovation in education.
She encourages her team to pursue innovation.
The startup’s success is built on continuous innovation.
Innovation helps companies stay competitive.
He is researching innovation management.
Understanding the past helps us drive future innovation.
Schools should teach students about the importance of innovation.
The grant supports innovation in sustainable technologies.
They funded the project because it promised innovation.
Innovation in agriculture can increase food production.
Collaboration often leads to innovation.
The company’s commitment to innovation sets it apart.
Innovation in technology rapidly changes how we live.
Innovation can come from unexpected sources.
Innovation districts attract forward-thinking businesses.
Celebrating innovation boosts morale and motivation.
They discussed innovation strategies at the meeting.
Innovation in art changes cultural perceptions.
The company’s innovation lab is highly secretive.
Investing in innovation is vital for long-term success.
Innovation in renewable energy is essential today.
Innovation in communication technologies connects the world.
The innovation forum was incredibly inspiring.

Innovation Definitions

The act of introducing something new.
His latest innovation in robotics impressed everyone.
A new idea, device, or method.
The smartphone was an innovation that changed everyday life.
The process of making improvements by introducing new ideas.
Innovation in our production process has increased efficiency.
The introduction of new products or services in the market.
Their innovation has dominated the tech industry for years.
Creative thinking that leads to new concepts or products.
Her approach to innovation is to combine art and technology.

Innovation Idioms & Phrases

Foster innovation

To encourage or promote the development of new ideas.
The workshop aims to foster innovation among young entrepreneurs.

Culture of innovation

An environment that encourages creative thinking and new ideas.
A culture of innovation is crucial for a dynamic workplace.

Stifle innovation

To hinder or obstruct the development of new ideas.
Overregulation can stifle innovation in budding industries.

Cutting-edge innovation

Refers to extremely modern and advanced innovation.
Cutting-edge innovation in medical technology can save lives.

Hub of innovation

A central and active place where new ideas and technologies are developed.
Silicon Valley is considered a hub of innovation.

Pioneer of innovation

Someone who is one of the first to explore new areas.
She is recognized as a pioneer of innovation in her field.

Spirit of innovation

The attitude of continuously striving to come up with new and better ways of doing things.
The spirit of innovation at the startup is palpable.

Drive innovation

To actively promote or encourage new ideas and changes.
The CEO's vision is to drive innovation across the company.

Innovation pipeline

The process through which new ideas are generated, developed, and implemented.
Our innovation pipeline is full of promising projects.

Innovation ecosystem

A system that supports the development and growth of innovation.
The city is building an innovation ecosystem with its tech incubators.

Incremental innovation

Small, gradual changes and improvements made over time.
Incremental innovation has helped improve our software's performance.

Scale innovation

To expand or grow innovative ideas to a larger size or scope.
They are looking to scale innovation to reach a global market.

Breakthrough innovation

A highly significant innovation that drastically changes the current state of the art.
Breakthrough innovation in battery technology could revolutionize the auto industry.

Sustainable innovation

Innovation focused on creating products or processes that are environmentally friendly.
Sustainable innovation is now a priority for all major corporations.

Innovation strategy

A plan to encourage and manage innovation within a business or organization.
Their innovation strategy involves investing in startups.

Disruptive innovation

An innovation that creates a new market and value network, disrupting existing ones.
Streaming services were a disruptive innovation in the entertainment industry.

Open innovation

An approach where firms use external as well as internal ideas to advance their technology.
Open innovation has allowed them to tap into a wider pool of ideas.

Harness innovation

To utilize new ideas effectively to gain benefits.
They harness innovation to improve their product lines.

Revolutionize through innovation

To completely change something by introducing profound innovations.
They aim to revolutionize the energy sector through innovation.

Lead the innovation

To be at the forefront of developing new ideas and technologies.
The company aims to lead the innovation in digital payments.

Common Curiosities

What is a stressed syllable in innovation?

The stressed syllable in innovation is the third one: va.

Why is it called innovation?

The term "innovation" originates from the Latin word 'innovatus', which means 'to renew or change'.

What is the pronunciation of innovation?

The pronunciation of innovation is /ˌɪn.əˈveɪ.ʃən/.

How many syllables are in innovation?

Innovation has four syllables.

What is the root word of innovation?

The root word of innovation is the Latin word 'novus', meaning 'new'.

What is the verb form of innovation?

The verb form of innovation is "innovate".

What is the first form of innovation?

The first form, as a verb, is "innovate".

How do we divide innovation into syllables?

Innovation is divided into syllables as in-no-va-tion.

What part of speech is innovation?

Innovation is a noun.

How is innovation used in a sentence?

Innovation is often used to describe the introduction of new ideas and technologies in various sectors.

What is another term for innovation?

Another term for innovation is "invention".

What is the opposite of innovation?

The opposite of innovation is "stagnation".

Is innovation an adverb?

No, innovation is not an adverb.

Is the word innovation imperative?

No, the word innovation is not imperative.

Which vowel is used before innovation?

The vowel "i" is used before innovation.

What is the second form of innovation?

The second form, as a verb, is "innovated".

Is innovation a negative or positive word?

Innovation is generally considered a positive word.

Is innovation a vowel or consonant?

The word innovation starts with a vowel.

Is innovation a collective noun?

No, innovation is not a collective noun.

Is the innovation term a metaphor?

Yes, the term innovation can be used metaphorically.

Is the word innovation a Gerund?

No, the word innovation is not a Gerund.

What is the third form of innovation?

The third form, as a verb, is "innovated".

What is the singular form of innovation?

The singular form is "innovation".

What is the plural form of innovation?

The plural form is "innovations".

Is innovation a noun or adjective?

Innovation is a noun.

Which determiner is used with innovation?

Determiners such as "some," "any," and "the" can be used with innovation.

Is the word “innovation” a Direct object or an Indirect object?

Innovation can be used as a direct object in a sentence.

Which preposition is used with innovation?

Common prepositions used with innovation include "in" and "of."

Which conjunction is used with innovation?

Common conjunctions used with innovation include "and" and "but."

Is innovation an abstract noun?

Yes, innovation is an abstract noun.

Is innovation a countable noun?

Yes, innovation is a countable noun.

Which article is used with innovation?

The definite article "the" and the indefinite article "an" can be used with innovation, depending on the context.

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